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——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-
Artist – Meeting of Styles, San Jose Costa Rica


Artist – Of Women by Women, group exhibit, The Storefront Project, NYC
Artist – “Sierra / Costa” #Borimix group exhibit, LES Gallery at The Clemente, NYC
Curator – Ladies Love Project “Funky Fresh” Exhibit & Pop-Up Shop, Bierwax Brooklyn NY

——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-
Artist – Talking Walls, Charlotte, NC
Artist – Uptown Grand Central, 125th Harlem Mural Project
Artist – Detonarte Street Art Festival, Mompiche Ecuador
Artist – Wellingcourt Mural Project 10th Yr X @NycPride Astoria, Queens NY
Artist – Panama Mural Festival, Panama City
Artist – Nina Shunku Mural, Quito Ecuador
Artist – Toofly X Apitatan X Srampdip Mural Collaboration, Quito Ecuador
Artist – Graffiti Hall of Fame, Quito Ecuador


Curator – Ladies Love Project Holiday Pop-Up Shop, University Settlement, NYC
Artist – @MosaBowery @5Pointz @CitizenM indoor wall installation , NYC
Artist – “Presence” Women Group Exhibition, HighArts NYC
Curator – Ladies Love Project Summer Pop-Up Shop, Sparc LA, NYC
Co-Curator / Artist – ¬†“Reinas” Exhibition, Taller Peralta, NYC
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-
Artist – TornoCo Lab Wall, Quito Ecuador
Artist – @AkumalArtsFestival, Akumal Mexico
Artist – @Rudafest Festival, Bogota Colombia
Artist – #Grafiteras ( All Women ) Wall, Quito, Ecuador
Artist –¬†WellingCourt Mural Project 9th Yr, Astoria Queens NYC
Artist –¬†MamSana Vibrant Woman Mural, Austin, Texas

Co-Curator / Artist – ¬†“Grafiteras” Exhibition, EastSide Arts Alliance, Oakland, CA
Artist – @AdidasRunning UltraBoostX Artist Series, AD Campaign, NYC
Curator – Ladies Love Project Summer Pop-Up Shop, The Living Gallery, NYC
Artist – “Residencia” Group Exhibition, Gama Gallery, Mexico City
Artist – “Aerosoles Cruzados” artist presentation, Allianza Francesa de Mexico, Mexico City
Artist – “Ladies First” Group Exhibition, BSide Gallery, Melbourne Australia
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-
Artist – WellingCourt Mural Project, 8th Yr Astoria Queens NYC
Artist –¬†Hidroarte Collaboration Mural, Toofly X Pablito Zago, Mexico City


Artist – Secret Walls Toofly X Kano, Designer Con Pasadena Ca
Curator – Ladies Love Project Holiday Pop-Up Shop, City Lore NYC

Curator / Artist – “Love Warrior” Art Print Exhibit & Pop-Up! Open Space LA, Los Angeles CA
Artist – “Paper HotShots” Museo del Barrio, NYC
Artist – “AdHoc 10yr Anniversary” 17 Frost Gallery, Brooklyn NYC
Artist – “Art, Beats & Lyrics” Traveling Art Showcase. Nationwide
Artist – “212 Arts Anniversary Group Exhibit” New York, NYC

Curator / Artist – “Love Warrior” Solo Art Print Exhibit & Pop-Up, My Plastic Heart Gallery NYC

Artist – “Brown Don’t Drown” Group Exhibition, 17 Frost Gallery, Brooklyn NYC
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-
Artist –¬†LatidoAmericano Int. Street Art Festival. Callao, Peru
Artist – WellingCourt Mural Project, 7th Yr Astoria Queens NYC


Producer / Artist / Designer – Warmi Paint Festival, Quito Ecuador 2015
( Guests Lady Pink & Martha Cooper ) 

