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July 31st, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...

Finally got around to finish one of my latest canvas works entitled “FREEDOM DREAMER” The process started a couple of months ago, but with all the traveling I had to do in NY  for spring and summer it had to put it on hold. There is nothing more I hate then to start a painting, and not finish it in a few days. It takes a long time to get back into the work. I have to slowly find my way back in, and grab hold of the flow I originally had when I started. It’s painstaking, but I did it. ((( Relieved )))  LOVE: the one true source of inspiration, and motivation…

Freedom Dreamer_toofly painting
FREEDOM DREAMER, 2013. Acrylic and Spraypaint on Canvas 19.75″ X 27.5″ – For inquiries contact:

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July 20th, 2013 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art

“Paredes del Barrio” is a series of neighborhood walls I am working on during my stay in Ecuador and travels throughout Latin America. There are hundreds of walls to paint in this city, but I feel there is a need to share the stories behind them. Many of these places are special because of their cultural contribution to the community, but are being overlooked and targeted as sites to re-develop for “El Buen Vivir” campaign. Last year we saw how awful the city officials treated LAS MAMITAS DEL MERCADO. A farmers collective market that brought fresh, and organic produce to the neighborhood. They were forced to move from the location they held down for many years in order to make way for a small park with benches. There have been no gatherings at this park or community events. It is a beautifully designed, but deserted area with no access for locals to use creatively. The mercado on the other hand brought the neighborhood together because families shopped for their groceries and gathered to eat authentic Ecuadorian dishes. Why didn’t the city just give the mercado an upgrade and keep the tradition of shopping local? This is why money without care for community building doesn’t work. So with the help of our friend Kuntur; a local community organizer who loves his neighborhood – friends, and youth, will be continue its efforts in creating a visual voice for what is going on to keep these spaces alive.

Quito Ecuador Arte Urbana

Behind the walls of our latest project is a beautiful garden owned by a sweet old lady named Doña Teresa. In her day she was a key figure in this barrio, and community organizer like us. I have more to learn of her amazing story, but when she opened the doors to her garden we were in awe of her gem. She has hundreds of plants, herbs, and trees that date back more than 50 years. Something this neighborhood would greatly enjoy as a space to be with nature, read, and learn about. There is a lot of history here. We hope she comes around one of these days, and opens her garden to the community along with a little small coffee shop for the love birds. It takes a bit of work to bridge the age gap, and share our new ideas with older folks on this side of the world. In time we believe they will trust this new generation to help bring life back to their foundations. Visionaries from different times takes time, until then we shall paint!

StreetArt Ecuador-3

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-3
Decided to keep Kuntur’s stencil “Seguimos En Resistencia” as part of the piece as we continue to resist against money and greed…

Arte Urbana Quito

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-6

Arte Urbana

Resistencia Toofly

Arte Urbana Quito Ecuador

Special thanks to our neighborhood locals, and youth that helped us rock this wall. Babe and Ely too! Meeting the neighbors and young people interested in mural work is one of my favorite parts of creating street art in el barrio. Gracias amigos!


urban art ecuador

El Jardin de Doña Teresa…

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-7

Quito Ecuador Street Art

It’s amazing what you can do with left over paint scraps in 6 hours!

StreetArt Ecuador-6

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-4
Now I can walk down el barrio to get my favorite coco ice cream, almuerzo, encebollado and enjoy our new colorful strip! Hoping one day the garden is open and I can add a cafesito to my afternoon barrio stroll…

Toofly Street Art Quito Ecuador

“Life is all about timing… the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable… attainable. Have the patience, wait it out It’s all about timing.” – Stacey Charter

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July 08th, 2013 | Category: Events,Exhibitions,Graffiti / Street Art

 F&F_WebFlyer “Tough as Nails: Artwork from the Women of Few & Far Crew”
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 3 rd 2013, 6-10pm
Exhibit: Aug 3 rd – Sept 29 th , 2013
Press Contact: Kelsey Lannin-

Few & Far is a collective of highly creative female graffiti artists from around the  world, working together to promote participation of women in typically male  dominated sub-cultures. They travel the globe connecting women through artistic  and social exchange, showcasing their art on walls and in the streets. “Tough as  Nails” is a representation of their collective belief that all women should feel encouraged to do what they love, despite gender imbalances found throughout society.

Art Primo Gallery
Art Primo SF Gallery works to showcase graffiti art in the gritty and subversive spirit out of which the subculture has grown. We strive to make artwork available  both to serious collectors and the general public, with affordable pricing and  public, all-age events. Our top priority is the preservation of anonymity for those  artists working with us who wish to keep their identity private. Art Primo SF Gallery is attached to the Art Primo SF graffiti art supply store, offering the best  selection of high quality street art supplies in the Bay Area. 



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LOVE WARRIOR Inks + Sketches 1

July 05th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...

Back in the studio, and enjoying my morning ritual. I’m up at the crack of dawn to face my sketchbook and pour out my heart. I’ve been sketching quite a bit in the last year 1/2. The pencil drawings are my favorite because they allow me to use shades and tones to focus in on the emotions of the piece. I recently started using my ink pens again, which helps to “finalize” the work. The graphic lines are great for sharpening the illustration, and possibly adding color. Which means a possible new wall pieces? print series? canvas works? or T-designs? dunno yet…for now I am having fun on paper. I am inspired, and in love again which is all that matters right now…

Toofly Ink Drawings

Toofly Sketches 2013

Toofly Sketches Ink


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July 02nd, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Graffiti / Street Art,Video

Every now and then I get an opportunity to work with folks in corporate america and bring a little street energy into their 9-5 office life. It’s a nice break from working outdoors at times because it gives me a chance to sharpen my professional skills with a group of minds that take this stuff super serious. It brings the level of artistry and communication to a whole other stage. There are dozens of meetings that need to happen in order to get something like a “graffiti inspired” piece to break into these places. I’m proud it has been sOOoooo well received. It’s time our work can share space with collections and well known artists in these environments. The installation – inspired by New York City’s graffiti culture now lives in one of todays #1 financial management firms in the world. It’s headquarters located in the heart of Midtown New York City. A contrast from our neighborhood streets and ill urban environments. The dialogue among our worlds continues and that’s what it’s all about!:) A special thank you to project leader Susan who locked down the gig and made the creative process breezy smooth. Shout out to my primo Richie for the artist assistance, and photography documentation. Thx kid! Looking forward to the time lapse video as well from our friends at the office. Can’t wait to see it!!!

Toofly Installation NYC-1

Toofly Painting NYC
Time lapse video coming soon!

TooflyNYC New York City

No need for projectors, no need for stencils. FREESTYLE BABY! #trueartistry

Toofly NYC Spraypaint

Toofly NYC Painting Midtown

Toofly NYC Graffiti Canvas

Toofly NYC World

Toofly Graffiti Handstyle
Original Krink handstyles…

Toofly NYC Graffiti Midtown Office

Midtown NYC Toofly_
Thank you Susan! aka graffiti name: Miss Super Woman:) #artbizlife

Toofly NYC Painting Midtown-1

Toofly, 2013 Midtown NYC

Midtown NYC Mistadrumin

THANK YOU NEW YORK! See ya in the fall:)




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