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December 12th, 2013 | Category: Community,Events,Few & Far Women,Hommies,Travel,Younity

Back from Miami! I have so much to share with ya’ll. But First —-> FEW & FAR @ART BASEL MIAMI 2013!Toofly Art Basel Miami 2013-10

Big ups to Alexandra Henry and the team of photographers and videographers who came through to shoot the crew process. We had a lot of fun on this wall even after all the mix ups with locking down the right wall. Our Few & Far 2013 Miami wall almost didn’t happen. Fortunately we had a wonderful team this year and we got it together in a matter of weeks. Thank you all for making it happen on all fronts! Few & Far “Warrior Women” is in full effect in Miami folks —> 375 NW 24st between 4th & 5th aves. We dedicate our wall to an amazing human being, and wonderful man who passed away the day we started painting the wall; Nelson Madela <3


photography by Alexandra Henry ©2013 


Want to extend a big thank you to Eric the owner of this wall at 375 NW 24st. He has an amazing warehouse. Wish we would have had enough time to build. Thanks for the cold cold beers Eric!  Photo by ©Toofly ©2013

few and Far process 2
Glad we moved from our original wall location to a much bigger one so we can all fit and re-conceptualize. Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly SKetch Art Basel Miami

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly Art Basel Miami 2013-2
Happy we finally started! Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Dog Action Miami
kaz’s Pitt on guard for for our materials <3

Few and Far Sunsets

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Sunsets 2Christina Isabela Rivera
Shout out to Christina Isabela Rivera for helping me rock the halo, heart, and fills on my character and taking some dope fish eye lenz flicks of the crew. Your a lovely woman! Your energy was on point with the crew thank you sOOOooooo much!!!!

FewandFar Process

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Art Basel Friends
Shout out to all our hommies that stopped by the wall to support <3 Percy, Dj Crykit, Tania Cuevas, Cubannie Links, and DJ Jasmine Solano <3



Peeps Bike Fun

I was all work and no play the first few days while my buds were out and about the basel events. Luckily we squeezed in some quality time towards the end of our crew trip. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3 Thank you for the transport scoops, pool dip fun , beach chillax, and quesadillas!

DAY 2 let’s get to work!

Sketchings Miami basel

Toofly DJ Agana Process
Photo by Jaime Gonzales ©2013 spaced out catching a black book and lost my cell! ahhhhh!

Martha Cooper Few and Far

Photo by Martha Cooper ©2013 Thank you Martha for always supporting the ladies since day 1!

Toofly Painting Art Basel

Photo by ©Agana 2013
Toofly Process Miami Basel 2013
Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013


STRONG WOMEN. SISTERHOOD. WARRIOR WOMEN. LOVE. FREEDOM. Each of us found a way to connect our works and collaborate on things we believe in and spread our messages in a collective voice <3

Dj Agana Few and Far Women

DJ Agana (SF) Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013 – so much love for DJ Agana! Such a beautiful person. Always there for the crew extending her efforts in all areas. Love ya girl!

Ursula Young Miami

Ursula X Young (SF) Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013 – Great meeting Ursula X Young at last. Her brush work and characters are  lovely! Hippies 4Ever <3

Few ND Far Women Miami 13
Few & Far welcomes Kazilla to the Few & far team. Thanks for all your hard work lady! Your super FUN!!! good times. Photo by Dj Gana ©2013

Deity Painting


Photo by Agana ©2013
Deity Miami 2013

Deity (LA) Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013 – Shout out to Deity for coming thru for the crew on the transport and crew love on this trip. First time rock’n with the Few & Far ladies. Great job sistah. Chicana’s Rock!

Few and Far Women Miami
Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013 Follow the entire team! —>

ironlak Logo Few and Far

Shout out to IRONLAK for sponsoring the Few & Far wall this year. THANK YOU!

Kazilla Few and Far

Kazilla ( MIA) Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Ursula Young FLick
Big ups to Kazilla for locking down a beautiful wall for the Few & Far ladies to rock. Thank you Kaz!!!

Toofly Art basel 2013

FewandFar Basel 2013
Few & Far Art Basel miami, 2013 – Photo by ©Toofly ©2013

Few adn Far Alexandra Henry

Few & Far Art Basel Miami 2013. Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly Wall Basel



Toofly Art Basel Miami 2013


Alexandra Henry Miami 2013

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly Few and Far

XOXO Miami 2013

Beach Relaxation

XOXO MIAMI! Till next time <3 

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December 02nd, 2013 | Category: Events,Exhibitions,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel,Younity


December 02nd, 2013 | Category: Community,Events,Exhibitions,Hommies

Hello World! Finally have a chance to update all my photos from Love Warrior showcase. I’m happy all the pieces I have been working on in the last few years finally came together as a complete series. I wanted this showcase to be intimate, and to be shared among all the people that support and care about my work. There is something special that happens when you can share ideas that are about emotion, about culture, and about things that are hard to describe in words sometimes. People’s faces light up, they smile, they wonder…but no words come out. There is no need to because “feeling” is really what it’s all about. Love Warrior is for the lover, and for the fighter. Each one knows what that truly means to them. Thank you for making the connection and sharing that space with me:)


“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave. 

Frozen LV showcase

FROZEN. Acrylic on Cardboard Installation.


Toofly Virgen De gauadalupe

Corazon. Acrylic on Canvas.

Love Warrior Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher. Acrylic on Cardboard

Love Warrior TF 4

Twin Flames


If you are interested in a price list via e-mail with images of work available please send us a message at:

Love Warrior Sketches

Original Sketches $300+ (Framed)

Love Warrior TF 3

Love Warrior Gals

Shout out to Jenny for the support. Proud owner of “In Too Deep” Acrylic on Cardboard.

Toofly Painting


Toofly love Warrior 2013

Toofly Love Warrior-1


Toofly Tshirts LV

Limited edition “Love Warrior” T’s and Hoodies.

Love Warrior Showcase

Da Crew LV fam

Thank you “love Warrior” crew! It’s always nice to have a wonderful team down to make it happen on all fronts.

Jill De Bushwick

Thank you Jill de Bushwick for spinning Funk, hip Hop, and Rock N’ Roll. Jill de Bushwick is a true Williamsburg local.

Mi Isla Coquito Crew

Thank you Millie and Lillie for holding it down on the Coquito and introducing us to Blu-Quito so yummy! Millie is a true Williamsburg local.Coquito

Mi Isla Coquito.

coquito Patty Dukes

Fresthetic Mikey

Shout out to Michael Shawn Cordero. Friend, and Fresthetic shop owner. Hommie for years making it happen in BK! Mikey is a true Williamsburg local. Fresthetic

da crew LV

Love and thanks to all my hommies <3

Guests LV

Crew LV

Fresthetic Logo

Love Warrior Fresthetic

There is still a chance to view and purchase Toofly prints, and Toofly goodies for the holidays.Love Warrior Fresthetic 2013

“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave.

WereOpen LV



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