Curator/ Artist РToofly Holiday Pop-Up Shop, Brooklyn NYC
Artist – Women’s Shelter Mural, Toronto, Canada
Artist -“Black Cats” exhibition, Art Primo Gallery, Seattle WA
Artist –¬†Ladies Love Project Summer Pop-Up Shop, Brooklyn NYC
Artist –¬†LIC Flea & Food Live Art Mural
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist РWarmi Paint. Tallest Mural in Quito, Ecuador-  Universidad Central, Quito Ecuador
Artist –¬†“5Pointz Recreates” Walls, Brooklyn NYC
Artist –¬†WellingCourt Mural Project, 6th Yr Astoria Queens NYC
Artist –¬†Tulum Art Project, Tulum Mexico


*             5Pointz Demolished ( NYC History )
Book – “Outdoor Gallery” by Yoav Litvin

Curator/ Artist –¬†Toofly Pop-Up Shop, Brooklyn NYC
Artist –¬†Kano X Toofly Designer Con, Pasadena Ca
Artist –¬†“All Work and No Play” Custom Toy Group Exhibition ¬†Seattle, Wa
Artist –¬†Boundless Brooklyn custom tower group exhibition, My Plastic Heart NYC
Artist –¬†Clairol‚ĄĘ X Toofly Flare Launch, New York City
Artist / Designer –¬†“Staying True” Few & Far Exhibition, Sol Collective, California
Artist –¬†“Ripe” Freshly Baked Gallery Female Group Exhibition, NJ
Artist –¬†Decor BKLN, NYC X DESIGN/ Bishop Gallery Brooklyn NY
Artist –¬†Brooklyn Queens Elite, PowerHouse Books, Brooklyn NY
Artist –¬†Art Wynwood, Miami FL
Artist –¬†Groundswell Auction Benefit. Christie’s Auction House, NYC

——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist –¬†Street Heroines Documentary – Toofly’s 1st Interview,¬† Art Basel Miami FL
Artist –¬†Few & Far- All women wall production. Art Basel. Miami, FL
Artist -“Detonarte” International Graffiti Festival, San roque Quito Ecuador
Artist –¬†WellingCourt Mural Project, 5th Yr Astoria Queens NYC
Artist –Viscerate Graffiti Magazine Launch and Live Art, CAC Quito Ecuador
Artist –
“Atuntaqui” International Graffiti Festival, Atuntaqui Ecuador
Artist –¬†
“Inti Raymi” Abusa Crew X Toofly Wall Productions Quito Ecuador¬†


*            5Pointz was whitewashed November 19, 2013
Artist –¬†“Women on the Walls” Wynwood Walls, Deitch Projects Art Basel Miami, FL
Curator / Artist -“Love Warrior” Solo Exhibition. Fresthetic Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Artist –¬†Pecha Kucha Presentation, Oakland CA
Artist –¬†Groundswell Auction Benefit. Christie’s Auction House, NYC
Artist –¬†Redbull Curates “Canvas Cooler Project” Brooklyn NY
Curator/ Artist¬†–¬†Ladies Love Project Pop-Up Shop, NYC
Artist –¬†“Tough as Nails” Few & Far Exhibition, Art Primo Gallery, San Francisco CA
Artist –¬†“Content Under Pressure” Exhibition San Antonio, TX
Artist –¬†“Vis-a-Vis” Mighty Tanaka Gallery, Brooklyn NY

——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist –¬†Few & Far- All women wall production. Art Basel. Miami, FL
Artist –¬†“GRAFFF” 5th Annual Public Art Festival, Ambato, Ecuador
Artist – Life is Living Festival, “Migration is Beautiful” Live Art. Oakland CA
Artist – MTN Ecuador Paint Launch, Quito, Ecuador
Artist – “Paredes Del Barrio” “Neighborhood Walls” Pomasqui, Ecuador
Artist – Toofly X Meres Wall Collaboration, 5 Pointz 2013 “Love Warrior” ( 10 Yr¬† )¬†
Artist – Toofly X Col Wallnuts Collaboration. Bushick Collective, Brooklyn NYC
Artist – Wellingcourt Mural Project, 4th Yr Astoria Queens NYC
Artist – “Content Under Pressure” Street Art/Graffiti Festival, San Antonio, TX
Artist – Rooftop Legends, Wall Lower East Side NYC
Artist – “Nosotras Estamos En La Calle” ¬†Latin American Street Art Women’s Festival, Lima Peru


