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Client Work: MODELO AUSTIN TX, 2018

May 25th, 2018 | Category: Clients,Hommies,Travel

Great times in Austin TX this year! Shout out to Blue genie Art Studios, my friend Charles and the gang, and all my Austin ATX peeps who showed love. I had a blast working and hanging out!

Blue Genie Art Austin TX

Blue Genie ARt 2 Toofly Modelo

Toofly Client Work Modelo

Austin TX Shrimp and Grits

Friends ATX


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February 19th, 2018 | Category: Day in the Life,Events,Hommies,Travel

Whoa! The year is about to come to end once more. What a year!!! I personally was having a great one until mercury retrograde knocked on my door. All good. Gotta take the good and the bad and make it work. I don’t like it when the reality of life rains on my parade. I work very hard to keep things in order as to avoid all conflict but sometimes it likes to mess with me. I decided to head down to Miami and see my friends and avoid it the bad vibes. Family dramas or conflicts are unavoidable in life unfortunately.  It’s a good thing I was in a rooftop pool with my friends when it all went down. The infamous e-mails where you let out all your feelings as raw as possible so it can drill into your family’s head that they suck. I swam it all away that day. Even the tears. No regrets. It needed to be said now or later It be that way sometimes right? — The good, the very good thing I do well for my own sanity is “LET GO” It’s an amazing trait to have. I personally can let things go much easier these days. I easily close doors on fucked up shit in life and move right on. I do not anything waste my time anymore. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. I know how short life is and how precious it is and unless its full of the good stuff I don’t need it.

Miami was the perfect place to be when dealing with the family drama. The sunshine, the water, my friends, the meals, the parties, the fun! I love to have fun. It makes me happy and it gives me peace. Anyways, at some point the family stuff works itself out. Or not? Either way each of us keeps pushing forward with what feels good what feels right and what truly matters. Everything else can fall back. Care less or care more where necessary to keep life in balance. That’s why my friends are my true family and always have been. Blood doesn’t mean a damn thing. It’s a good thing Art Basel was spent at one of my BFF’s home because it made even more sense who I need to be around. So yes, Art basel was cool for this reason and many more. I was not busy painting, or showcasing any work. It gave me time to spend with my dear friends, enjoy the simple things in life, and enjoy the moment. It was dope! I recommend everyone to check out Art Basel during December especially if you live in NY and need a break from the winter cold. A special shout out to all my hommies who made the trip there to link up and boogie, especially my BBF Mr. @LatinoLife who made our stay amazing!!! Every luxury you can imagine, was all that and more!


Toofly Art Basel Miami 1

Toofly Art Basel Miami 3

Toofly Art Basel Miami 4

Toofly Art Basel Miami 2

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July 22nd, 2015 | Category: Day in the Life,Events,Family,Hommies,POP UP SHOPS

My last day in NY was super sweet! Spent the 4th of July at my favorite place in Queens the Long Island City Pier. I had a lovely combination of work and play that day. Worked on a live art piece with my cousin Richie for the LIC FLEA, sipped on some beer, and enjoyed a juicy turkey burger with fries. YUM! It had been a minute to sin. Summer in NY is the ultimate, each time shorter than the next unfortunately. My schedule more hectic every year. I hardly get a chance to hang with my friends now, but one way or the other they make the effort to meet up and I LOVE THEM FOR THAT!!! Being loved by your friends is one of the happiest of feelings. Especially since I spend months at a time now without them.  You should always show your true peeps love as well as those family member who care. To my dear friend Evelyn who I love very much thank you for always being there and sharing the family time with me:)

Toofly LIC Pier

( EVELYN PHOTOS HERE, Dude send them lol! )


la esquina mexican williamsburg

familia williamburg

Making the best of my NY minute with dearest of friends and family <3

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June 27th, 2014 | Category: Community,Events,Graffiti / Street Art,Hommies

