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Jul 23

Meeting of Styles, Costa Rica 2020

Hello world! It’s been a minute since I had a chance to post. 202o is a hell of a year, and it’s not over yet. So much got cancelled since March. Luckily I had a blast right before the pandemic started in San Jose, Costa Rica. I was invited to paint at The Meeting of Styles event which cancelled the day I arrived. What an absolute bummer that was, but because I’ve been keeping the ultimate positive attitude on each trip, each experience is better than the last. I wanted to make sure I added the photos, and story on here now that things have chilled a bit. I don’t want to forget what an amazing time I had. Special shout out to my dear friend Mavisu ( photographer ) who made it happen for me +  hosted me in her lovely home. Love and gratitude to the MOS Costa Rica team Mush, Diana, and crew. They did a wonderful job in working with the changes that took place as artists arrived once the pandemic took over our lives.

Meeting of Styles Costa Rica 2020

Another festival where I feel graff/street art mission is on the right path and not trying to gentrify and push their own people out of their communities. Put together by artist like us. The vibe is different, and it feels like one big international street art family. I have been trying to get to Costa Rica for years now and nothing truly panned out. I can’t believe I finally made it! Crazy thankful. I appreciated every minute of it.

Meeting of Styles Costa rica 2020

I prepared a sketch before trip entitled “Semillas” – I want to continue to introduce nature and indigenous beings into my pieces. I honor nature so much and believe in it’s ultimate powers. The seeds, the plants, the medicinal properties, the health benefits, the way you feel in it, it’s rivers, it’s trees, it’s mountains, it’s animals, everything.

Toofly Sketches Costa Rica

The original location and size of the walls we were going to paint changed, but it was better than not painting at all. I didn’t get a chance to scroll thru the list of artists names on flyer and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the hommie Skore999 from Bogota, Colombia and Caso3 from Panama at the wall. I love it it when that happens! You can see the murals in the neighborhood called Curridabad.

Toofly Meeting of Styles Costa rica2

I chose the wall on the corner mainly because I wanted to paint something tall plus stay close to the equipment station, and water/food. We arrived early so we got first dibs on the spots. The heat was brutal so it really helped especially when you have to carry your own scaffold, ladders, and paint. We were on our own once the festival cancelled. No assistants. Skore999 set up next to me and we worked thru some color and nature elements to connect the pieces. This became our first official impromptu collab. From #Atuntaqui in Ecuador, to #LatidoAmericano in Peru, a quick stop in Colombia for #RudaFest, and now #Meeting of Styles in Costa Rica. It’s dope to see friends work evolve year after year. Cheers compa! With 12 cans of paint we made it work.

Skore999 Costa Rica

MOS Costa Rica 2020

Skore999 X Toofly NYC Costa Rica

Toofly Meeting of Styles Costa Rica 3

“Semillas” Toofly, MOS San Jose Costa Rica 2020 / Photo by @LaMavisu

Costa Rica is full of lushy green landscapes, and I wanted to make sure I saw all of that before I left. The city is noisy, messy, and wild like all cities. I didn’t want to stick around for too long it drains me out. The fellas were enjoying themselves bombing, tagging, and painting walls, but I crave my chillax time after I finish painting. I also really like to treat myself and explore other parts of a country. Jaco beach was just 2hrs away so I went!

Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jaco Beach Costa

I hopped on a bus, and booked an airbnb for a few days. Folks recommended I go further because it was prettier but my gut told me to stay close to the airport. My sister kept pushing me to leave because pandemic was getting serious. I had a flight to NY in a few days I didn’t foresee getting stuck for real. My mind couldn’t grasp the idea countries worldwide would close! What were the evil powers up to now? I stayed calm. It was the best thing to do. I’m glad I kept my plans, I don’t like to live life in fear. If things are meant to be they are meant to be period. I have been skeptic of the whole pandemic thing since it started. I rather listen, and follow my intuition then the fear mongering news and corrupt governments who don’t give a shit about any of us anyway. That power lies with you. Make sure you are well and all will be well. It’s not rocket science, use your common sense people. In the end I painted, I laughed, I danced, I drank, I ate good, I chilled, I made new friends, I felt the love, and enjoyed this trip very much. Thank you COSTA RICA <3 — and FUCK YOU COVD19!

