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Detonarte Mompiche 2019

Mompiche Ecuador 2019! What a dope little road trip to paint, and vacay in August. It’s been a creative month here in Quito ( Arts Month ) There’s a lot happening, especially with creatives from the urban arts community. Regardless of the country’s shitty economy, artists don’t stop. We keep it alive! @Detonarte_ec was independently funded this year due to lack of funds in the arts sector in Ecuador. It makes it hard on artists because it is how we make a living. With a little free time and a few extra bucks a few of us were able to pull thru to rep’ on this important mission. 12 local / international artists, a lot of acrylic paint, and limited color palettes went far this time. We received 10 cans of spray paint ( sad face ) by local paint sponsor @Evans ///  If you planned your piece ahead of time, threw in a few extra cans of your own it worked out. That’s how we did it ya’ll. For the love of NATURE! This year Luiz Auz founder, and curator of Detonarte with the help of locals the event launched. Shout out to Santiago, and friends from @SavetheParadise @SecretGardenMompiche and locals in Mompiche. The municipio helped a bit too, I guess 2 canecas of paint is something? Smh. They set up a stage for a performance that started way too late for anyone to care. All it did was create fights with locals who felt they would lose business. All those people get no props they have no clue what they are doing. It truly takes a village in these parts of the world and unless your on board with some serious care you can suck it. At the end of the day all the love goes to the folks who recognize the value of art, and culture as a tool for social / environmental change. Various eco-hostels hosted many of the artists and crew – thank you! We had healthy organic food, and seafood at different locations that volunteered to feed us – thank you! There was plenty of clean water to refill our water bottles so that we do not cause any more plastic waste – Thank you conscious artists! Our mission: 3 Days to create beautiful murals that inspire, and bring attention to the importance of protecting nature. To take care of it’s plant life, wildlife, oceans, rivers, mangroves, beaches, and rain forests. Thank you Detonarte, and Mompiche for taking this important step in the country we hope the goverment and local mayors of the coast take notes!

Mompiche Beach 12

As a traveling artist I make sure to take the extra time to explore + learn enough in a short stay to report back. Babe and I made it to Mompiche a few days before festival and the 12 hrs was worth it. A roadtrip here is hard by bus, I recommend getting there directly by car next time. It is probably why this beach is still so pretty compared to the rest on the coast of Ecuador. We got a chance to trek and check out Playa Negra ( Black Beach ) as well as enjoy a nice stroll thru the countryside. Next time we gotta make it to Portete!

Mompiche Beach 13

Shout out to Morongo for the lovely airbnb stay. Bamboo eco-hostals are the best at the beach. One of the best beach views thus far on my travels. Loooooved it.

Mompiche Beach 9

Mompiche Pueblo 7

Mompiche Playa Negra 2
My rock. Babe is my personal everythang! 23yrs in enjoying life and growing happy together. Happy Anniversary boo boo!

Mompiche Playa Negra 3


DAY 1 — Artist Trek thru @savetheparadise  // help these wonderful environmentalists save the rainforest in Mompiche. They are cutting down hundred year old trees, and endangering wildlife for palm oil farms and corn oil farms. Stop supporting products with chemicals that affect these environments and nature in general. We all have work to do, and every little bit of change you can do in your life helps. For more information about the project visit their website. You can donate here —>


Artists for environmental changes! Get educated, stand for a cause you believe in and make the changes necessary to fight the greedy monsters messing up our planet! You know who they are, just look at the back of the labels. If it’s not natural it’s no bueno.

Detonarte Festival2

Detonarte TF6

Detonarte Festival4


Mompiche Beach 6

Mompiche Pueblo 6








Huesos de Buda

Toofly Mompiche 2019-4

Toofly Mompiche 2019

“Proteje La Naturaleza” ( Protect Nature ) It’s beautiful, it gives and gives, do not hurt her, or try to destroy her. She deserves to thrive and live in harmony with humans. In all honesty she does not need us, we need her to survive and live on this planet a bit longer. There is no planet B!