*            Toofly Moves back to Quito, Ecuador to become full time artist.
Artist – “Sugar Showcase” 1K Gallery, Long Beach CA
Artist – Art Basel 2012/Juxtapoz/Mixed Media Collective group exhibition, Miami FL
Artist – Kid Robot Pop-Up Shop, Art Basel Miami FL
Artist / Curator  РLadies Love Project Pop-Up Shop, NYC
Artist – “Fear No Art” Fourth Wall Projects, Boston MA
Artist – Few & Far female artist group exhibition/BHERD Gallery, Seattle WA
Artist – “XCIA Street Art Project” exhibit. Live Art, Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC
Artist – The Armory Show- Fountain Art Fair/Mighty Tanaka Gallery, NYC
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist – Few & Far- All women wall production. The Paint Yard, Art Basel. Miami, FL
Artist – Meeting of Styles 2012 Quito, Ecuador
Artist – Rooftop Legends, Lower East Side NYC
Artist – Mamas of Color Rising Mural, Austin TX
Artist – Toofly X Niz Wall Collaboration, Austin TX
Artist – Quito Cultura – Live Art. Quito, Ecuador
Artist – United Nations (Onu Mujeres) – Live Art. QuitoFest 2012. Paque Itchimbia Quito, Ecuador
Artist – Sneakers4Success Fundraiser – Live Art, Open Road Rooftop, Lower East Side NYC
Artist – Strand Bookstore – Strand XCIA Street Art Mural, New York City
Artist – Wellingcourt Mural Project 3rd Yr, Astoria Queens NYC
Artist – Toofly Wall 5Pointz 2012

Artist – Art Basel/Fountain Art Fair/Mighty Tanaka Gallery, Miami, FL
Artist –¬†Sound of Art “Mi Casa es Tu Casa” Group Exhibition, NYC
Artist – Art for Tibet Charity Exhibition, NYC
Artist –¬†Dumbo Arts Festival “Brooklyn” Walk Way Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Artist –¬†El Museo Del Barrio’s Bineal “The (S) Files” Nomaa, NYC
Artist –¬†“The C.O.P Guide to Etiquette” Group exhibit. Strytchin Gallery, Berlin Germany
Curator / Artist¬† –¬†Ladies Love Project Pop-Up Shop, NYC
Artist –¬†Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival “Under the Influence” Power House Books, Brooklyn NYC
Artist –¬†ComNGraff, “Breaking Borders” Columbus, Ohio
Artist – Pantheon “A History of Art from the Streets” Chashama, NYC

——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist –¬†Few & Far- All Women Mural. Primary Flight/Art Basel. Miami, FL
Artist –¬†Rooftop Legends, New Design H.S Rooftop, New York, NYC
Artist –¬†Few & Far 2011 – 1st All Women Mural, Oakland Ca
( Meme, Toofly, Agana, Dime, Beth Emerich, ) 

Artist / Presenter – “Art of the Streets” Live Painting, Younity Wkshp, Presentation. Sodra Teaterns, Stockholm Sweden
Artist –¬†Wellingcourt Mural Project 2nd Yr Astoria Queens NYC