Now in it’s 5th year the Welling Court Mural Project organized by ADHOC.ORG is bigger and better than ever with over 127 walls this year! The rainy week drove my painting schedule crazy.  I would have liked to get the wall done in 2 days so I can enjoy the block party and take flicks but on Saturday morning I got up at the crack of dawn to get an early start. Luckily it all worked out. I got my wall done in just 8hrs, whew! My New York fam came thru to show love, and spend a lovely afternoon playing with their kids at the wall.  This event unlike many others is a family “community” event. I love that! Less “hipster hoopla”, noise, and hype. It feels relaxing, chill, and peaceful. Families, friends, and art lovers get to stroll around the neighborhood and admire the art in peace. There’s all kind of “street art” inspired events happening in NY and in various cities now which is great! Communities are down for us at last. I’ve been at it for over 20 years now and it’s finally starting to feel like the “Warriors of the Rainbow” – spoken in indigenous texts – have officially arrived <3 Thank you Allison, and Garrison Buxton for another wonderful Wellingcourt event, see you guys next year!

Toofly Wellingcourt Polaroid

Thanks for the polaroid @leannav

Warriors of the Rainbow

Wellingcourt Block Party

Toofly Graffiti Tag Wellingcourt

Toofly Wellingcourt Mural Project-1

Toofly WellingCourt Shiro.Lexibella

Shout out to the Lexi Bella, Danielle , and Shiro for stopping by the wall. These aerosol ladies are going hard this year! Not mad. Hold it down:)

Toofly Wellingcourt Mural Project-4

TOOFLY – Wellingcourt Mural Project , Astoria Queens NY 2014

Toofly Wellingcourt Mural Project-3

Wellingcourt Mural Project Toofly

My little Project Girlz <3 They’ll be ready in no time!

The Fellas

Wellingcourt Family Fun

From Ecuador to New York to Ecuador and back! Every Spring and Fall:)

Oli Sunshine

Bye Bye Toofly!

Toofly Wellingcourt New York Fam

Thank you my beautiful New York Family! I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 See ya in November:)


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December 12th, 2013 | Category: Community,Events,Few & Far Women,Hommies,Travel,Younity

Back from Miami! I have so much to share with ya’ll. But First —-> FEW & FAR @ART BASEL MIAMI 2013!Toofly Art Basel Miami 2013-10

Big ups to Alexandra Henry and the team of photographers and videographers who came through to shoot the crew process. We had a lot of fun on this wall even after all the mix ups with locking down the right wall. Our Few & Far 2013 Miami wall almost didn’t happen. Fortunately we had a wonderful team this year and we got it together in a matter of weeks. Thank you all for making it happen on all fronts! Few & Far “Warrior Women” is in full effect in Miami folks —> 375 NW 24st between 4th & 5th aves. We dedicate our wall to an amazing human being, and wonderful man who passed away the day we started painting the wall; Nelson Madela <3


photography by Alexandra Henry ©2013 


Want to extend a big thank you to Eric the owner of this wall at 375 NW 24st. He has an amazing warehouse. Wish we would have had enough time to build. Thanks for the cold cold beers Eric!  Photo by ©Toofly ©2013

few and Far process 2
Glad we moved from our original wall location to a much bigger one so we can all fit and re-conceptualize. Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly SKetch Art Basel Miami

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly Art Basel Miami 2013-2
Happy we finally started! Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Dog Action Miami
kaz’s Pitt on guard for for our materials <3

Few and Far Sunsets

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Sunsets 2Christina Isabela Rivera
Shout out to Christina Isabela Rivera for helping me rock the halo, heart, and fills on my character and taking some dope fish eye lenz flicks of the crew. Your a lovely woman! Your energy was on point with the crew thank you sOOOooooo much!!!!

FewandFar Process

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Art Basel Friends
Shout out to all our hommies that stopped by the wall to support <3 Percy, Dj Crykit, Tania Cuevas, Cubannie Links, and DJ Jasmine Solano <3



Peeps Bike Fun

I was all work and no play the first few days while my buds were out and about the basel events. Luckily we squeezed in some quality time towards the end of our crew trip. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3 Thank you for the transport scoops, pool dip fun , beach chillax, and quesadillas!

DAY 2 let’s get to work!