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April 25th, 2015 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art,Green Living

I’ve been building with some really awesome peoples here in Quito. The talent is great, and many of them have been on the grind for years with the city to try and make some dope shit happen. Their ideas are finally coming into full fruition, and with each event it keeps getting tighter. They are taking over more, and more public spaces + organizing events that push the boundaries of what has been done before. It’s nice to see it all unfold. I am used to checking out some really cool stuff in NY all the time, but now that I’m here in the mothaland I feel proud! Shout out to Vera and Alm Crew for the opportunity to join them on their latest project #PROYECTOESPORA in collaboration with one of the coolest design studios in Quito; TORNO CO.LAB.

lab eventTorno Co

Proyecto Espora

The project came about because as a community they felt the need to come up with solutions to a theft and garbage problem they were having in their barrio. They connected with their neighbors and shop locals to propose a street project that can help them, as well as other barrios with issues in a creative way. Kids, and grown ups drilled, gardened, painted, and prepared for a day of creative justice. The street artists took the “Vigilante” theme throughout their pieces to let thieves know this area will now be looked out after by everyone and they have no more business there. The area was dark so extra street lights were installed. Large garbage containers were built and some have a creative twists so kids have fun throwing away their candy wrappers and plastic bottles after school. Educating the public is a day to day process here still. There are no street lights, and garbage cans on every single street corner like there is in NY. Quito is still a developing city. Barrios are left to handle theirs, and this is a creative example of that.
Torno CO Lab

Urban Gradening

Torno Co Lab

Torno Co Lab Space

Alm Crew Vera 2

VERA 2015

Alm Crew-3

Mr. PAINT! mixing paint:)

Alm Crew-2



Toofly Ecuador 19
I got an opportunity to rock one of my favorite illustrations “MAS AMOR” near a funky little tree where the leaves added to the design of the piece, especially when the sun went down. The shade created a beautiful pattern design. These days any chance I have to paint near plants, trees, or nature is a big +!

Toofly Torno Co Lab Process

Toofly Ecuador Process

Toofly Street Shot

Toofly Street Art Ecuador 3

Toofly Street Art Ecuador 1

“MAS AMOR” 2015 by TOOFLY, Quito Ecuador
Toofly Ecuador 5

Toofly Torno Co Lab 2


Ancestrial Ceremony 1


As the evening arrived there was a special video launch planned to close out the day’s event. Ecuador has strong ancestral roots and with the guidance of a native shaman we gathered in a circle for a personal, and neighborhood cleansing. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was my first one. I’ve been meaning to go to some but never got the chance. As I joined the circle by Vera’s invitation I giggled at first but then realized something amazing. I had arrived!  That feeling you get when it allllllllllll makes sense. It lasts a few seconds but your like oh shit! The connection to the land, art, friends, community, and all I love reminded me why I had returned to my very first home. It felt good…and I’m still processing it…Ancestrial Ceremony 2

Ancestrial Ceremony 3

It was then time to start, and end the late night show. Mixed media artists, dancers, and musicians set the tone for a mapping video projection at one of the big big walls. There was a lot of blank space for a reason. As the lights came on the projection started, and beautiful animated graphics took over the blank space along side the black and white line art illustrations. A collaboration effort by the ALM CREW that has been in the works for weeks. It was a sight to see! As the mural came to life I wondered, has this been done in Quito before?  Felt like a whole new level to street art was in the making. Elders, kids, and young people “ahhhed” and “oohed” and clapped as the show came to an end. For a minute I thought I could be in Dumbo Brooklyn or something. This was great!!!

Torno Co Lab

Torno Co Lab 1

Torno Co Lab 2

Torno Co Lab 3

Torno Co Lab 10

Torno o Lab 7

Big thanks to all and everyone who made this event happen. Much continued success, and looking forward to more.

