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July 30th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Travel

Took a minute to finish this post. I had so many photos from NY trip needed to edit. Whew! Ok…ready to hit publish and share these lovely NY moments with ya’ll. SOOoooo My second trip to New York this year was jam packed with summer fun and yummy food. Luckily I had enough time for almost everything I needed to do. Paint, work, dine, get babe’s visa worked out, and hangout with beloved friends. I really enjoyed myself on this trip, especially since it was longer than the last one. Thank you everyone for coming through to the LLP pop-up, and live art events, and most of all for taking the time to chillax with your homegirl! LOVE YOU, MISS YOU, and I’ll see you when it’s time to rock funky scarves and cozy up;)

More flicks below…

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July 15th, 2012 | Category: Art & Design,Community,Graffiti / Street Art,Video

Super duper excited to share this post with you guys!!! The Toofly mini short film is complete:) I want send a big loving thanks to our friend Jay Maldonado for the this awesome gift. ((( I love it )))) This is my first official Toofly video, and it looks tiiiiight. We shot this Toofly classic piece at 5Pointz on 100 degree hot day. Almost passed out…but with a million and one breaks and lot’s of water I pulled through. I chose to paint at 5 Pointz for various reasons. Especially because it is the one place I had an opportunity to practice my aerosol skills back in the late 90’s. We all love 5Pointz, and want to see it continue as a cultural arts space for the Queens community, and future generations of artists. The area is being taken over by condos like many other places in NY, and money driven investors. Mere’s and his team continues the fight to keep this place alive for all local and international artists, please help. Support 5Pointz


Toofly short film by Jay Maldonado. 5Pointz, Queens NY 2012 – Coming soon!

Hot Day. 5 Hours. Photo by Jay Maldonado ├é┬ę2012

Happy to see Shiro in town! Hopefully next time we will coordinate our busy traveling schedules and paint a collabo;) Love to you Shiro, have fun painting in NY!

Each Warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing!

Save 5Pointz! Sign the petition…


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During my trip to NY I had an opportunity to do some live art at the 1st annual fundraiser for the Sneakers 4 Success├é┬áorganization. It took place at the Open Road Rooftop in the Lower East Side. This is one of the most beautiful rooftops in New York City because it filled with colorful graffiti by New York’s most notable artists. Check out the live art photos taken by my cousin Richie, and some of my favorite shots borrowed by other photographers of the event.

S4S uses sneaker culture, urban lifestyle, and footwear design as a platform so students can discover their intuitive creative powers in solving problems. The use of sneakers keeps the students engaged and connected to the material as well as exposing them to ways they can transform their passion into anything. Overall, S4S will give every student that SOLE POWERTM needed to achieve anything.

My boys. Kips, and Clef. Toofly team 2012. Thanks fellas;)

Borrowing some flicks form the Pink Eye, and the Sneaker4Success site. Funky cool fly ladies and their custom kicks…

My chicas and their lovely smiles! xoxo

Shout put to Samel del Pilar and the team for the invitation to paint live and for their wonderful work in organizing. Toofly live art painting was donated to the organization and will be raising funds at the next exhibition in NY. Look out for it and support this crew!

Having fun under the sun;)

Was happy to see Anarkia from Brasil in town, and hommie Martha Diaz from Hip Hop Association. Thanks for the luv ladies;)

((( Lot’s of love from my crew )))

Was happy to see Nitty Scott MC again this summer. She’s so DOPE & BEAUTIFUL! Boombox Family baby! Rock on…Photos by:├é┬áMelanie Rieders Production ├é┬ę2012

Shout out to Lori Lobenstein from Female Sneaker Fiend for connecting me with the Sneaker4Success team. Thanks Lori!

As the sun set, and the guests arrived everyone kicked back under this beautiful summer afternoon for the Doin’ it in the Park film screening. Photo by Jonathan Lopez ├é┬ę2012




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