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February 25th, 2011 | Category: Day in the Life,Travel


Back from our little NYC winter break. Even though it was a little cold in Los Angeles during our trip, we made the best of every rain drop, and every hoodie we brought along. When the sun did come out, we made sure to soak in every last shot of vitamin D. Ahhhh….the life…


Baking under the sun with our girl Izzy Izms. Special hostess with the mostess for the week. Sending a big fraggie thank youuuuu!!! ((( WE LOVE YOU KID )))


Our first day was pretty cloudy,├é┬á but we geared up and headed downtown for some street art strolls to get our juices flowing…


Brotha from anotha flick time…


Iphoto photoshoot? Why not, strike a pose Izzy!


Them walls got us amped. We caught the painting bug, so we hit up the nearest home depot for some $4 cans…


then stopped by Crewest for the good stuff! Montana 94’s my fave. Missed kicking it with Man One though;( but caught a nice little exhibit called “THINGS THAT GET BUFFED”


I loved those paintings!


Couldn’t hit up any walls that day because is started to rain so we went for a Silverlake noodle run. Rainy days are perfect for Pho! Mmmmmm….


Before we called it a rainy night, we went to support our boy Marka for his Mini Gods release at SIXHUNDRED…


Congratulations!!! Love those little guys, I need to get one…



The rain finally took a break! It was sunny skies the rest of the week. Thank you mother nature;) We linked up with our gal DJ Moni for brunch and sipped on some bellini’s! YUM. Shout out to our fraggie friend Mike who was away on a film shoot;( LA moves kid!!! Get em’…


las tres amigas ready to chow down…


Can’t go wrong with the Eggs Benedict with spinach! @ 3rd Sq Cafe on Abbot Kinney Blvd…


It turned into a beautiful day to paint and hang with friends;)

palm trees


My first time painting on a beach, and I LOVED IT!!! Felt so good to paint under the sun, and catch some beach breeze. This is a great spot to paint on the weekend. Just speak to hommie who runs the location, sign an agreement form, and it’s all gooooood in the hood…


Some places are just funky fresh!


Vee got down on the action and rocked an ACB piece of a throwie he’s been working on. It was fun to do our little collabo on some chillax tip, no pressure, just fun…




Got a chance to sneak in a mini interview for a women graffiti video in the works…The universe works in mysterious ways…


Shout out to our friends Marco and Daffodil who came through to kick it and sip on some coronas. GOOD TIMES!!!


TOOFLY, ACB, & VEE. Venice Beach, CA 2011


Who’s hungry!!!?

Moni Cooking

After a fun day under the sun, we reunited with our girl Moni. She whipped us hungry artists a home cooked meal from scratch! WHAT…It was delicious. Thank you Moniiiiiiiii!


Big ups to everyone that pulled through for the communal grub, and got our activist hearts pumping again. You guys are truly ((( INSPIRING ))) individuals, and as a collective oooooh watch out!

12 DEEP…


New Yorker grooves, and moves…

deep party

We were on a roll, and our mission: Party till you drop! Got on the guest list for the 12th anniversary of the Deep party at Vanguard, and hit the dance floor. Partied with some of our favorite NY DJ’s Dj Spinna, and Rich Medina;)


Long weekend indeed. Day 2 and it felt like I had been here a week!


Rebel nights…


As we mellowed out from our crazy party night, we hooked up with our hommie Victor who gave us a little tour through Mr Cartoon’s studio and shop…




Estevan Oriol, and Mr Cartoon flicks on the shop’s wall…nice….


I love Cali style;)

Mr Cartoon_Tf

Big ups to Mr Cartoon for his persistent work on his illustration craft, and giving back to the community through youth art workshops and mural projects. It was great to finally meet in person;) thanks for the introduction Victor!



Last few days we took a chill pill cuz our peeps had to get back to work so we went for some cappi shopping on Abbot Kinney blvd…


Oh snap. What you know about spicy fruta? Coconut, Watermelon, Cucumber, Mango, and picante baby!


Hooked up with our boy Johnny and his lovely wife who were also in town from NY. We did a double dip to the wall, mahi mahi tacos, and skater flicks…


I-phone flick by Vee Bravo. Good one kid! I stole it…


One thing I did miss out on was a beach sunset. I will catch it one day though. Till then I can admire the flicks by other photographers. This is a dope one.



Sending a special thanks to everyone who pulled through to share a little LA time with us. We felt super welcomed, and happy to be around all of you talented and positive beings! To our hommies who have moved to LA, we miss you dearly! We are super proud of you, and wish you all the best in the city of angels. They are lucky to have YOU. Con mucho amor, y gracias por ser los QUERIDOS HOMMIES;)

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MMHK 3.5.11

February 24th, 2011 | Category: Community,Events,Hip Hop Culture,POP UP SHOPS

It’s that time again! Join us for women’s history month as we collectively kick off Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen Vol4! Toofly booth with new goodies and fresh new slide show presentation will be on set marketa style. Don’t miss it, 1 day only!


@Hostos Center for Arts and Culture
450 Grand Concourse (at 149th St.) Bronx, NY
Time: 2-5pm
This event is FREE and open to all ages!
For more information about the event, please visit

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February 16th, 2011 | Category: Travel

Heading to LA, and dipping into SF this weekend! Look out…

Los Angeles

FEB 18-FEB 23

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February 08th, 2011 | Category: Art & Design,Day in the Life

Busy season seems to be getting here sooner than years before which leaves me scrambling for personal time. All I wanna do during winter is focus on what I love to do. My own shit!!! It’s all good, I’m gonna make sure I drop some dope pieces by spring. Here’s a sneak peek at a new design I’m working on. No fonts, and no shortcuts here. If you wanna be skilled at your craft, and respected for your original flows you gotta put in the time. Get busy creating from the heart or get busy wasting away the spirit that gives you meaning. I remember the days I spent hours and hours in my room drawing and painting before the computer moved in and did a Speedy Gonzales on me. I haven’t been the same since. Luckily I stayed on top of my traditional tools, and it saved my life. You won’t ever find me blending in to the collage of garbage that’s put out on the daily. Nope. The more we stay true to ourselves, the more we enjoy life and give life. That my friends is where the true gems exist.


Marker hand styles, by yours truly…


Ready for print…

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