Nature has our back, and we are wide awake and quick to catch your lies now more than ever before. We will fight tooth and nail against injustice and for our god given freedom to be happy on this planet. 

Jaco Beach Sunset


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Dec 17

@MaydaySpace Social Justice Holiday Market 2019

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Dec 17

Toofly Interview 2019 – SOLD! Magazine

Category: Pressed

Dec 17

Of Women For Women Exhibit 2019

“Of Women by Women” group exhibition curated by Wendy Horwitz at The Storefront Project gallery in the Lower East side. Dec 12 – Dec 22, 2019
Toofly Street Sign

“NY State of Mind” Acryilic on NYC metal street sign, 2017



Toofly Bio

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Dec 10

Mary J Blige X Emojam #MyLife25

Category: Art & Design,Clients

One of my last projects this year was the Mary J Blige X Emojam promotion in celebration of her #MyLife25 album. Released in 1994 – songs that bring back a lot of memories for me and hopeless romantics alike. I was hired to create 16 illustrations and handstyles that would be animated with music. To be used as gif emojis on your phone by downloading the emojamapp. How fun right!?! It made my day to see Mary J herself share the release of the project on her instagram stories. SOoooo dope! Check it out…





Mary J Blige Def Pen_Emojam

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Nov 5

Sierra / Costa – Nov 1st-Nov 30th, 2019 NYC

Sierra Costa LES Gallery

After the Talking Walls mural festival in Charlotte, I had the opportunity to dip into NY for 2 weeks. I was invited to work on a gallery installation for the #Bormix group exhibition entitled “Sierra / Costa” in the heart of The Lower East Side. The neighborhood is going through another big change these days, luckily The Clemente continues to hold on as one of the few places left where we can celebrate our culture on the walls, in theater, and on the dance floor. If you missed the opening you still have time to view the exhibit! It will be on view until November 30th. Special shout out to Anthony Limongi for the recommendation to take part in this project, and for my homie Tanya Cuevas to pass on the good word about my work. I enjoyed working on this mural with my cousin / assistants help @mistadrumin who came thru with the photography. It’s been a nice journey illustrating, painting, and creating murals of the “Love Warrior” series from north to south. I have been pouring my heart and soul on it since 2012, and ready for that full circle moment coming up. I’m currently looking to showcase the entire collection in a solo exhibit soon! stay tuned…

Toofly Borimix Art Installation

“Free Spirit Remix” for Bormix, The Clemente 2019

Native Soul_SierraCosta

Native Soul 27″X30″ Acrylic on Canvas – Available. Inquiries:

Toofly Gallery-2

I come from the “Sierra” a region along the belt of the andes mountains with valleys, rivers, and rich fertile soil for agriculture to last lifetimes. Ecuador is by the equator and near the Amazon where wildlife thrives in a harmonious eco-system. We have Costa as well but the eternal spring like weather in the Sierra is my home. Where my ancestors and the Inca Empire ruled. Where my roots were pulled from during migration in the 80’s. I’m slowly finding my way back to tell the story and reconnect with the other half of who I am… 

Toofly Gallery 4

Toofly Gallery InstallationToofly Gallery-3

Sierra Costa Borimix

Borimix 2019

Borimix 2019

Toofly Gallery Wall Installation

Thank you NY! See ya in 2020.

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Oct 8

Talking Walls Mural Festival Oct 16-19 Charlotte, NC

invited to participate in the 2019 Talking Walls Mural Art Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina October 16th – 19th.


What a trip! I almost did not make it to the festival in Charlotte NC. I had cancelled, and delayed flights for days that prevented me to get to the states when I was supposed to. American Airlines, United, and Delta were no help they officially suck. Ecuador was going thru an intense protest, and war against a corrupt goverment for 12 days straight. Many of the roads were blocked, and the impotent president had declared a curfew and brought in the military to kill their own people.  The situation was dire for many many days. The resistance was inspiring tho! it was all I can focus on for the days leading up to the trip. My people fought tooth and nail and were victorious! They have a brave heart, and together quite unstoppable. If you want to read more about it just google it. It’s a lot to take in. Eventually I made it, and wanted to make sure I finished a very large wall in a few days time. I found ways to work with the negative, and positive space of a 40 foot wall in the uptown district. I wanted to put my all into this piece because I had just witnessed how my people came together to fight back against greed. It’s causing havoc on our planet, and trying to affect the economic growth in various countries by lying, and stealing. An economic genocide is at hand worldwide, and people are finally tired of it! RESISTENCIA is here, and it’s leading the way on how it’s done in South America. It is inspiring youth, and people of all ages and classes to come together against neoliberaism and imperlialist ideals. I dedicate this piece to the movement and in solidarity with all countries and people who RESIST. ( Fist Up )

Toofly Talking Walls Sketch

Talking Walls Charlotte 2019

Thank you for the invitation Owl and Arko!

