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September 26th, 2009 | Category: Events,Younity




An Urban Eco-Art Exhibition Featuring 42 Female Artists

PRESS HOUR: 7pm-8pm
Opening Reception: 8pm – 11pm
October 3, 2009 – October 24, 2009
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
between Rivington Street and Stanton Street
F train to Delancey


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B-GIRL BE 2009

September 21st, 2009 | Category: Community,Events,Graffiti / Street Art,Hip Hop Culture,Travel

B-Girl Be 2009 Block Party included Mainstage Performances, MCs, Spoken Word, DJs, Dance, Live Mural Painting, Film, Food and an Art Marketplace! Featuring local, national and international artists including aerosol artists Motel7 (Capetown) and Toofly (NYC); MC Eternia with Chesney Snow (Canada), DJ Chela (NYC); spoken word poet Tish Jones; Akira Johnson; Bloody Black Eyes; Ill Chemistry; Black Pearl; and the Twin Cities All-Stars: Katana, Maria Isa, Indigo, Desdamona, performing onstage together for the first time in twin cities hip-hop history!

B-Girl be-12

FINITO! Got my piece done early so I can rock my style’n photography skillz. Here are some of my favorites….

B-Girl be-13

Fall back now you don’t know me!

MC BIG TARA is a B-girl and MC with the Anomolies Crew, Fox Force 5, Shoten Zenjin and the House of HOWL. Born and raised in the Lower Eastside of NYC, she was influenced by the dance and music culture of her neighborhood. She has graced many stages across the country including the Apollo, BB Kings, Lincoln Center and the Manhattan Center and has worked with the Roots, Erykah Badu and LL Cool J to name a few. After receiving a public service award from the New School University, she decided to dedicate her time to helping non-profit organizations further serve marginalized youth. She has been working in community outreach for over 10 years and believes it is crucial to help guide our youth to live absolutely happy and productive lives.

B-Girl be-45


B-Girl be-16

These girls were FLY! Their outfits wen’t great with the shoot;) YEAH BABY!!!

B-Girl be-19


B-Girl be-18

Amanda Lopez, was also getting her shots in for THE GIRLS GOT KICKS! Photoshoot…

B-Girl be-21

Amy Campion

B-Girl be-41

Little Minniapolis Girls…

B-Girl be-22

My new STEEZ was a hit…

B-Girl be-15

MOTEL 7 ( Capetown ) Welcome!!! I thought I was fast, this girl went all out…

B-Girl be-23


B-Girl be-46

AM going high…

B-Girl be-48

and stencil’n it up…

B-Girl be-37

B-GIRL AIKO! See ya soon in SF;)

AIKO (Aiko Shirakawa) started street dancing at the age of 11 in the parks of San Jose, CA, and performed by the age of 15 with her group, Quick Style, opening up for Ice T in 1983. This began a long list of performances for Quick Style, who opened for many major bands and singers in the Bay Area of California. In 1995 Aiko began to teach street styles to youth in San Jose at the local youth centers and still does to this day. Aiko has been teaching after school programs for the past 7 years for YMCA and Catholic Charities. Over the past 16 years of teaching street dance to the youth, she has been writing a curriculum to add to her classes so that her students can embrace the history of hip-hop and how it can be better than what the media has portrayed it to be. Aiko has taught street styles everywhere in the States, including B-Girl Be 2007 in Minneapolis, MN; Street Science 2008 in Holland; and the film documentary release of All the Ladies Say in New York, NY in 2009 (she is one of the leading Ladies in the film). “Hip-Hop has been there for me and has saved my life; I will be here for Hip-Hop for the rest of mine.” —Aiko

B-Girl be-42

It’s not easy triple threating it, You gotta have a heart, you gotta be original, and you gotta have style! We’re about to set it off…WATCH OUT!


Trinity sold like HOTCAKES!

B-Girl be-49

The new team: MAMA made it! wooohoooo…

B-Girl be-38


B-Girl be-52

Shout out to CHICAGO who was in the house! Repping hard every year…

B-Girl be-51

B-Girl be-50

Well behaved women seldom make history! >>> Well said!