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Tulum Art Project 1

Before I took off to Cancun I reached out to the folks at the Tulum Art Project. I had been following the event on Facebook from flicks posted by street artist Spaik. As our movement keeps growing, so do the destinations. More, and more “arte urbano” events are popping up in different countries that have vibrant cultures and communities. It’s no longer just a city thing. It’s an exciting time to paint and travel, and I am allllllllll about it. I had a gig in New York after New Years and figured heck, I don’t want to be in the cold! Mexico is just a few hours away and less than $300 to get there. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get confirmation to paint but I trusted the stars. If it was meant to be for me to paint it will work itself out.

Zamas Hotel graphic

On my last week in Mexico I received confirmation that there was a wall available, and a lovely place for me to stay called Zamas Hotel. I was siked! I had missed the original December launch dates but Susan, lead organizer of the project worked it all out.

Toofly Sketch Tulum Art project

First day in I sat by the beach and worked on my sketch. I gave thanks to the sun as it went down…It felt really good to be in tune with everything my heart had desired…Zamas Hotel - Palm Trees

Good morning! Ready to paint and chillax for the next 3-4 days…

Zamas Hotel breakfgast

Zamas Hotel Beach 1

Because much of my life’s work is about women, and women empowerment, Susan was on the mission to find the perfect wall. She connected me to Sirena’s; an all women’s hostel, art, and gallery. Right across the street from the bus terminal on Tulum Ave. For the ladies that travel solo, or in a group and want to feel a little safer, this is the spot. Susan has been building with locals in the community for over 20 years and has seen Tulum grow daily. Now there’s bohemian shops, and quaint restaurants that make this community a must-go-to for vacation. Especially with the ruins and beautiful beaches near by. The hope is that the locals try their best to keep their homes, and businesses so that all are in harmony, and there is no fear of the being pushed out of their barrios.

Sirenas Hostel

Sirenas Hostel Tulum Mexico

Sirenas Hostel Gallery

Sirenas Hostel Beers

I had three days to enjoy this little town, and a big rooftop wall to rock. The young mexican ladies at the hostel were very sweet and accommodating on my short painting schedule. Especially Betsy and traveling buds who helped out, made spaghetti, and took process flicks.Wall Sirenas

Let the transformation begin…

wall process

Toofly Tulum Art Project-1

Toofly wip tulum

Toofly Tulum Art Project - 3

Toofly Tulum Art project - 2

Toofly Tulum Art Project - 7

Toofly Tulum Art Project-4

SIRENA DEL MAR Y SOL – Tulum Mexico, 2015

Toofly Tulum Art project - 6

Betsy Sirenas Hostel Tulum

“Sirenas” the singers of this lovely life. Half woman, half birds. Like warrior women they express their beauty and freedom with creativity. This is for all my linda amigas and the colorful mayan women of Mexico <3

Toofly Tulum Art Project - 9

Toofly Tulum Art Project - 8

Toofly Tulum Art Project - 10

Zamas Hotel beach

Check out all the beautiful photos of the Zamas Hotel —>

Shrimp tacos

These had to be the most amazing shrimp tacos I have ever had! WOW delicious…big ups to the chef!

palm tree chillax

I was pretty tired from wall so I didn’t get to walk around much down Tulum Ave or the boho little town near hotel. There and so many cute shops and restaurants. I am most definitely going to return…

Zamas Hotel Sunsets

I want to send my 100th thanks to Susan and her staff at Zamas. The stay was super duper pleasant. Waking up to the swinging palm tree breeze, chillax sessions on the hammock, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner overlooking the beach will be moments to treasure. Gracias to the stars that aligned, and all the good vibes, and love that came with it. Even the fat bruise I got on my leg when I crashed the bike into a tree on my way back from wall. It was a long day, and I was really tired:( Luckily it wasn’t too bad. I flew off the bike like a CHAMP! Yeah baby…it’s gonna be a SUPA DUPA FLY year, warrior bruises and all.

bike strollz

Zamas Hotel beach 4

Till next time Tulum Mexxxxxxico! You are a lovely place with beautiful people <3

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January 26th, 2015 | Category: Day in the Life,Green Living,Travel