Talking Walls Toofly 

Talking Walls Charlotte NC-1

Thank you to the wonderful assistance and photographers on site!

Photo by @Mattshdr

Toofly Talking Walls-2


“Resistencia” Charlotte, NC 2019

Toofly Talking Walls Charlotte NC

@Photos by UncleJut

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Sep 14

Uptown Grand Scale, Harlem 2019

September was a nice time to be in New York, especially to paint. Something I need to make a note of for 2020 because the weather is perfect. This year I was invited by the lovely Ayana of @UptownGrandCentral organization who put together a roster of 50+ artists to paint a lot on 125th st in the east side of Harlem 125th between Park and Madison. For three Saturdays in a row various artists gathered to paint. Each one taking up a section of the wood construction planks to make colorful pieces that brighten the neighborhood. I keened in on a beautiful african american /afro latina woman that can rep’ the essence of Harlem. Locals loved it. They felt so proud to have this image emerge on their block. They knew exactly what she stood for, and what she represents. Harlem has a lot of history, a place of kings and queens before it was infiltrated with drugs, crime, and crack. Harlem is still a tough place to hang around these days because of all that. You have to walk tall, proud, and strong so nobody messes with you. You have to be alert, always. The streets have many characters, and you can’t let your guard down in these parts. You will never know what can happen when you turn the corner. New Yorkers know what’s up, and that’s how the vibes are uptown. “Harlem World” – where you can find an array of jewelry shops with you favorite door knocker earrings or name plates to represent who you are. Classic, timeless jewelry that many “fly” women adorn themselves with to feel good and represent where they are from. An authentic style, attitude, and grace that can come at you with love or stance. One of the many examples that brews here + influences the world at large. Shout out to @mistadrumin who joined in to paint a native pattern which enhanced the love warrior marks on her face, and the roots of her nature. Never forget where your from, and what made you!

Join the bock party Saturday Sept 21st and experience Harlem #UptownGrandScale for yourself.

Uptown Grand Scale-1

Uptown Grand Scale-2

Uptown Grand Central Harlem - 1

Uptown Grand Central Scale Toofly

Uptown Grand Scale-3

Toofly Uptown Grand Scale

“Harlem World” 2019 Harlem, NY

Daily News Uptown Grand Scale Toofly Press

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Sep 12

Maybelline House Pop-Up NYC / NYFW

Never know what to expect from my next trip to NY. This year, the producers of an upcoming @Maybelline House event reached out to me to create an installation during Fashion Week NY. They were also looking for an authentic graffiti artist who can “tag up” on a pop-up train. As a multidisciplinary artist the job was perfect and up my alley. Especially because NY, graffiti, street, and fashion is what Toofly is all about! It’s fun work, and ads to my ( new client ) work. Painting the #MaybellineHouse neon logo juxtapozed against a brick wall with spray paint and acrylic took a while to create, but like a pro it got done and right on schedule. The on-site graffiti added the authentic flavor of our beloved city. When they wanted even more tags I was happy to create them, but I made sure to point out it’s added value. Did they remember that? No. The train was such a cool installation tho, who keeps that I wondered? Hope it goes to good use. Shout out to my cousin / assistant @mistadrumin for his help and process photos. Unfortunately I was unable to get the final photos on opening night. For some reason the invitation changed from “we would love for you to be there” to “I’m sorry it is a private PR event” after the work was done. Yeah! that really happened. According to the producer on this project she had no control. Last time I checked industry events that have the creative, and artists attend is a very good look for the brand. All good. Some people still don’t get how it all works. Luckily many true school New Yorkers made it to the event and posted videos and photos of the project. They loved it, and the installation looked great thanks to the creative team from France, who was very nice. As these corporate projects pop in, and out of our lives it’s important to remember what these brands truly stand for and how they treat their staff. We’ve seen how some high-profile companies treat urban artists these past few years, and so you begin to wonder. Do they truly respect the culture, and people they want so badly captivate? Each client is different, and the only way to find out is to work with them. Live, and learn and watch how they roll folks!

