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IN TOO DEEP by Toofly

August 18th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...


August 07th, 2013 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

This past weekend I took a trip to the post office in the city, and found out that the MTN Ecuador Spray Paint launch was only 3 blocks away! It turns out that MTN will now be sold officially in Ecuador in various paint shops. I made that u-turn to check out what the event was all about, and ended up painting for 5hrs! I had no sketch, no camera, just 12 cans of the last colors that remained provided by MTN. I went for it with the classic TF warrior character steez. Shout out to my ecua hommies who helped lock down a wall for me; Sapin, Belu Loops, Dennis from Mugre Sur, Sudamerica peeps, and Blooky. I’m finally putting all the faces and names together to navigate the scene down here. √ā¬†It’s taken me a while but little by little I’ll be able to build with everyone to try and organize something DOPE. Till then the “Guerillera de Amor” is on the scene, painting and making friends <3

Toofly MTN Ecuador-1
Foto: Daniel Kuntur – Shout out to Vera for letting me use her bike to reach up! Shorty rocks gotta find a way…

MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento 2013

Toofly Maria Ecuador
Foto: Maria – When we figure out how to rock this women’s production, paint sponsorship, and location we will gather the gfraffiteras so look out!
Toofly MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento 2013
Foto: Andr√ɬ©s “Sap√ɬ≠n” Ram√ɬ≠rez – Amigo querido on the scene since we met in 2005!:)

Toofly MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento
Foto: Rmnoby – Hommie from Guayaquil in chats about a wall in the near future. Cool pic:)

Steep Ecuador MTN

Steep! – I’m a big √ā¬†fan of his work! When I waited for a wall to come thru I watched him paint with latex and spray . Amazeballs!
TNAZ Mtn ecuador

T-NAZ – Otavalo – Sweet guy! + very talented with the indigenous portraits of his people. We’re in chats about a possible wall in Otavalo in the next few months. One of my favorite artisan towns!
MTN Ecuador Carlos Pereida
Blooky – Hommie who lived in Italy for a while, and now is back in the country. Helped lock down wall. Gracias amigo!
MTN Ecuador Quito
Quito ladies by “El Rojo” piece. An artist in town from spain, Dope detail!√ā¬†

Lanzamiento MTN Ecuador
Thanks for the paint! thanks for the interviews!:)

MTN Ecuador Quito 2013

Gracias a Carlos Pereira y el crew de MTN Ecuador! Big ups to the graffiti and street artists who participated in the event. Lot’s of talent here, and now that the paint is officially here and in almost all paint shops we can take our work to the next level!!! It’s a perfect time to be in Ecuador:)

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