B-Girl be-30

Shout out to T-Rose! Our wonderful host for the week. Made us some protein shakes, drove us up in the PLAY DATE Cadillac, and overall blessed us with mad love. Thank you T!!!


mmmm dinner time. The chicken curry was slamming! Time to rest, and get some energy for the DeCipher jam…



Photo by B-FRESH >>> More at: CITY PAGES


DJ CHELA on the 1 & 2’s


DeCipher This showcases the very essence of hip-hop dance: the ability to freestyle in the cipher. The 2009 B-Girl Be Block Party After Party with DJs and live drumming as locally and nationally recognized female hip-hop dancers take their turn in the cipher sharing their specific skills and raw energy!

B-Girl be-55

Jen One was killing it! Be a part of instant creation as improvisational elements come together with some of the most talented female breakers, poppers and hip-hop freestyle dancers in the country.


Featuring Aiko, MimotheGreat and Venus Fly Trap Crew; with performances by AnnieUp, B-Girl monArc, Yonci Peaceful Jameson, Alissa Paris, Amy Sackett, Sarah Savengseuksa, B-Girl Seoul Assassin, Kim Sorenson, and Ti-en-T, and Legend ROKAFELLA!


Always inspiring to see these women rock and keep it alive. Budget cuts suck, especially when the organizers that gave life to the HEART & SOUL of B-Girl Be are not longer on board;( You can feel, and see the “DIFFERENCE”. Regardless of some minor mishaps, at the end of the day our community has to keep events like this alive. There’s a new generation that still needs platforms like this to represent, and come together to exchange new ideas. Money or no money true activists will continue to hold it down. I was happy to see some new talent brewing. Electro Funky Flowz baby! I’m diggn’ it!!! We missed our crews from the past B-Girl Be’s specially MELISSA, MARTHA COOPER, NIKA, ARUNA, VENDETTA, ASIA1, LADY CHAMP, MARTHA DIAZ, FAITH47, LADY PINK, QA, FEVER, SHIRO, SILOETTE, and PHEM9. We rocked it ONE LAST TIME, but It wasn’t the same without ya!!! To all the new folks who came thru to represent PROPS! Our hommie Big Tara did great! Motel7, Annie Up, PANDORA wow you blew me away w/ your skillz! DJ Chela, Eternia, Lori from Female Sneaker Fiend, Amanda Lopez w/ the Photo skillz, and many many more…I gotta get folks names right. Shout out to the ladies who had our back during the trip; MELISSA for organizing all the DOPE ladies to represent! AUTUMN for hooking us up w/ the goodies, and T-ROSE for being a wonderful host! THANK YOUUUUUU

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September 21st, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Hip Hop Culture,Hommies,Travel

Friday September 18th. Intermedia Arts walls at the Twin Cities, in Minniapolis MN. MISSION: Lock down your spot, gather your colors, and sketch in your piece!

B-Girl be-1

Glad I didn’t go crazy with a 20 foot piece like in years past. Wanted to experiment a little with some new designs, hang w/ the crew, and enjoy taking photos…

B-Girl be-2

JEN ONE! We repping NYC this year baby, ready to rock the walls, and hit that linolium

B-Girl be-3

Different sponsor this year…CLASH. Not bad, didn’t mind it. Came w/ good caps too…

B-Girl be-6

My B-Girl hommies 4life! Legend Rokafella, and BIG TARA! Stretching for the SHEro show…
Hip-Hop dancer/choreographer Ana “Rokafella” Garcia was born in Spanish Harlem where she grew up with a strong Latin background. At the age of 16 she began going to clubs and doing back-up dancing for freestyle singers on the local NYC party scene. Her hip-hop dance style became her bread and butter when she began street performing with such crews such as The Transformers, The Breeze Team, and the New York City Float Committee. Rokafella has taught workshops at NYU and Howard as well as neighborhood high schools and community centers. The non-profit company she co-founded with her husband, “Full Circle Prod”, serves the community with educational performances and multimedia urban-themed performances. She is presently producing a documentary based on the challenging lifestyles of female breakdancers featuring b-girls from all over the world. She believes this culture was born to help urban youth get through the ups and downs of life with something to hold on to.