Maybelline Installation Toofly-5

Maybelline Installation Toofly-3

Maybelline Installation Toofly-2

Maybelline House Toofly Graffiti-2

Maybelline House Toofly Graffiti-1

Maybelline Installation Toofly-11

Maybelline House Wall Installation Logo

Maybelline House Pop-Up NYC 2019

Thank you New York City!



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Aug 27

Detonarte Mompiche 2019

Mompiche Ecuador 2019! What a dope little road trip to paint, and vacay in August. It’s been a creative month here in Quito ( Arts Month ) There’s a lot happening, especially with creatives from the urban arts community. Regardless of the country’s shitty economy, artists don’t stop. We keep it alive! @Detonarte_ec was independently funded this year due to lack of funds in the arts sector in Ecuador. It makes it hard on artists because it is how we make a living. With a little free time and a few extra bucks a few of us were able to pull thru to rep’ on this important mission. 12 local / international artists, a lot of acrylic paint, and limited color palettes went far this time. We received 10 cans of spray paint ( sad face ) by local paint sponsor @Evans ///  If you planned your piece ahead of time, threw in a few extra cans of your own it worked out. That’s how we did it ya’ll. For the love of NATURE! This year Luiz Auz founder, and curator of Detonarte with the help of locals the event launched. Shout out to Santiago, and friends from @SavetheParadise @SecretGardenMompiche and locals in Mompiche. The municipio helped a bit too, I guess 2 canecas of paint is something? Smh. They set up a stage for a performance that started way too late for anyone to care. All it did was create fights with locals who felt they would lose business. All those people get no props they have no clue what they are doing. It truly takes a village in these parts of the world and unless your on board with some serious care you can suck it. At the end of the day all the love goes to the folks who recognize the value of art, and culture as a tool for social / environmental change. Various eco-hostels hosted many of the artists and crew – thank you! We had healthy organic food, and seafood at different locations that volunteered to feed us – thank you! There was plenty of clean water to refill our water bottles so that we do not cause any more plastic waste – Thank you conscious artists! Our mission: 3 Days to create beautiful murals that inspire, and bring attention to the importance of protecting nature. To take care of it’s plant life, wildlife, oceans, rivers, mangroves, beaches, and rain forests. Thank you Detonarte, and Mompiche for taking this important step in the country we hope the goverment and local mayors of the coast take notes!

Mompiche Beach 12

As a traveling artist I make sure to take the extra time to explore + learn enough in a short stay to report back. Babe and I made it to Mompiche a few days before festival and the 12 hrs was worth it. A roadtrip here is hard by bus, I recommend getting there directly by car next time. It is probably why this beach is still so pretty compared to the rest on the coast of Ecuador. We got a chance to trek and check out Playa Negra ( Black Beach ) as well as enjoy a nice stroll thru the countryside. Next time we gotta make it to Portete!

Mompiche Beach 13

Shout out to Morongo for the lovely airbnb stay. Bamboo eco-hostals are the best at the beach. One of the best beach views thus far on my travels. Loooooved it.

Mompiche Beach 9

Mompiche Pueblo 7

Mompiche Playa Negra 2
My rock. Babe is my personal everythang! 23yrs in enjoying life and growing happy together. Happy Anniversary boo boo!

Mompiche Playa Negra 3


DAY 1 — Artist Trek thru @savetheparadise  // help these wonderful environmentalists save the rainforest in Mompiche. They are cutting down hundred year old trees, and endangering wildlife for palm oil farms and corn oil farms. Stop supporting products with chemicals that affect these environments and nature in general. We all have work to do, and every little bit of change you can do in your life helps. For more information about the project visit their website. You can donate here —>


Artists for environmental changes! Get educated, stand for a cause you believe in and make the changes necessary to fight the greedy monsters messing up our planet! You know who they are, just look at the back of the labels. If it’s not natural it’s no bueno.