Toofly Cancun

Stuck in Cancun, Mexico for a few more days and that is totally okay because I am not looking forward to the blizzard in New York one bit! It’s also good because I am back in chillax mode after #TulumArtProject wall and can rock this blog post in peace. To set off 2015 I decided to take a little vacation to my favorite beach destination, paint, draw, get a tan, visit ruins, eat lot’s of tamales, tortillas, tacos, elotes, sopes, and all the yummy mexican food I can squeeze into my travel budget. I recently discovered champurrado at the local mercado and I can’t get enough!!! What a delicious drink hot or cold. Discovering the local “spots” is such a treat!

delfines beach

TF beach time

Delfines Beach Cancun

Eat Beach Sleep and Draw

Traveling to the Yucatan part of Mexico during January is perfect. The weather is sweet, and not terribly hot like other months. There’s a nice breeze throughout the day and it feels really good when your out all day visiting the ruins or catching a beach sunset. Last time I visited in 2011 I did not get a chance to visit Chichen Itza so I made sure to go this time. One of the 7 wonders of the world is not to be missed! – These ruins are the largest of Mayan sites in Mexico. Just 3-4hrs by bus from Cancun with a must stop in this lovely town of Valladolid. I did not get a chance to stay here long but I saw some really beautiful artisan shops, and restaurants with high ceilings with colonial style decor. Beautiful!

Toofly Chichen Itza

Once at the ruins you make your rounds trying your best to dodge the hundreds of tourists to get a good shot of the pyramids. It’s a bummer that you can no longer climb them, and that there are so many people there. Also didn’t dig that there are so many vendors who all sell and make the same stuff. Beautiful, but over saturated. It kind of kills the whole moment. Where are the handcrafted works uniquely created by true craftsmen? Why do they all make the same stuff? Anyway it must be a tourist thing, I guess to accommodate the gringo consumerism for cheap “regalitos” When I finally found a quiet place to sit, and the crowds went far from sight ( following the tour guides like sheep ) I took the time to appreciate the site a little more. Most of the stone monuments had well detailed illustrations carved out on the wall. Mostly the underworld of snakes, and skulls. Trying to imagine this kind of world existed years and years ago is a trip. I can’t get around the chopping off heads for sacrifice and all that? I gotta read up on it some more…

Chichen Itza Lunch

Shout out to Silvia from New Zealand for meeting up and hanging out <3 Hope we meet again in our travelz…






Chichen Itza Strollz




My first 2 weeks in Cancun was nice. Made sure to get my Delfines beach on and my ruins trip in. There is not much else to do in Cancun. The hotel life here is stagnant. There is just too many tourists and it’s a little pricey but I got a great deal at a hostel I couldn’t pass up especially since I was gonna be here for a whole month! Glad I was only 45 minutes away from Playa Del Carmen because when it was time to visit my amiga linda I packed up and took the $3 van there. My homegirl Fransiska and her daughter Mika hosted me for a quick minute before it was time to head to Tulum. We haven’t seen each other in many many years. Catching up was super nice, and learning new things we had each discovered in our life journey was fresh. We shared stories of our move away from New York City and how so much of the same things helped us make that decision. Beach life for the girls is a whole new life, and a healthier one. I am happy for my friend and her daughter <3 If that mangu crave, or uptown flava kicks in she’s only a few hours and dollars away from it all:)  But wow who can ever give up that local MAMEY!!! hahahhaha I so need to find this fruit in Ecuador. What a delicious fruit! It’s like flang in a fruit or something like it. DELICIOUS. Thank you for hosting me my sweet friend, and introducing to your neighborhood peeps. Get that solar power boombox and transmit that Iska.World.101 jump off!

Play del Carmen Peeps Time

As my trip came to a close I got wonderful news from the folks at the Tulum Art Project. I was confirmed to paint a wall! – After my happy dance I packed my bags up again and was off to Tulum another 45 minutes away—> read more about out in on the TULUM ART PROJECT 2015 POST.