Sketchings Miami basel

Toofly DJ Agana Process
Photo by Jaime Gonzales ©2013 spaced out catching a black book and lost my cell! ahhhhh!

Martha Cooper Few and Far

Photo by Martha Cooper ©2013 Thank you Martha for always supporting the ladies since day 1!

Toofly Painting Art Basel

Photo by ©Agana 2013
Toofly Process Miami Basel 2013
Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013


STRONG WOMEN. SISTERHOOD. WARRIOR WOMEN. LOVE. FREEDOM. Each of us found a way to connect our works and collaborate on things we believe in and spread our messages in a collective voice <3

Dj Agana Few and Far Women

DJ Agana (SF) Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013 – so much love for DJ Agana! Such a beautiful person. Always there for the crew extending her efforts in all areas. Love ya girl!

Ursula Young Miami

Ursula X Young (SF) Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013 – Great meeting Ursula X Young at last. Her brush work and characters are  lovely! Hippies 4Ever <3

Few ND Far Women Miami 13
Few & Far welcomes Kazilla to the Few & far team. Thanks for all your hard work lady! Your super FUN!!! good times. Photo by Dj Gana ©2013

Deity Painting


Photo by Agana ©2013
Deity Miami 2013

Deity (LA) Photo by Christina Isabela Rivera ©2013 – Shout out to Deity for coming thru for the crew on the transport and crew love on this trip. First time rock’n with the Few & Far ladies. Great job sistah. Chicana’s Rock!

Few and Far Women Miami
Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013 Follow the entire team! —>

ironlak Logo Few and Far

Shout out to IRONLAK for sponsoring the Few & Far wall this year. THANK YOU!

Kazilla Few and Far

Kazilla ( MIA) Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Ursula Young FLick
Big ups to Kazilla for locking down a beautiful wall for the Few & Far ladies to rock. Thank you Kaz!!!

Toofly Art basel 2013

FewandFar Basel 2013
Few & Far Art Basel miami, 2013 – Photo by ©Toofly ©2013

Few adn Far Alexandra Henry

Few & Far Art Basel Miami 2013. Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly Wall Basel



Toofly Art Basel Miami 2013


Alexandra Henry Miami 2013

Photo by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly Few and Far

XOXO Miami 2013

Beach Relaxation

XOXO MIAMI! Till next time <3 

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December 02nd, 2013 | Category: Community,Events,Exhibitions,Hommies

Hello World! Finally have a chance to update all my photos from Love Warrior showcase. I’m happy all the pieces I have been working on in the last few years finally came together as a complete series. I wanted this showcase to be intimate, and to be shared among all the people that support and care about my work. There is something special that happens when you can share ideas that are about emotion, about culture, and about things that are hard to describe in words sometimes. People’s faces light up, they smile, they wonder…but no words come out. There is no need to because “feeling” is really what it’s all about. Love Warrior is for the lover, and for the fighter. Each one knows what that truly means to them. Thank you for making the connection and sharing that space with me:)


“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave. 

Frozen LV showcase

FROZEN. Acrylic on Cardboard Installation.


Toofly Virgen De gauadalupe

Corazon. Acrylic on Canvas.

Love Warrior Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher. Acrylic on Cardboard

Love Warrior TF 4

Twin Flames


If you are interested in a price list via e-mail with images of work available please send us a message at:

Love Warrior Sketches

Original Sketches $300+ (Framed)

Love Warrior TF 3

Love Warrior Gals

Shout out to Jenny for the support. Proud owner of “In Too Deep” Acrylic on Cardboard.

Toofly Painting


Toofly love Warrior 2013

Toofly Love Warrior-1


Toofly Tshirts LV

Limited edition “Love Warrior” T’s and Hoodies.

Love Warrior Showcase

Da Crew LV fam

Thank you “love Warrior” crew! It’s always nice to have a wonderful team down to make it happen on all fronts.

Jill De Bushwick

Thank you Jill de Bushwick for spinning Funk, hip Hop, and Rock N’ Roll. Jill de Bushwick is a true Williamsburg local.