Detonarte Festival2

Detonarte TF6

Detonarte Festival4


Mompiche Beach 6

Mompiche Pueblo 6








Huesos de Buda

Toofly Mompiche 2019-4

Toofly Mompiche 2019

“Proteje La Naturaleza” ( Protect Nature ) It’s beautiful, it gives and gives, do not hurt her, or try to destroy her. She deserves to thrive and live in harmony with humans. In all honesty she does not need us, we need her to survive and live on this planet a bit longer. There is no planet B!

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Jul 19

@LadiesLoveProject “FUNKY FRESH” Exhibit X Pop-Up Shop

LadiesLoveProject 2019

LadiesLoveProject 2019 1

our 1st @LadiesLoveProject #FunkyFreshNY Exhibit and 1 Day Pop-Up Shop. We are happy to have held it at @Bierwax in Prospect Heights Brooklyn aka Fort Green. Why they are changing the names of NYC neighborhoods? – it’s no surprise to most. Anyway the  location had a beautiful outdoor patio for a sufficient amount of vendors, and an indoor cozy space to hang artwork. Latino owner, Chris Maestro, his wife, and team welcomed us with open arms and made the event super smooth experience. @Ylove57 a long time friend and supporter of the Toofly “ideas” teamed up as the point person for the art sales. We had worked together in the past on Younity exhibitions and her assistance was very helpful. Together we hashed out the details to push the event to new heights. The Ladies Love Project is a growing idea that evolves with time. It flows to the beat of NY. Each year we team up with different artists, artisans, designers, and and staff to see what kind of flava they can add to the event. It is carefully curated to bridge the gap between established talent, and up and coming talent. We are known to head into different neighborhoods as much as possible to discover different parts of our city. We like to be all inclusive with the folks we build with because representation matters. Everyone is welcome at LLP as long as you are serious about your craft and message to the world. Locations are our biggest hurdle each year, but somehow we manage to partner with spaces and orgz. Sometimes a community space will charge us an arm and a leg with no care for our project, and sometimes they will allow us to pop-in and do what we do best with full support. Every year is a different experience, and we try everything to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s the best way to create. As an independent, and self sustainable project we have had our ups and downs. The journey to curate arts and culture events in NY, LA, and other cities to represent who we are continues. CULTURE IS OUR POWER it is OUR LEGACY to this ever changing “New, New York”. Thank you ALL for pulling thru, and making the troop to Brooklyn. Your support for the LLP project means a lot to all of us. We are heading into our 10Yr anniversary in 2020 and will be planning something special. Look out!!!

More flicks coming soon…


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Jul 12

Soyo Nails, Yonkers NY

Who doesn’t love nails these days?! Nail art has become a new creative market for many women entrepreneurs. It’s amazing to see how much art can fit on a small canvas like nails. It’s pretty! I especially love women who venture off to set-off this new business model and take it to the next level. Especially women who love fashion, design, and art. They can now hook up their spaces with fresh decor to welcome women for a spa-art kind of day experience. Top it off with a location featuring women street artists from NY, and bang! you got a dope new thang happening. Right? Right? I dig it. It’s happening up in Yonkers ya’ll, and it’s called Soyo Nails run by the lovely Jenna. A beautiful new client, and space. This summer I had the opportunity to rock a colorful installation that is a little bit more abstract, and completely different from what I do. Exploring structures to paint on. Having fun with it, staying active on these mean streetz check it out. Shout out to Daniella who assisted me on the project in 2018, and now 2019. Go #teamtoofly!

