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YOUNITY MARKIT! Re-Scheduled for: 9.5.09

August 28th, 2009 | Category: Community,Events,Younity

Rain caused us to shift the date folks. New DATE 9.5.09 Lot’s of Sunshine next weekend;)


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August 25th, 2009 | Category: Day in the Life,Family,Green Living,Travel

Took a short visit to Florida this weekend to visit my Familia before shit get’s hectic this fall. Happy my aunt Mimi, and Hector took us to this new spot called BLUE SPRINGS STATE PARK . It’s the shit!!! Their website does them no justice. If your ever in Orlando I recommend you check it out. You can BBQ, Snorkel, Canoe, Kayak, Camp, and swim in paradise.

Blue Springs-2

Damn this place is It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Wish MOM & Jenny came, but they had to work;( Working sucks!

Blue Springs-13

BLUE SPRINGS STATE PARK. The largest spring on the St. Johns River, Blue Spring is a designated Manatee Refuge and the winter home (mid-November through March) to a growing population of West Indian Manatees. For centuries, the spring area was home for Native Americans. In 1766 it was visited by Colonial American botanist John Bartram, but it wasn´t until 1856 that it was settled by Louis Thursby and his family. The Thursby house, built in 1872, remains standing. The spring´s crystal clear, 73 degree water can be enjoyed by swimmers, snorkelers, and certified scuba divers with a partner. Swimming or diving with the manatees is not permitted; this rule is strictly enforced. The river is popular for fishing, canoeing, and boating. The park has plenty of picnic areas and a hiking trail. For overnight stays, air-conditioned cabins, a full-facility campground, and primitive campsites are available.

Blue Springs-6

paradise one trip at a time…

Blue Springs-5

Took me a while to convince the rest of the fam to jump off this tree trunk, but they did it!

Blue Springs-7

no, si, bueno…little cuz, she’s so cute!

Blue Springs-10

I must say, I’m glad I did it but damit my arms hurt that night from rowing! No more canoe shit for me, maybe I’ll kayak next time?

Blue Springs-12

Spending time with family is priceless. Even though it was short it was hella sweet.


I MISS YOU FAMILY!!! Have a safe trip back to Ecuador PAPITO! Nos vemos en el winter;)

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August 25th, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Exhibitions,Hip Hop Culture,Travel

Heading to Minniapolis for the B-Girl Be 2009 Event September 17th-20th. Looking forward to chillax with my bgirlzzzzzzz, and get some more painting done, before the end of summmmmmmmmmer….


Intermedia Arts presents B-Girl Be 2009. A Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop
August 28-October 23, 2009

Mama Said Knock U Out!
Opening Reception: Friday, August 28,
6:00-9:00 p.m. with DJ Drea

Mama Said Knock U Out! an upcoming gallery exhibition at Intermedia Arts, will showcase 28 female artists from around the world who use their visual voice to empower, inform and organize. These women are employing hip-hop culture as a means of expression, connection, education and social and political activism globally. This group exhibition will include work in video, photography, painting, sculpture, film, and textiles. Nationally recognized photographer and Huffington Post contributor Lauri Lyons (New York) will produce a world premiere installation in Intermedia Arts’ main gallery as part of the exhibit.

Other artists featured in Mama Said Knock U Out! include: Abeni Garrett, Alice Mizrachi, Amanda Lopez, B Fresh, Catiesha Pierson, Chanel Kennebrew, C-Rocka, Corinne Santiago, Desdamona, Erotica67, Faith 47, Janelle Olson, Jennifer Rasinski, Jessica Kitzman, Katrina Knutson, Keegan Xavi, LadyKFever, Lauri Lyons, LICHIBAN, Monica Kelly, Motel 7, Niz, Sarah White, Shannon Joyce, Stef Skills, Tamiko Mitchel, Tiffany Smith, and TOOFLY.

