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April 28th, 2010 | Category: Community,Events,Younity


We got yo’ pop-up shop!

Come join Younity and friends for some hip-hop style community building.

Fostering local economies for urban artrepreneurs with a conscious mindset,

it’s time for Younity’s 2nd annual Urban Arts Markit!

One-of-a-Kind -Limited Editions – Hand Crafted – Flavor

Curated by the infamous Toofly, and homegirl Yvey Hidalgo this open air markit pays homage to market life around the globe as a staple of community life and celebration where makers, fans, and collectors come to shop and mingle – 2010 style. Featuring live DJ sets, live painting, break dancers, vendors, Hondurian Valiadas, Empanadas, & American hot dogs, in the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side…

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The busy bee season is kicking in! I hope I make it, specially now that I have like no time:( This past weekend I had an opportunity to rock a little 5min video with the FRIENDS WE LOVE youth team attending the New Design H.S aka Seward Park H.S. They did so great! The weather was sweet, the kids rocked the interview, and I got a chance to do paint a little something something. It’s days like this that make me confident the next generation will be alright. Especially with folks who take the time to give back to their communities. Love you guys! THANK YOU:)

Rootop Legends_toofly2

When we were all done, I got a chance to walk around and scope out this place. WOW. This rooftop is an artist heaven…


The size of this place is crazy!!! I couldn’t wait to come back and spend an entire day re-doing my quick little throwie…

Rooftop Legends_Toofly

Voila! Not done yet but it’s getting there. Spent a whole afternoon completely zoned out on this piece and it felt great! I haven’t painted in solo mode in years. It was bliss, and definitely something I need to do more often. Yay! painting season has officially begun folks. Shout out to everyone who’s doing a killer job up there; WANE, BOUNCE, TRIXER, CERN, CECE, ERIN YOSHI, and MARTHALICIA. It was so good to see you guys.  Last but not least the man behind this dope place; Jessie Pais, your the man! It’s people like you who make a huge difference in all our lives. Thank you for helping to carve out a little piece of this city for all of us to enjoy. As you can see I’m really excited about this whole thing, and even more so now that their third annual event is coming up. Mark your calendars! Saturday May 8th ROOFTOP LEGENDS opens it’s doors to the public. You don’t want to miss it. Info below…

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April 22nd, 2010 | Category: Art & Design,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

SooOOoooooo EXCITED!!! The TOOFLY X UPPER PLAYGROUND Capsule Collection has finally been released.  The t-shirts look great! I can’t wait to rock em’. Check out the close ups of the illustrations below. I was on some new zone when I created these pieces a year ago. Time did not exist. All I wanted to do was express a energy flow that was coming from some amazing place you can’t even see but just feel.  Yeah…it’s some energy quantum physics shit. Consciousness and Pink Floyd are a great mix for an afternoon of art & design:) ENJOY!


BRAVE SOULS ILLUMINATE by Toofly. An Upper Playground X Toofly Collaboration.

Toofly Upper Playground Collection_web

Shout out to Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee from Mama Clothing and M.I.S.S Crew for hooking up the project:)








Brave Souls Illuminate

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April 20th, 2010 | Category: Day in the Life,Family

As time passes I realize more and more what is truly taking priority. All I want to do is celebrate those closest to me, enjoy this new found peace, and put everything else on the side. This week I took my love out for his birthday. We set it off at his favorite restaurant in the east village called GYU-KAKU. One of the most delicious Japanese BBQ spots I’ve ever been to. Damn that food was good!!! we recommend it 100% Go for the Kobe, Kim-Chee Sukiyaki Bibimbap rice , and the Eryngi mushrooms OMG YUM! Throw in a little desert while your at it, and pop some bubbly. The bill will be off the roof but it will be worth it;) Great spot…




Appetizer…Samon in hot oil with ginger and scallions…


Grill it up! This is the fun part, just sizzle your Kobe and your veggies and your good to go…


I love my Kym-Chee rice. especially when it’s medium spicey! I’m getting hungry just staring at this photo…


“Barrigita llena corazon contento”, as my grandma would say. Home sweet home time…


This year we will have many celebrations in our family. Everything from anniversary’s, milestone birthdays, and babies. We are moving into a whole new direction and it feels really really good and right on time. I love you babe!!!

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April 20th, 2010 | Category: Community,Events,Exhibitions,Graffiti / Street Art

5Pointz Fundraiser tomorrow! Gonna support our hommie MERES in the auction of works by various artists to raise funds for our beloved factory. The space is in heavy need of wall fixing, ladders, and supplies to continue it’s efforts in organizing colorful works of urban art throughout the building.

5Pointz Fundraiser

April 21, 2010 // 7-10PM

Session 73:  on 1st ave & 73rd Street // 6 Train to 68th St/Hunter College


5 Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burnin’ or the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” where aerosol artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building.The complex owned by Long Island developer Gerald Wolkoff houses the Crane Street Studios in which 200 artists pay below market rents for studio space. 