Book РGraffiti New York by Eric Felisbret and Luke Felisbret
Artist – Kidrobot release of Toofly’s Fatale Dunny, NYC
Artist – Invisible Instructions, Culture Fix Gallery, NYC
Artist – FRANK 151 “The Ricky Powell Art Funk Explosion” Sacred Gallery NYC
Artist – “Anarchy” A Search of New Order Multimedia Art Exhibit. Harlem Pop Gallery, NYC
Artist – “Ladies Night” My Plastic Heart Gallery, NYC
Artist – “12X12” Group Exhibition, Mighty Tanaka Gallery Brooklyn NY
Artist – “Rough Sketch” group exhibit, Pueblo Nuevo Gallery, Berkeley CA
Artist / Curator – Ladies Love Project Pop-Up Shop 2010, Panda NYC – Year 1
Artist – “Across the Board” exhibition, Soapstone Gallery NYC
Artist – “Graffolution” The evolution of graffiti and street art. Soapstone Gallery, NYC
Artist – ComNGraff, “Breaking Borders” Columbus, Ohio
Artist – “Paper Dolls” Fifty24LA Gallery, Los Angeles Ca
Artist – “Multiuniversal” Art Basel Miami, FL
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist – Rooftop Legends 2010, NYC
Artist – Art of the Streets, Toofly live painting & Younity workshop. Sodra Teaterns, Stockholm Sweden
Artist – 3rd Eye Hip Hop Festival. Live painting. New Bedford, Massachusetts
Artist – @AfroPunk Festival, Live Painting, Brooklyn NYC
Artist – Wellingcourt Mural Project, 1St Yr Astoria Queens NYC
Toofly – solo street art productions, Quito Ecuador

Curator / Artist¬† – Younity’s “FRESHER” women group exhibition, Clemente Soto Velez, NYC
Solo Exhibition. “Brave Souls Illuminate” Fifty24La Gallery, Los Angeles Ca
Artist – “Mama Said Knock You Out” Intermedia Arts,¬† Minniapolis, MA
Artist – “Delinieations” ADHOC Gallery, Brooklyn NYC
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Curator / Artist – Younity’s “FRESHER” women wall production, Brooklyn NYC
Curator / Artist – NYC graffiti women wall production, The Secret Garden, Brooklyn NYC
Artists – B-Girl Be 2009 Intermedia Arts, Minniapolis, MA
Artists – @AfroPunk Festival. Live painting, Brooklyn NYC

Curator / Artist – Younity’s “Heart & Soul” Alphabeta Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Artist – “Hip Hop Ladies with an Attitude” Group exhibition, Berlin Germany
Artist – “Sweet City Woman” Fuse Gallery NYC
Artist – GRL Live lazer graffiti tagging, Museum of Modern Art, ( Toofly, Dona, Diva ) NYC
Artist – “Making it Together” Lady Pink, Toofly, Muck Bronx Museum of Art, NYC
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Curator / Artist – Younity’s “Heart & Soul” graffiti women wall production. Brooklyn NY
Artist – We B-Girlz 2008 Mural; Toofly, Faith, Shiro, Mad C, Sinae, Pau, Berlin Germany
Artist – Toofly Street Graffiti, New York, Berlin, Ecuador

Artist / Curator – Younity’s “Crossover” Female Group Exhibition, Showroom Gallery NYC ( Younity Year 1 )
Artist – Kidrobot release of Toofly’s 1st Fat Cap, NYC
Artist – “Another Herspective” Crewest Gallery Los Angeles, CA
Artist – “The Walls Belong to Us” Art Benefit. 55DSL NYC
Artist – Rocksteady 2005. Toofly X Shiro X Queen Andrea, Live painting truck, NYC

Book – “NYC Graffiti” The Next Stage by Michiko Rose ( 1 run )¬†
Book – “Graffiti Women” Book by Nicholaz Gangz
Panel – Graffiti Woman Book Panel with Lady Pink, & Swoon. Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn
Book – “Burning New York” NYC Graffiti by James and Karla Murray
Artist – Kidrobot release of Toofly’s 1st Dunny, NYC
Artist – Meeting of Styles 2006, Bronx NYC
Artist – “In a Girls World” Toofly X Queen Andrea X Gmos Urban Art Exhibition, Showroom Gallery NY
Artist – B-Girl Be Festival, Juxtapozition Arts, Minniapolis MA
Artist – BBOY BBQ 2006, Toofly X Shiro X Queen Andrea, Philadelphia, PA