Read more

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August 16th, 2009 | Category: Day in the Life,Video


August 10th, 2009 | Category: Graffiti / Street Art,Hommies,Younity

The YOUNITY Re-Fresh the Streets live street art collaboration is complete!!! I’m super tired. That wall took a lot out of me dammit! Working on a 15′ piece, going photo real was a bad move. What the hell was I thinking…I was wearing way too many hats this weekend;( From going, up and down the ladder, simutaneously working on the store front, talking to folks left & right, I’m surprised I didn’t just pass out on the sidewalk and screamed UNCLE!!! Bet no-one noticed. I think that’s why I’ve been tossing and turning all night this week, insomnia sucks. The perfectionist in me wouldn’t let me sleep. Anywayyyyy, had to vent. Super duper special shout out to our Younity Youth Jerely, and Talia who threw down with the can control. We are so proud;)  our Younity Crew Shana, Diana, Mama, and Samia for helping freestyle that store front. Jazzy jazz baby! I couldn’t have done it without ya. Especially Abeni Garrett for hooking up the video piece for this project I can;t wait to see it!!! Gracias MAMASITAS! Shout out to the owner of this entire spot, JERRY ( Official Hero Status! ) for being so humble and sweet with all us girls. Looking fwd to the Friday Jazz Jam sessions to close out the summer, SOUTHSIDE style. Mad love goes out to OUR people, the few left in this community who got smart in the 70-80’s and bought their property! This hood back then was one of NYC’s worst. Gentrifaction is inevitable, and we feel for you. THIS WALL IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RE-FRESH THE STREETS – YOUNITY Female Stylez, Ideaz, and Skillz!


Jazz Jam Sessions every FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Support your local peeps who do this for the love not for the money. Especially folks like Jerry who have held it down from day 1!

Younity Crew_sm

Day 1: PREP WALL. Younity Crew; Shana Louallen, Diana Mc Clure, TF, AM, & Younity Youth; Talia, Jeraline, Tati, and Charlie, and #1 mom Oli.  Thank You!


DAY 2: AIKO fresh start…weather was great!


EMA, and Sofia Maldonado


Tabasco your so cute!!!


My cuz, Chill Will stopped by for a sneeky peek…


Classic Charlie! Repping the Dominican flag I LOVE IT! Photo by: OLIVIA



Grow by Toofly

I need another day on it it, lot’s to fix…


VIK – You killed it girl! I LOVE IT;)


My hommie from wayyyy back H.S Fashion dayz, stopped by to show us some love. Gonna hit some trucks soon! Shana in the back doing Tarot Card readings for everyone. Good Times!


Our peoples, Jim and Kala Murray from their latest BOOK: Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York out now! taking professional flicks of our wall. THANK YOU!!!




So proud of our Younity Youth…give them a can and they FLY!


Freestyle skillz baby, off the dome…


Mama! Yeo thank you so much for the ladders and extra paint your BIG CITY WALLS HEART rocks!!!


AM going high with the sunflower seeeeeeeds…


My sister INKS came thru to rock some bird stencils…


JEN ONE work in progress…Fresher Logo in progress…We’re almost there ladies, SEND ME final flicks! It got too dark…


EROTICA 67 baby! I feel like going to Hawaii!


We were happy SHIRO got a chance to paint with us this summer while she visited us from Japan. Her flight was the next day and she banged this baby out in 1 day! Good job Shiro! We love youuuuuuu. See you next summer!

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August 06th, 2009 | Category: Community,Events,Graffiti / Street Art,Younity

Marie Claire Younity

Fresher Logo


(New York, NY) – On August 9, 2009 from 1 p.m.-6 p.m. the women of YOUNITY Arts will host RE-FRESH THE STREETS!, a live street art production to kick off the festivities for the upcoming FRESHER Exhibit in the fall of 2009. A massive sixty-two feet long mural will be painted on an outdoor wall space. Additionally, the art is an effort to beautify the community with graffiti art and street styles that mirror the eco-friendly theme of the FRESHER Exhibit. The collaborative effort will be the artistic event of the summer, displaying the flagrant artistic talent of the female collective and participating artistic youth.

As seen in Marie Claire’s summer 2009 August Calendar, Sponsored by the Motorola Sweepstakes.

Sunday, August 9th 2009
1pm to 6pm.
South 5th Street & Bedford
Take L train to Bedford.

please visit:

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