Soyo Nails Install-3

Soyo Nails Project

Toofly Soyo Nails

Soyo Nails Install-4

Soyo Nails Install-2

Soyo Nails Yonkers

Soyo Nails Toofly-1


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Jul 12

Wellingcourt Mural Project 2019

10 yrs at Wellingcourt! It’s official we have been at it for a minute now. It’s nice to see how our work has evolved, who’s stuck around and who hasn’t. Most of all, how many of our friends continue to support this “community” event without all the hype. A family friendly event where artists can focus on the art of the street. Many of us truly take the time to create meaningful work and strut our skills to continue to elevate the art form. We stay present as the times and neighborhoods change, especially in New York. It’s nice to see more people fall in love with what we do, it will extend it’s life. It has taken a while to get here. Our sweat and tears to keep this culture alive has finally payed off. A legacy we are proud of. Even when so many hated the transformation from graffiti to street art. In the end at 360 you can see how much it has saved lives, created a trade to survive on your own, and showed to so many how much this art matters from the bottom to the top! We will forever miss 5Pointz, we are thankful Wellingcourt has has become a second home for some of us. We will continue to bring you the gems. Thank you ADHOC for setting it off, and Garrison for keeping it alive. Special thanks to @NYCPride for sponsoring many of the murals throughout NY this summer in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of #Stonewall riots. I think it’s time for a book yeo! What do ya’ll think?

Toofly Wellingcourt 2019 - Process Day

Toofly Process

Toofly Wellingcourt 2019


“Get Free”

Wellingcourt Walls 2019

Sinned, Toofly, _____ 2019

Wellingcourt Friends 2019

Toofly Sinned 2019 Wellingcourt

WellingCourt Community


Shout to everyone that came thru to say hi, kick it, and take flicks 🙂 It was a beautiful day in NY!

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Apr 26

Panama Mural Festival May 20-26, 2019

Heading back to Panama City this May! Received confirmation to participate in the 1st Panama Mural Arts Festival taking place May 20th-May 26th. If your planning on a vacation some where with a little street art action check out this event. I was there in 2014 and got a chance to stroll thru the modern city area and historic center #CascoViejo, visit beaches like #RedFrogBeach, and hang out with friends in #BocasDelToro. This time I will enjoy my time painting and building with the artists. Thank you Panama crew, see you soon.

Panam Mural Festival

Panama Mural Festival 2019

I’m back from Panama! Ready to rock this re-cap before my trip to NY. What an experience, one of the best one’s yet. Festival’s are not easy, especially in our countries. When you keep a positive attitude through it all it can make a huge difference. My wall took a while to lock in, I lost 3 days in the process but in the end it all worked out. The perfect wall became available and it challenged me to prepare a piece that could work with the structure + time frame I had left. Traveling to paint can be a rollercoaster at first,  not everything will go as planned or smooth but if your patient and trust your gut instinct you’ll be all good. The more I paint in countries like south america, and central america the more I learn to slow down, which makes a huge difference in all it is trying to teach me.

Panam Mural Fest Toofly Kuna Guna

Panama has various indigenous communities one of them is GUNA. Also known as KUNA. They live in the mountains and islands as well as in the city. They make beautiful artisanal molas and bead jewelry. What I found most fascinating is that they own 365 Islands ( Sand Blas ) correctly named called “Guna Yala” They have their own rules, and they handle the tourism once inside their islands. They are independent from the Panamanian Government. That’s what I’m talking about!  Shine light on the people that are all about protecting their land, water, culture, and tradition so that it is not lost.  Indigenous Rights matter.

Toofly Panama Mural Fest 2019

“Sembrar” Panama City 2019 Barrio Santa Ana Calle 14 y Calle C

Toofly Sketches Panama

Toofly_Panama Mural Fest-Bario

During my wait for a wall to come up, I spent time strolling thru the streets, chatting with the community, making new friends, having an ice cold beer, and sketching. Panama is going through a big change, many “centro historicos” in South America are. There is a re-birth about to go down. It is seen, and it is felt by all. As you walk down these streets the architecture of old buildings next to new buildings tells the whole story.  Everything comes back around for a new cycle. The contrast is beautiful, but it is also sad. We all know that street art and art in general is a tool for social change in our communities. It can bring a lot of good to people who need it the most. People who are forgotten, marginalized, oppressed, and poor. We do the work to save lives as well. We painted in the barrio of Santa Ana, it is at the cusp of the tourist sector with fancy restaurants, and shops. Kind of like the edge of Williamsburg back in the day when it was all factories, and now…well you know how it is now. Gentrified. That’s exactly the set-up, and all developers know it. They are jumping in to grab what they can. Little by little it will reach Santa Ana, it is very very close. The poor just like the poor in other major cities will be pushed further away. There is no stopping this trend of urban planning. It is happening everywhere, and the more I travel the more I see the same story played over. We care about these issues, and are caught in the mix of it. As artists of color we have a responsibility to not only beautify communities, raise the moral of people, bring smiles, and most of all spark inspiration to create change and rise up. If people take pride in their neighborhood, they take pride in who they are, and then they take back their streets. They defend what is theirs. We have a right to report back to the world what is happening, the good and the bad. All of this will go on whether we are there or not, but it will happen faster with the attention. I have seen it in Peru, in Ecuador, in Panama, in Mexico, and of course in NY. Our hope is that in the middle of this territory battle that benefits the wealthy, that we report plus plant seeds. Seeds that help others find ways to work with these communities so that their culture is protected. Their traditions and stories kept alive. If it is all gone, and the starbucks move in, it becomes another empty illusion of what folks flock there for in the first place. CULTURA! AMOR! CULTURA! Our countries are “rich in culture” they are not for the soulless “privileged rich” who want to push the less fortunate out for their benefit. You either work with us, or against us. We must protect what is dear and important to us. Our cultures are (((( love )))) realized and what keeps our human spirit alive.