Mi Isla Coquito Crew

Thank you Millie and Lillie for holding it down on the Coquito and introducing us to Blu-Quito so yummy! Millie is a true Williamsburg local.Coquito

Mi Isla Coquito.

coquito Patty Dukes

Fresthetic Mikey

Shout out to Michael Shawn Cordero. Friend, and Fresthetic shop owner. Hommie for years making it happen in BK! Mikey is a true Williamsburg local. Fresthetic

da crew LV

Love and thanks to all my hommies <3

Guests LV

Crew LV

Fresthetic Logo

Love Warrior Fresthetic

There is still a chance to view and purchase Toofly prints, and Toofly goodies for the holidays.Love Warrior Fresthetic 2013

“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave.

WereOpen LV



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May 08th, 2013 | Category: Graffiti / Street Art,Hommies

Rooftop Legends is coming in June! Got a chance to rock a new wall during my Spring visit with my boy WERDS. We go way back, and painting is a great way to catch up on the good ol’ days. Shout out to Jesse who runs the event and the walls at New Design HS. aka Seward Park. Looking forward to a sunny afternoon with art, music, and vendors. Stay tuned for details!

Werds Toofly 2013-1

Join us to celebrate the opening of the 6th anniversary of RooftopLegends with DJ DP ONE of the Heavy Hitters. Opening reception gallery walk on Sunday, June 2, 2013 from 3-7pm on the NDHS Rooftop at 350 Grand Street, New York NY 10002
Fundraiser to benefit NDHS Rooftop Arts $5-$25 suggested entry. No-one will be turned away.. For more information contact

Rooftop Legends 2013

Toofly Rooftop nyc

Werds Rooftop Legends

Rooftop Toofly Werds

Werds Rooftop Legends -2

Werds Rooftop NYC

Toofly Rooftop Legends 2013


Toofly Rooftop Legends 2013-5


Werds 2013


Thanks for the collabo time!!! Hasta la proxima <3

Werds X Toofly Rooftop Legends 2013
TAKING IT BACK TO 1992 #hommiespaintogether


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December 12th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Hommies,Travel

Soundtrack of my life. FUN IN THE SUN!!! Miami during December rocks. Got a chance to paint, exhibit, and most of all spend time with my loving friends vacay style. We rented a gorgeous vacation home – which I recommend is the best way to do Miami during these trips because you get it all +  it’s cheaper. We stayed in Coconut Grove near Calle 8 and Little Habana where we can get our morning cuban coffee on. Cute area! After I finished painting with the girls our days were spent sipping cranberry drinks at the FlavorPill event, swimming in the pool to some dope music, ciphering, grilling delicious marinated skirt steaks, partying like the crazies that we are, and making home cooked meals to cure our hangovers. It was so much fun!!! We made our rounds during Basel to support our fellow artists and enjoy the creative energy at Wynwood. If your an artist, or lover of the sunshine your ass needs to be here!


Showing the fellas some luv at POP gallery. Shout out to 2Esae, Ski, and Col. Good seeing you guys!

Finally got a chance to meet Travis!:) Giving a shout out to the FCNY crew!

ABSOLUTELY a must. The FlavorPill FREE LUNCH 3 day event sponsored by Absolute kicked off the afternoon like no other!

Drinks, hot pool, and a beautiful sunny day!

It’s not a party till you dance to some Biggie, even if it’s in the pool!

Shout out to my beautiful sister and her friends who strolled thru to say whadddup! LOVE YOU.

Our last day in Miami and we got it all in! Last chance for pool dips at our vacation home, cipher sessions, southbeach, and Little Habana for some cuban breakfast.

Shout out to our hommie Percy who made the quick troop from Boston for some FUN IN THE SUN!

Sometimes you just gotta jump in…

enjoy the sunshine…

and have fun…

I hate goodbyes. See ya later sounds better no?

Our last dining session at PANORAMA terrace in Coconut Grove. 5 min away from our vacay home. Peruvian cuisine. DELICIOUS. We recommend it highly.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Till next time:) Don’t forget the berry wine hahhahahahha


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May 31st, 2011 | Category: Day in the Life,Hommies

Summer is finally here! Everything is brighter, sweeter and more colorful. Time to whip out the spring dresses, and bring out the summer fun!