B-Girl be-8

Motel7 from Noraway came thru to represent for the overseas artists…she’s a sweetheart!

B-Girl be-7

Leaving the finish for the BLOCK PARTY!!!

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September 21st, 2009 | Category: Events,Exhibitions,Hip Hop Culture,Travel,Younity

Back from Minniapolis! here’s a few flicks from the gallery exhibition entitled MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!

Friday 9.17.09

B-Girl be-4

Mama Said Knock U Out!, an upcoming gallery exhibition at Intermedia Arts, will showcase 28 female artists from around the world who use their visual voice to empower, inform and organize. These women are employing Hip Hop culture as a means of expression, connection, education and social and political activism globally.  This group exhibition will include work in video, photography, painting, sculpture, film, and textiles. Nationally recognized photographer and Huffington Post contributor Lauri Lyons (New York) will produce a commissioned installation in the main gallery as part of the exhibit.

B-Girl be-33

KNOW THYSELF – SOLD!!!:( Bummer I always feel sad when my stuff sells, I get so attached…

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September 15th, 2009 | Category: Community,Events,Hip Hop Culture,Urban Art Education,Younity

Heading to paint in Minniapolis! See ya’ll there…

Bgirl Be

B-Girl be-5


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R.I.P Patrick Swayze

September 14th, 2009 | Category: Day in the Life,Video

I can’t take it. Why are so many dope artists dying lately, what’s going on in the universe! I grew up on all his beautiful work;( No wonder I’ve turned into a hopeless romantic. God…and this song ahhhhh!

Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze.

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September 14th, 2009 | Category: Day in the Life

I had one of the most memorable b-day weeks ever. Something about this year in particular, because of all the changes going on has made it mad special. The moment is to be cherished! The sun, moon, and stars are flipping scripts, and there’s just no better way to deal with it then to flow with it. Can’t get all hung up, or you’ll miss it. I’m sooooo grateful to have a family who keeps me grounded, and friends who remind me to STAY TRUE. Gracias;) “It Takes a long time to grow young” – Pablo Picasso




Look at those genuine smiles I LIVE FOR THAT!


THE GO ON! It ain’t a party till you dance…


be merry…and…


pop some BUBBLY!



group shot_peeps

Thanks for the Flicks Oli, and Stacey! xoxo

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September 06th, 2009 | Category: Community,Events,Fashion,Graffiti / Street Art,Hommies,INKS,Younity

Yesterday’s Younity Art & Designer MARKIT was a sunny successs!!! From dope handmade goods, fresh artwork, designer T’s, to the valiadas and hot dogs on the grill by Father Tom and the parish crew. Our peeps came through and showed maaaaaaad LOVE! Dj Jedi, and Dj Disco Wiz killed it on the 1 & 2’s playing the best in Hip Hops classics and Freestyle. Bboyz, and BGirlz would of loved it. Ya def up in the mix next time without a doubt. Can’t wait!!! Got lot’s more stuff planned for Markit#2 The Lady of Sorrows parish is down for us, that’s why I love COMMUNITY. Real recognize real;) Bringing together fresh creative talent to our hoods one summer at a time. Look out for the HOLIDAY MARKET in the works for December. Thanks again everybody!!! * Especially Freddy & my Momz who came to town, & helped us make folding tables, paint rings, stuff little pillows, and pack the tiny smartcar w/ all our shit. Gotta LUV family, they’re down for you no matter what. Have a safe trip back to Florida!



Graff_jc_020 copy

Goodies for all…


My new Trinity rings were a success! I gotta make more they sold out;)


Thanks for the LUV GFC Peeps!

Graff_jc_072 copy

Circa 95, officially yours;) LUV YA! Pete, Rephstar, Patty Dukes, TF > Flick by Joe Conzo


DJ Jedi is the man!!! Hooked it up with the whole set up, the schoolyard was jammin. Big huggggggz to you for all your support hommie. See you soon for those METHODS catalogs.