Santa Ana Panama_Barrio

Gracias Santa Ana! Your smiles filled us up. The little things in life matter more.

Sanata Ana Panama treets
Toofly Panama Mural Fest Santa Ana

Toofly Panama Mural Process

Toofly Panama City Street Art_web

Santa Ana Barrio Panama-people

Gracias Chi-Chi and Bolivar! Flowers and colors go a long way for the many who have little or unfortunate circumstances.


Before I returned to Ecuador, I had a chance to reconnect with friends who have moved to the islands and starting new lives away from the illusion of freedom in a big city. Nature can change that. Happy for them! Love you amiga <3

Panama Friends

Panama Buildings 2019

Panama Friends 2

Thank you Panama Mural Fest! Disem, and Dreps and the whole crew, even your lovely mom and pop. I am proud of you guys. You all worked so hard in all areas of the festival when all odds where against ya. We saw it, we felt it.  It all works out in the end, and I am thankful you took the first step as Latino organizers in the movement. ( Fist Up ) Shout out to all the artists who did amazing pieces. Check out some of the images on —>@BombingScience

Al ALtelier Panama Mural Fest

Lastly, I want to give a big shout out to @atelierpanama which is a community space run by Angie, and Laura in center of city not far from our walls in barrio Santa Ana. It was a central location for artists to rest, eat, communicate with the group, sketch, and hold all our materials safe. It is also a safe space that helps to save kids lives. Free art classes are given to kids ages 6-12. If these kids were not in the classroom they would be out  in the barrio getting in trouble thru drugs, violence, and worst. I thank them eternally for their role in Panama Mural Fest and in their community space as an example of what is needed. They do it on their own, out of love because they care. We need more of that! Support folks making the world a better place for the generations to come so they can flip the script.

Over, and out. Hasta la proxima hermanos, y hermanas – TOOFLY

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Mar 25

Terrapin NYC, Lincoln Center 2019

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It’s a wrap! A new, and wonderful experience to add to my adventures as a traveling artist. This March, I joined the Terrapin team from Australia for a live art performance. My duty was to create over a 100 drawings for “You and Me, and the Space Between” at it’s US premiere at Lincoln Center. A story that touches on issues of migration, immigration, and environmental changes happening in the world. Local artists Christina D. Eskridge ( Narrator) and Toofly ( Digital Artist ) spent three weeks on the production with the team and had a great time.

The island is sinking. Its adults are useless. Time for the kids to save the day!

When the island of Proud Circle springs a leak, it takes the curious mind of a child to save the island, its people, and their ways. From Australia’s most accomplished children’s playwright, Finegan Kruckemeyer, comes this original tale of wonder and invention, brought to life with storytelling, choreographed projections, and live-drawn animation.

Terrapin Lincoln Center 2019

Behind the scenes photography by: Dean Stevenson

Christina Terrapin NYC

Terrapin Clark Studio

Toofly Terrapin Lincoln Center

Terrapin Lincoln Center

Directed by: Sam Routledge Writer: Finegan Kruckmeyer

You and me and the the space between

Terrapin Lincoln Center Toofly

Rehersal Terrapin Lincoln  Center

Terrapin NYC Crew

Toofly Flick NYC

Terrapin NYC

Safe travels Tasmanian friends! Thank you Terrapin, and Thank you Lincoln Center Education.




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