05_Flatbed_WEB - OCTOBER

I’m not a fan of the NYC beaches…so this year the sun bathing begins here! on acres of lime green fresh grass. All amenities included + a kids park! you gotta bring the little ones. It has a spectacular view of the best city in the world;) Breathtaking views morning, noon, and night! boardwalks, gardens, beach chairs, hammocks, and more. We love it here…Queens baby! no reason to go anywhere else…


peeps picnic 2011 at Long Island City Pier, Queens NY. aka ( Gantry Plaza state Park )

DSC_0039 DSC_0007




Kick back, relax, and swing on the hammock. Napping here is bliss…


sunnnnnn sets…..


It was a beautiful day;) Gotta love days like this. Go out there, and take advantage of the sunshine, the public parks, and the fresh juicy fruit! It tastes so good on a hot summer day. Most of all take advantage of making time with your loved ones. I miss my family dearly, happy my hommies are here to make days like this special too;)


Love you guys!!! Thanks for coming together for some fun in the sun, sharing yummy grub snacks, mixing the i-tunes, and keeping lot’s of ice in the cooler. You know how much I love ice! Loca for ice…


Dinner anyone?

DSC_0073 DSC_0079

Lounge 47, Long Island City Queens. Yum…



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October 31st, 2010 | Category: Day in the Life,Hommies

This year Halloween fell on a weekend! Yeah yeah baby it’s not a party until you go all out and paint yo face. Shout out to my hommie Little Alex for rock’n the crews make-up this year. Good times:)

Nail action and all…

Little Alex


Who’s next?





Alex Medussa and her Boo!


Take a guess…


It’s just me and my 99 cent roses…


Alex Medussa, Veedel Castro, and Tooflowers

Dope:) Thanks for the make-up Alex!!!

Ready to get our creepy freaky night on!


Ricardo’s Halloween house jam with DJ itunes!


Vinyl lives 4ever…


Videl Castro what’s the status?


Ricardo Cortes artwork on walls. Awesome.


The freaks come out at night.


Dress up, paint your face, have fun. Happy Halloween!!!


Till next year!

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October 07th, 2010 | Category: Fashion,Hommies,Pressed

Finally going through all the messages I missed while I was away. Shout out to my homegirl Amanda Lopez for sending me the exclusive Girls Got Kicks flick she took at the Secret Garden last summer. Niceeeeee! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I linked up with Lori and Amanda over some rice and beans in bushwick to discuss their book project. I hope the info I was able to share in making their own book was helpful. So proud of you ladies!!! Can’t wait till it drops. Pictures are looking tiggggght….

Toofly_Amanda Lopez

Female Sneaker Fiend

Happy to have been part of the FSF fam from the jump. Logo design by yours truly:) For more info on the project and to see what the ladies with kicks are up to worldwide log in to Female Sneaker Fiend


Summer photoshoot steelo…

Artist, breaker, Younity artist Jen One!

Miss lady GDK! Mama Clothing/ M.I.S.S


Check out more flicks, and the full interview on SNEAKER FREAKER for all details of this book! It’s gonna kicks ass. Shout out to all the fly ladies blessing rock’n the photos, I’m very proud to see you all continue to make moves and stay true:)

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September 11th, 2010 | Category: Community,Events,Fashion,Hommies

Warrior themed exhibition at Fresthetic last night was pretty dope! Those dark griddy days in NY are long gone now but all kinds of territory wars still go on today unfortunately. In honor of our generations cult classics artists rocked some magic on leather vests to represent their warrior love, warrior message, and warrior style. Shout out to Randy and fresthetic team for hooking up the exhibit, show casing the film, and opening their backyard for some end of summer fun. I’m so bummed I missed the fashion show! Had to support all our peeps doing positive things for the community last night.  Here’s to all the  gangs out there who spread love the warrior way. Can you digggggggg it!