In 2002 Jonathan Cohen, a graffiti artist operating under the name “Meres” began curating the work. If he is not familiar with an artist, Cohen will ask for a sample of their work; if it is a mural, he will ask for a layout as well. The name 5Pointz signifies the five boroughs coming together as one but, because of its reputation as an epicenter of the graffiti scene, the industrial complex has actually united aerosol artists from across the world. Legendary writers from Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and all over the United States have painted on the building walls.


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April 10th, 2010 | Category: Events,Hip Hop Culture


Celebrates Women in Hip-Hop

Join the lovely and talented Ms. Dee Vazquez, as we celebrate these fabulous Women in Hip-Hop: Aleesha Smalls, Karen Civil, TOOFLY and Martha Diaz.
with special co-host DEE VAZQUEZ (Sirius XM Radio/Hot 97/FUSE)

Wednesday April 14th, 2010 / 7:00 – 9:00pm

Nightingale Lounge
213 2nd Avenue  (at 13th Street)
Music By: DJ Profile
Get ready to network! Yvey’s ready…
Got my little fireplace set up. Simple & Classy…
Shout to Shana for hooking it up! Thanks kid;)
People love to go to events to catch up and see their hommies….
Got a sweet tooth! Well then you would have loved these butterlicious cupcakes…they sure smelled yummy.
Shayna D and her homegirls coming through to rock the NYC DIVA LOUNGE. The event was cohosted by Sirius’s Dee Vazquez, and featured guests media professionals in a laid-back industry lounge atmosphere. With DJ Profile on the tables, the ladies were be sippin’ on bub and making it rain business cards! Thanks SHAYNA D! Next Stop: ATLANTA Look out.
Place filled up quick and everyone was ready to mingle…
Peeps came thru to support, thanks ladies!
Martha Diaz ( Hip Hop Association, Toofly ( Artist/Designer) , Shayna D ( Sirius XM Radio) , Karen Civil, Ms Dee Vaskquez,( TV/Radio Personality ) Aleesha Smalls (Rocawear/Roc Nation)
The Diva Lounge is a monthly New York City-based networking event designed to connect female taste-makers as well as introduce them to premium lifestyle brands. The Diva Lounge’s existing network consists of women from all backgrounds and industries who are as professional and progressive as they are influential.   Founded and hosted by Sirius XM Radio personality Shayna D, this event provides attendees the unique opportunity to strengthen rolodexes and resources with like-minded women in and out of their respected fields. An organic environment conducive to such networking is created as attendees are introduced to the premium product of Diva Lounge brand partners. Our goal here is to produce an enriching, empowering and entertaining experience for the woman of today so she’s even better tomorrow.  Events are currently being held in New York City, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

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April 07th, 2010 | Category: Community,Events,Fashion

I’m a little late with the TOY STREET flicks, sorry tweepz! ( Twitter Friends ) Just got back from a beautiful chillaxing passover weekend with my querida familia in sunny Florida. Feeling goooOOOoood and happy it’s finally SPRING! The weather is sweet and the afternoon walks are a sure sign that it’s gonna be a smooth summer…


TOY STREET – SOHO SPRING 2010 ( Good Wood Custom Pins )
Shout out to The Cookies & Cream team for putting on a well organized event;)  A mix of toy designers, artists, toy shops, and loud ass rock bands. Looking fwd to next year!


Ready to hit some books… ( photo by IHCS’ )


and sell some goodies…


Hommie right here, the lovely Yvey rock’n a pose with Tina G’s Paper Soul collage books…


Shout out to the corona peeps who came through to show me this CLASSIC>>>1993 blackbook I did back in the dayz. WOW I couldn’t believe it, that made my day…gucci chain and all…Crazy… THANK YOU!!! ( memory lane )


Good to finally meet Marka27 in person and his lovely wife Liza and daughter.


Good peoples right here…looking fwd to my design for his Buddy Series 2 look out!


Shout out to CARD HACKS from THE ART HUSTLE for stopping by to show me how my own artist trading card looks! Thank You!!! Website coming soon…


Frankie and Masahiro and the infamous Pugzees…Shout out to Dave Cortez who broke out before I can say hey Dave! lol…


Check out Masahiro Ito’s custom toys. I think I def need to get my own little graff girl / b-girl characters done..what do ya’ll think?


Gotta make time for tweets, and twitpics…


Finally own my own Destroy Rebuild piece…I gotta work up to one of the bigger ones though. Thanks fellas!


our peeps Circa95 Patty Dukes & Rephstar holding it down with their vintage toy collection…


If I collect anything it’s mini things, I want this guy!


Ladies holding it down; Baby Girl from Shinobi Ninja , Patty Dukes, Mary Paper$, & Toofly


Shout out to 1 HUNDRED B! Lower East Side Graffiti shop….I’ll be stopping by soon guys! ( Photo by:


DJ Jon Blak on the 1 & 2’s played some good tunes! I gotta make it to your parties, I’ve been missing out…


Shinobi Ninja Closing out the night…HOLY LOUDNESS! lol…. ( Photo by:


It’s a wrap! I gotta get on a plane in a few hours. Shout out to TINA G from PAPER SOUL for holding down the TF booth thanks giiiiiiirl!

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