INKS had some new goodies this year…NEON zebra print tank top styles, and houndstooth fabric pins so cute. Little NYC pillows sold out!


JUNKPRINTS > Check out that huge ass duffle. WHAT! this girl is NO JOKE. She’s is all about about it and we LOVE IT! Check her our soon on People Magazine. Congrats hommie!


GOODWOODNYC baby! Yeo Kerri’s new stuff is looking SICK!!! See for yourselves…


UNBELIVEABLE, there ain’t nobody on her steez, she is def ORIGINAL. Love it Kerri keep up the DOPENESS.


awwwwww it was so cute to see Psalmz from TWEAPONZ come through w/ his wifey and newborn baby boy. Your such a GREAT TALENTED DADDY!!! All the best to you and your fam;)


Destroy & Rebuild Collective > These fellas are all so talented. I can’t get enough. Shout out to 2esae, ski, and avone. Looking fwd to the collabo it’s gonna be illlllllll. Be sure to check out their set up up in Soho on prince near the apple store. They’re work is TOP NOTCH. I need my REVS & COST piece ya still got it?


624713 Collective > Grimy Patterns/graff + prints Art, T’s and much more. This crew is doing their thing, you can also visit their setup in soho. Lookout for Jenevieve713 in the FRESHER show OCT 3rd!


DOPE! I love art, especially when it’s from NY…


DJ DISCO WIZ came through to drop the skilllllllz. I think if there was a linoleum around i might have just thrown down even though I can’t break the music was so goooood. Thanks so much for sharing your time Wiz! Look out for his AWESOME book and bookstores worldwide IT’S JUST BEGUN. This is a LEGEND right here supporting YOUNITY;) Thank u!!!


TOUGH LOVE NYC cupcakes! too bad I don’t have a sweet tooth these look YUMMY!



STEPHANIE LAND > Photographs + Stationary. This lady’s images are so peaceful I love looking at them. I can’t wait to see her handmade Journal for the FRESHER exhibit!


FRESTHETIC > Our crew without a doubt! Repping amazing artists on T’s wood, and print. Check out their shop on 560 Grand St in Willy B, Brooklyn.


AM > Art, Knits, Pillows, Art and more! I’m in LOVE with your momz crochet earrings I want 3 more colors kid!


Sohnup> HIP HOPE FOR HEALING. Check out the organic steez…


Mina Suarez > Vintage purses, I’m so bummed I didn’t get the little wallet I liked. I was going broke shopping;(


La Araucana by Norma Bravo > Vee’s momma making some beautiful handmade knitted scarves, hats, and sweaters. Time to get cozy soon!


Ivette Urbanez > Handcrafted Dresses, Purses, and Silkscreened T’s. I love this pic!


Mr Tony Peralta chillin’ making plans for the next market. Joe Conzo was diggn’ it. Dimélo y que lo qué primo…


Thank you Father TOM!!!


Younity sporting the goods, new T’s gonna go up online soooon. Shout out to Yvey for hooking it up w/ father TOM on this dope schoolyard location. Especially helping to organize the DJ’s. Your a TROOPER kid! LUV YA;) Big hugz and kisses to miss Shana Louallen for holding down the Younity booth with her cuz and giving folks some Tarot Card readings. Your on the next FLYER!

Graff_jc_086 copy

Oh shit! Look who came thru to show the ladies love. Artists legend, graff head, b-boy, DOZE GREEN. It was great to see you!

Graff_jc_033 copy

Kicking off FRESHER 09 like no other baby! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE…yeah yeah OCTOBER 3rd >>> Lower East Side…


See you guys again soon THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!

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September 03rd, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

I’ve been so crazed lately I don’t know how I manage to keep it all in balance. My TRIPLE THREAT moves are in full effect this year, and it’s only the beginning ayayay! Live the moment. Check out these production pics from my METHODS peeps on the T’ collaboration that’s coming out soon!

Toofly Methods_web

I can’t wait to rock this T! I LOVE IT


The rest of the line is gonna look FRESHHHHHH. Thanks for the sneaky peak Serge;)

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Younity’s FRESHER flyer is finally COMPLETE!!!




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