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November 26th, 2012 | Category: Events,Exhibitions,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

Juxtapoz Magazine and Mixed Media Collective present “The Factory”
at Wynwood Cigar Factory
101 NW 24th Street, Miami, Florida 33127

Juxtapoz Magazine and Mixed Media Collective present “The Factory” at Wynwood Cigar Factory. The multifaceted, indoor/outdoor art compound will house a vast collection of artwork featuring prominent local and nationally recognized artists. Street Art favorites including 131, Abstrkt, Alex Yanes, Myla (of Dabs & Myla), DALeast, Evoca1, Faith47, Jose Mertz, Lebo, Tatiana Suarez, Toofly and others, will adorn the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Wynwood Cigar Factory’s 15,000 square foot combined area. Guests are invited to enjoy open format gallery viewings, live mural painting, complimentary Perrier sparkling mineral water provided by Societe Perrier, complimentary Chambord Vodka & Societe Perrier signature cocktails, complimentary Becks Beer, complimentary Steep City Tea tastings and suggested Wynwood Cigar pairings, The Paint Yard Miami Pop-Up Shop featuring Montana aerosol paints, Wynwood Cigar Factory Pop-Up Shop, the only official KidRobot Pop-Up Shop during Basel week and the 1st annual Basel Biergarten launching in the mural garden.

This unique space is primarily a fully functioning cigar factory. The indoor 5,000 square foot space will serve as the exhibition area for The Factory Art show and house pop-up shops for partners and sponsors. Among these, KidRobot will be carrying fan favorites such as MUNNYWORLD vinyl toys and other KidRobot branded products. Custom painted MUNNYWORLD characters created by several of the featured artists will be on display throughout the event. For those wanting to create their own MUNNY characters, KRINK markers will be available at pop-up shop. shop will not only carry paint markers but also will offer the only aerosol paint pop-up shop in Wynwood carrying Montana aerosol paint.

The property’s 10,000 square foot outdoor area, partially enclosed by over 300 feet of mural walls, will be buzzing with the sound of aerosol as some of the top names in the street art world bring the murals to life. Thursday-Sunday from 2pm-6pm guests can view murals being painted by local favorites 131, Abstrkt, Alex Yanes, Danny Cordero, Evoca1, Lebo and Remote will be creating custom pieces on the walls located on the west side of the outdoor space. Famed artists Faith 47 and DALeast also will be collaborating on the mural. On the east wall of the mural garden, the all-female street art collaborative known very well as “Few & Far” will be crafting up a new 120’x17’ piece which is sure to become a Wynwood favorite long after the events have passed. The nationally recognized group includes artists, Agana, Beth Emmerich, Erin Yoshi, Glow, Hops, Ksra, Meme, Myla (of Dabs & Myla), OneSevenNine, Reds, Tatiana Suarez and Toofly.

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Meeting of Styles Ecuador 2012!

Opening Launch Party ( vendors, performances, and more )
FRIDAY Nov 23 // $5 cover 12pm-5pm //Party 5pm-till
– Neural Industrias Creativas –
Av 6. de Diciembre y Av. Colon // Quito Ecuador

LIVE ART SATURDAY NOV 24th and 25th from 12pm- till
Av. Occidental y Rumiorco

DAY 2 Meeting of Styles Ecuador, 2012




DAY 1 Meeting of Styles Ecuador, 2012

This wall stretches for a good 10+ blocks!

This was a hard wall for me mainly because of the shaky $5 scaffold. There’s lot’s to fix, but Im getting a tall ladder next time! F that…

Collabo partners:)

Lot’s of talent n South America…

Shout out to Enaone for organzing the 1st ever Meeting of Styles in Ecuador event along with his crew, and moms!

Tag tee’s…

Peru is off the chain!

Latex paint, and Aerosol looks really goooooood!

Guayaquil represent.

