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Back in New York for our fourth Ladies Love Project Pop-Up Shop! Shout out to all our friends, family, and LLP supporters who came thru to show us some of that spring/summer love. Weather was lovely for hoola hoops, ice cream, and mini empanada snacks. Our vendors this year brought a bunch of new flavors to the table. As soon as I made dough I spent it right back with the LLP fam. They had such lovely goodies, check em out!

We were so happy Nitty Scott MC performed this year. She is amazing, and super lovely woman. Thank you so much for gracing us with the LLP event with your wonderful talent. The crew and community finally get’s to hear and see what a real female MC sounds like! We are so proud. Keeping Hip Hop alive and staying true:) Lot’s of love from the LLP crew and the Bronx community.

Love these! POW!

SISTARGIRL ROCKS!!! Had to cop one of her earrings. Super fly…

Patty Dukes reppin’ the Circa 95′ booth with uptown hats by The Peralta Project, and Made in the Bronx T’s by Joe Conzo.

Photographer, Joe Conzo stopped by to show us some love. Such a sweet spirit and loyal being. LOVE YOU JOE!!! Made in the Bronx. #legend

Homegirl and stylist Tanya Aviles stopped by to check out the new “Native Collection” for a special photoshoot this past weekend. Now available exclusively on my shop >>>  Thank you for the love ladies!!!

El Salonsito was in the house with special funky colorful artsy and cool nails!!! The ladies love it;) Happy to have her part of the LLP fam.


The Peralta Project was reppin’ for the fellas. Thanks for coming thru kid!

Good Wood NYC. #1 supporter of LLP since day 1. Thanks Kerri & team!

Fly ladies of LLP…

Great turn out. Great space. Thank you Circa 95!

((( LOVE ))))

Love these by Nais!

Ice Cream by Mikey Likes it! Yummy coco…mmmm….

Holla Hoops with PinkEye and Wonder Lee

Shout out to Samantha Morales for the lovely photos!!! Thanks girl. Samantha exhibited her photos at LLP this year too;) yay!

Ready for the performance! wooohooooo

Thank you Nitty Scott MC!!!

Dope event, thank you EVERYONE!!!!! Ladies Love Project 2012, Bronx NY. See you for HOLIDAY 2012. xoxo

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June 22nd, 2012 | Category: Art & Design,Community,Events,Graffiti / Street Art

Ready with the flicks! Sorry for the wait. Just got back from NYC. Check out some of my process shots and images gathered of year (((THREE))) of the Welling Court Street Art Project in Astoria Queens. It was my first piece during my three week trip to the rotten apple. Had a lot of fun working with the brick background, hanging with my BFF, and cousin Clef. Weather was sweet, and no distractions…Just ART. Thank you Adhoc and Wellingcourt team! Allison and Garrison you guys are great spirits and do wonderful work gathering us all every year. THANK YOU!!! QUEENS NY baby!

Big up to my cousin Richie aka Clef, aka Mista Drumin for helping me prep wall and taking flicks throughout the day. Team TOOFLY!

Shout out to my BFF and the little ones for hanging out with us on this lovely day…

Lunch Break. I haven’t had around the way chinese chicken & broccoli in 6 months! I had to sin…

On right hand side of wall: The Yok in process…

4 hours later and mango with hot sauce snacks. FINITO! Wellingcourt 2012. Astoria Queens NY.
To see more wonderful images taken on this event check these links out:, and

Let the Wellingcourt Block Party begin! Thanks to QueensBeat for the featured shot. “Community Love”

A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living” – Rudolf Steiner 



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NYC TRIP June 14th-July 9th

June 22nd, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life

Wasup New York!!!

I’m in town for a few weeks. Holla at your girl:

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June 12th, 2012 | Category: Art & Design,POP UP SHOPS,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

They’re here!!! so excited to share my new jewelry NATIVE COLLECTION with you guys. I had so much fun creating them. Handmade clay earrings painted delicately with colorful eye-popping native designs. 10 new styles to choose from with colorful hemp string details in ocean blue, juicy orange, and lime green. Available exclusively online >>> and at The Ladies Love Project Pop-Up Shop June 16th!


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June 04th, 2012 | Category: Art & Design

This past week I got a chance to rock a really fly logo for the 1st nations (Native) Bgirl from Edmonton, Alberta Canada named Miss Chief Rocka! Angela checked out my live work at Rocksteady back in 2006 and kept my card. I was happy she reached out to get an orignal hand style illustrated logo so she can start reppin’ her biz. Identity and company logo’s are so important for an entrepreneur, artist, and anyone looking to get a independent line going. I love it! Logos are fun to do. Check out the process and finished piece. Thanks again Angela:)

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Quito, Ecuador 2012 – A New Perspective

June 01st, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Green Living,Travel

Hello summer! Today is a special day, because it marks our 6 month plan of action into the motherland. We’ve learned so much about living life at a slower pace, eating healthier produce, and enjoying our time together. My homeland, Ecuador has a lot to offer. The cost of living here allows a peace of mind unlike any other. Time was a big issue for us back in the states. There was never enough of it to truly do what we wanted to do. Much of our time was spent working to pay ridiculous amount of bills. The cost of food, transport, and living expenses has gone up so much in the last 10 years that one just keeps taking it, and taking it like it’s ok. IT’S NOT! It’s wrong, and it exhausts the mind, body, and spirit. I was growing impatient with the illusion of being free at such a high cost on our lives. Carlos and I questioned our futures after watching documentaries like Garbage Warrior, and Food Inc. It inspired us to think hard, and reflect on how much time we were giving to an idea that is no longer in our best interest. No longer in line with our beliefs. I guess when you get to this age you start thinking about all this stuff, and then you begin to re-think your ideal “dream life”. Everyone has one. You know the one that (((YOU))) truly want. It took a good 2 years to plan this all out, but the idea to “GET FREE” totally worked! One of the dopest decisions we ever made together. We quit the city lifestyle, packed our bags, and bid our dearest and loving friends “see ya later” – No goodbyes. Lord knows I can’t live without them! They are a big part of my life. Our first dip away would be – A NYC BREAK. A chance to check out the greener side of the world, and get some perspective on the conversations we were having. All I gotta say now is…FREEDOM IS BLISS!!! These past few months have given us a lot of room to do what we enjoy the most. Especially travel and create. We finally got time to dream our “NEW DREAM” and without any distractions. We now have a whole new idea in our heads about how this is going down. It’s going to take some more work but at least we know exactly what we want to build towards from this point on. Here’s to a whole new chapter in the lives of TF and Los!


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