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ABUSA (Chile) X TOOFLY (Nyc) 2014

March 24th, 2014 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art,Green Living

Hellllllllllo spring! The day everyone waits for has arrived. Back in the states winter is finally over, and the rainy season in Ecuador is coming to a close. I prefer rain so much more than snow these days, even though the cloudy rainy season here is a bummer too. You stay indoors most of the time and wait for the sun to peek out every other day. Luckily it’s completely bearable, and we can paint all year round. This month has been especially fun. The Abusa Crew from Chile has arrived in Ecuador!!! My first official guests 🙂 Hosting them has been a pleasure. Anis, and Wend are lovely women, super talented, and vegetarians. I’m energized by all the delicious, healthy meals we have been making together. The girls and I  met back in Peru in 2013. We instantly connected because they were on a whole other frequency + I fell in love love love with their mandala work. It was just a matter of time until we got together again to collaborate and do pieces that mean a lot to us. This past weekend we got invited to a paint jam entitled; ” Pardedes de Escritores Salvajes #2″ organized by our friend Enaone. The wall was ready to paint on March 21st, which marked the first day of spring! An important date in this part of the world known as “Inti Raymi” in quechua language.  It is a ceremony that was celebrated the Incas to honor the resurrection of the sun across in the andean valleys of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. When the girls and I were coming up with a design we didn’t even realize that the image unfolded in celebration of  this wonderful tradition. Whatever pulled me back to my birth land continues to inspire me. It feels super good, like super food, to learn that the people of our land celebrate “nature” as the highest power. This makes way much more sense to my heart. Let nature, sunshine, love, dope women, traveling, friendships, and good energy all around RULE!!!

Abusa Toofly 2014-3Laura Flicks

Photo © Laura Cardona

Toofly Mavisu

Abusa Toofly Mavisu

Anis Abusa Mavisu
Photos © Mavizu


Gracias por las fotos Eli de Viscerarte Revista de Arte Urbano.

Painting ABusa

Abusa Toofly 2014-2

Quito Peeps March

PAREDES DE ESCRITORES SALVAJE #2 ( Quito Norte ) Subiendo la Ave. Occidental. Por la Legarda – Gracias Enaone!

Ecuador Graffiti

Jason Sapito

Jason from Atuntaqui came thru to rock his “cool sapito”

Paint Jam Quito
Lola Tattoo from Peru also made an appearance. Gonna hang this week and have a beer and maybe get a tat!

Ecuador Dog
Photo © Luis C. Aguilar

Graffiti Quito Piece

Dogs CHilln
Photo © Laura Cardona

Photo bomb with Laura

Photo bomb with Laura 🙂 Gracias por la fotitos!
Paredes De Escritores Salvajes
Photo © Luis C. Aguilar

Abusa Crew Chile

Abusa Chile Toofly Ecuador

FINITO! – Abusa (Chile) X Toofly (USA) Quito, Ecuador 2014

Toofly Ecuador 2014
Photo © Luis C. Aguilar
Abusa Toofly 2014 Wall
It’s officially 2 years of living in the land of the sun and I love it!!!


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Happy to be heading back to California this year. It’s been a minute! This year I will be working with an amazing woman, friend, artist Favianna Rodriguez. We met a few years ago in NY when she was showcasing her prints in El Barrio. I love her work, and the great activism projects she has lead with the Culture Strike group. I am happy to be in full support of her migrations butterfly project which will take place at the Life is Living festival on Saturday October, 12th in Oakland Ca. We will be painting beautiful butterfly pieces for a public street art project about the human right to move. Proud to be part of it and super excited to see everyone! Especially Erin Yoshi, Estria, Glow, Nancy Pilli, Brett Cook Disney, The Few & Far girls, and many more. See you guys soon! ((( Many Thanks )))

Life Is Living Festival Toofly 2013


Nancy Pili, Estria, Erin Yoshi, and the gang setting off the Estria Battle at the Life is Living Festival.

Estria Erin Yoshi

Favianna Rodriguez/Culture Strike kicking knowledge about what is happening in this country to undocumented immigrants and the crazy laws being passed that many of our friends and family may soon have to deal with. It is a serious time, and we have to use our art to spread these messages to the public at large. Graff is dope and all but we gotta start using our talent to educate folks and spread powerful messages to our community. Our art can be deeper, powerful, and more meaningful to all. DREAM! MIGRATE! LIVE!