Folks will be painting wall for days, it’s so huge it will need weeks and even months to complete. Quito has the best walls!!! They stretch for miles and miles…there’s nothing like this back home…crazy.

Dope weekend in the motherland, thank you MEETING OF STYLES!  Shout out to all the artists who pulled through, your work is amazing!!! Peru, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and more. I’ve been playing it low key for a while, mainly because I needed the rest but this was gooooood for the soul. Especially since I finally got a chance to meet a lot more women artists this time. We are excited to chat in 2013 about an all female event down the road. I think there’s no plan of return just yet NY! Having a lot fo fun here, there’s lot’s to do still, and my spirt feels freeeeeeeeeee:) Dipping in and out will continue, next stop Miami Art Basel! See ya there…


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November 21st, 2012 | Category: Art & Design,Graffiti / Street Art

Before heading back to my little mountain life I had a chance to rock a wall in NY for Rooftop Legends. I was so sad to buff my existing piece because it was one of my favorite works created last year. In life all things must come to an end, and with each scrape an each buff acceptance gets easier. Learning to let go is sooooo liberating! No longer holding on, and discovering what freedom really means. As I became unattached to the world that no longer served my souls purpose I began to discover a new world. My first piece, entitled “RETURN TO THE SUN” held a lot of spiritual meaning for me especially when I returned to my birth land, Ecuador. Since then the universe has been very clear on letting me know it’s time. Time to come full circle and give birth to the meaning of  “IX CHEL” It took me a while to understand why I paint what I paint, and what I am really trying to communicate with each drawing, painting, and mural. The work I do with women, and how through self love and self discovery you can expand your world and reach others genuinely. When I started to put the pieces together  I was in awe of it’s symbolic energy. I have always felt that there was something bigger than me that wanted to communicate, it’s just complicated to explain in the world we live in. Many will not understand, especially if they are not in tune with what is happening within them, and with the world around them. Especially with what is happening in our universe have ya’ll seen the sun!??? There was an explosion this year and our sun has a huge triangle on it! Looks like a gateway. Google that shit, Nasa don’t lie. None the less, crazy or not, I’m all about it. I feel it, and have been feeling there’s more to all of this and the signs have been there for years. I believe there is a powerful energy from our ancient worlds communicating, and we are it’s channels. Just gotta tune in…

Let there be light…

IXCHEL, Goddess of the Moon.
(Rooftop Legends) New Design H.S. Lower East Side NYC


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November 20th, 2012 | Category: Community,Events,Fashion,POP UP SHOPS

Success! LLP rocked it out this year. It was particularly special this time around because we worked really really hard to make the Holiday Pop-Up Shop kick off the holiday bigger, and better than ever. Our new location in the lower east side made all the difference. Thank you UNIVERSITY SETTLEMENT! We also had the most vendors this year, and the most interactive booths. From nail salon, to make-up on set, tarot card readings, live silkscreening, and the infamous LLP photobooth! It was also one of our biggest turnouts. Our little counter investment proves it! LOL…The LLP team wants to send a super warm and special thank you to everyone who joined us this year, and who made it all happen. Shout out to hommie Yevette Hidalgo who helped us gather items for folks affected by hurrican Sandy. Any little effort counts. From an amazing crop of creative vendors, to fly, and heart felt performers, to the foodie cooks who kept our energy going, our darling photographers, and to our special sponsor this year Vita Coco. We like to thank Allison at University Settlement for all the help in making this happen we look forward to building with you on future events:) To all our guests thank you for all the community support and for shopping handmade and local. It’s a little hard to fit all the wonderful pics we took this year so visit out LLP Facebook Page to see the rest. Allright ya’ll, in case you missed it here’s a re-cap of LLP HOLIDAY 2012!!!

We had some really dope vendors on board this year! Thank you everyone!

Jenny Kinns Cupcakes

Looking fwd to your pics thank you Sheena She!

A quick backdrop with scraps of spray paint. Whew!

Thank you Jasmine Solano!


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