“COME OUT TO PLAY” is an art show curated by Randy Quiles – co-founder of Fresthetic based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is a tribute to The Warriors, the 1979 cult classic movie from Paramount Pictures. The iconic film serves as an unceremonious interpretation of the diverse collectives that make up Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs. It is a reminder of the political, social, and economical adversity that each of the boroughs and the individuals within have faced. Brooklyn itself has seen many changes ranging from the gentrification of Williamsburg to the drastic reconstruction of Coney Island. For those that can remember, the Brooklyn we all knew and loved still continues to slip further away over the years no matter how closely we grip it to our chests. Very much like a Warrior we find ourselves stranded and forlorn amid the changes and adversity as we make every attempt to fight our way back to a Brooklyn we once knew…


The Fly Girlz gang…Photo by: Teddy Adolphe


“Love Warrior”

When life is victorious, there is birth; when it is thwarted, there is death. A warrior is always engaged in a life-and-death struggle for Peace.
– Morihei Ueshiba


Brooklyn Stylez Jill in the house!




Love the studs…


Fresthetic 560 Grand ave. Brooklyn NY.




The Peralta Project


I love Bounce’s painting. One of my faves…


Where’s Brooklyn at?


Getting our Apollo drinks on…


Building on some winter collabos with Masahiro…True native warrior right here…


Bummed I missed the Fashion show, here’s some flicks…


Great show. Till next time!


6 blocks down…


The Back to School Fundraiser with some poetry, rap steez, music, and  live painting by these two wonderful artists…


One the beautiful community showcase was over we were ready to get the party started!


Salsa time!



Getting silly by the hour…


Happy to see Oli and her smiles again;)


A happy Vee is a happy Vee.


It was great to see everyone come through to support art, community, and friends. Good times! See ya next friday for TF’s special celebration!!!

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5 POINTZ 2010

August 11th, 2010 | Category: Graffiti / Street Art,Hommies

Couldn’t leave town without scheduling a collabo with home girl Bisy who was visiting from Chile. It was a sweet Sunday afternoon up at the 5 Pointz rooftop overlooking the city. We started a bit late but got a chance to experience the sun setting which added a nice warm glow to the flicks. Shout out to Meres for hooking up the spot, and helping make 5 Pointz a dope location for artists who visit New York to have a place to rock their skillz.


Bisy hasta la proxima mujer! Fue un placer pintar contigo. Aver si visito Chile el proximo año para volver a pintar:) Nos vemos besos!


What a beautiful day to paint…not too hot…just right…


Sunsets rock…


Love this shot…


Shout out to Marlon for stopping by and taking flicks for us:) Thank you!


love my photo breaks. I get to explore…


Hope they don’t get rid of these residential buildings and replace them with any more condos:( Wonder how long before we no longer see the city landscape…


Wish we can bring the cherry lift up here and rock this wall…dope spot…


adding the finishing touches…




Loving me new steelo…


TOOFLY & BISY 5 Pointz 2010! { Chile/New York }


I’m out. See ya when I get back from Stokholm, Sweden!

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July 09th, 2010 | Category: Day in the Life,Hommies

Finally got around to post some flicks from Shana’s 4th of July FISH FRY! Fried Chicken, fried shrimp, fried fish and you can eat fry! Shout out to all the peeps that came through and made this Fish Fry / 4th of July / Birthday Celebration a blast for MISS INFO!!!


When it’s 90 degrees out there’s nothing like an ice cold beer. { Drink Responsibly }


Happy Birthday Shana!!!


fruits and salads are truly refreshing. Healthy eats on hot summer days…


Happy babe was off from work…


Makes days like this just perfect! { Happy }


Great conversations about relationships, future trips, and saturn return messages from the universe….


DJ Laylo and Sky! We going to Brazil and Hawaii baby!!! Gotta make it happen…


ah yes….good old orange electrical cord saved the day! Must. Have. Music. Can’t. Live. Without. It.


Summer love…summer fun…


Great meeting you all!!! See ya at the next jam:)

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June 07th, 2010 | Category: Day in the Life,Hommies

Goooooooood times…


Photo by ©2010 Joe Conzo

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