——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-
Artist РMOTUG Wall. Lase Nyc, Toofly, Doze Green, Shepherd Fairey, Ghost, 

Artist – “Who’s Nice” Graffiti art exhibit, Haven Arts Gallery NYC
Artist – Sound of Art “Red Light District” 51 Warrent St, NYC
Artist – “Brooklyn” curated by Lase NYC Showroom Gallery NYC
Artist – “Board the Train” Group show curated by Lase NYC. Double Punch Gallery, NYC
Artist – Sound of Art “Scenes in the Sky” 51 Warren St, NYC
Artist – Creative Thriftshop “On the Quickness” group show. Haven Arts Gallery, NYC
Artist – MOTUG, group show curated by Lase NYC. Showroom Gallery, NYC
Artist – “Tag the System” curated by Lase NYC group show, Showroom gallery, NYC
Artist- “Girls Rock the House” Female group show. Supreme Trading, NYC
Artist – Sound of Art “Black History Month” Apple Store, Soho NYC
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist – Toofly Wall Roebling St, Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC
Artist – Toofly X Queen Andrea X Ema, 5Pointz NYC
Artist – Motug live painting. Sneaker Pimps, Avalon NYC
Artist – Motug Mural; Lase NYC, Toofly, Ces, Ewok, Doze Green, TKid, Tats Cru, Williamsburg Brooklyn NY
Artist – Rocksteady 2005. Live painting, NYC
Artist – B-Girl Be Festival 2005 Juxtapozition Arts, Minniapolis MA
Artist – BBOY BBQ 2005, Philadelphia, PA
Artist – Toofly Street Art Quito, Ecuador

Artist – Sound of Art/Latina Magazine, group exhibit. The Lit Lounge, NYC
Artist – “For Women” Female Art show, 113 Union Gallery, Philadelphia,PA
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist – H20 Hip Hop Education Live painting. The Forum, Barcelona Spain.
Artist – BBOY BBQ 2004, Philadelphia, PA
Artist – Graffiti Hall of Fame. Women Production: Toofly, Diva, Fever, Queen Andrea 106 Park Ave, NYC

Artist- “Ladies Night” exhibition. Prince Cave & PR, Abaya NYC
Artist – “Individual Style” fashion exhibit, Air Gallery, NYC
——————————————- ¬†Walls ¬†———————————————-

Artist – BBOY BBQ 2003, Philadelphia, PA
Artist РGraffiti Hall of Fame Women Production; Toofly, Muck, Fever, Acet,  106 Park Ave, NYC ( organized by Lady Pink )
Artist – Rocksteady 2003, Toofly X ACB NYC
Artist – Meeting of Styles 2003, Bronx NYC
Artist – BAAD Wall Production – organized by Lady Pink. Toofly, Muck, Erotica, Dona, ACB

2000- 2002
Graffiti Hall of Fame 2002. 106 Park Ave, NYC – 1st public event painting legal wall. Invited by Lase NYC * I meet Lady Pink
“How we Do” Hip Hop Showcase, The Violet Cafe, NYC
Elevated Millenium Showcase, CBGB’s, NYC
The Yard. A Hip Hop Graffiti Culture Benefit. Group Exhibit, NY

1996-1999 ( University ) 
School of Visual Arts – BFA Illustration & Cartooning

1st time painting legal wall at “The Phun Factory” known today as 5 Pointz, LIC Queens, NYC – ( Meets Meres )

“Toofly” Graffiti Writer, Corona Queens NYC ( Meets Sabe Kst, Clark TN, Web, Bis, Ench, Piz, Nato, 90’s graffiti writers )¬†

1991-1995 ( High School ) 
Fashion Industries H.S. New York City – 1995 Diploma

Migrated from Ecuador to New York City with family, Corona, Queens NY

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