Toofly, Glow, Dime

Time for some action!


LifeisLiving Festival-3

We’re almost ready!

earrinsg Oakland

Soaps Lady Oakland

Strolling through event and found some vendors I love!
Few and Far Earrings

Agana ready to rep for the ladies as the only girl out of 14 artists male artists participating!? We need to work on this on the next one…LifeisLiving Festival-1

Blackbook battles with the funky cool youth.

Gloria Muriel

Gloria rock’n her beautiful Butterfly. Migration is TRANSFORMATION!


Great to see all of Oakland beautiful peeps.


Voila! MIGRATON IS FREEDOM/LIBERTAD – Because I am flying back in forth between North America and South America these days the freedom to live this way is def where it’s at. FREEDOM FOR ALL!!! We should have the right as human beings searching for a better life to live wherever we want.
Mary Jane SF

Mary Jane in the house! Nice to finally meet ya. Rocked a nice logo for them earlier this year.

Doves NYC reppin…characters letters background….



Miguel lindo! aka BOUNCE #trustyourstruggle hommie…gotta me time to hang next time.


Doze Green and the gang…Congrats to Vile for the win! 400 Montana cans what! I may just have to get in on this battle next time…it was actually all good and fun. Slowly getting over the idea of a competition…wouldn’t mind winning  400 cans!

Culture Strike Crew

It’s a wrap! Thank you Culture Strike <3


Brett Cook Disney_oakland

Why can’t we make people understand that we can enjoy life? – Phylilis Lun


Thank you Life is Living Festival, Oakland Ca!

Culture Striek Lunch
Thank you Culture Strike and Estria Foundation!


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TOOFLY- PECHA KUCHA, Oakland, CA 10.10.13

October 01st, 2013 | Category: Community,Events,Green Living,Travel,Urban Art Education

Heading to Oakland next week. Gearing up. Lot’s to do while I am there. I’ve been preparing for this Pecha Kucha slide presentation for days now and I think I am finally ready for it. Eeeeek! Wish me luck…
Pecha Kucha Toofly nyc

Pecha Kucha Night Oakland!
Thursday, October 10, 2013 // 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

The New Parkway Theater
474 24th Street // Oakland, 94612
Pecha Kucha, San Francisco <—- purchase your tickets!
Facebook Event Link

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. The presentation format was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture. The first PechaKucha Night was held in Tokyo in their gallery/lounge/bar/club/creative kitchen, SuperDeluxe, in February, 2003. Klein Dytham architecture still organize and support the global PechaKucha Night network and organize PechaKucha Night Tokyo.

Pecha Kucha Oakland 2013
PECHA KUCHA NIGHT in OAKLAND! DJ Agana and Erin Yoshi kicking off a wonderful event weekend.

Pecha Kucha Oakland

Fun space. Lounge chairs, popcorn, and the buzz it up service. Super nice! I think I want to plan something like this back in the motherland…

Pecha Kucha Night

Great presenters on this night. Marc Bamuthi Joseph setting it off. Co-Founder of Life is Living Festival! Toofly_PechaKucka_Oakland-1

Eeek! TF time. Rock’n it out…



Bigging up our Graffiti Women: Lady Pink, Younity, Ladies Love Project, Few & Far


Favianna Rodriguez – Migration is Beautiful. Speaking the truth!!!

Faviana PechaKucka oakland

Favianna Pecha Kucka Oakland 13

Nancy Pilli_WaterWrites

Nancy Pili Hernandez: Water Writes/Estria Foundation represent! Lot’s of wonderful folks doing great things for the community.



To close out the night ETHIOPIAN grub!  


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Quito, Ecuador 2012 – A New Perspective

June 01st, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Green Living,Travel

Hello summer! Today is a special day, because it marks our 6 month plan of action into the motherland. We’ve learned so much about living life at a slower pace, eating healthier produce, and enjoying our time together. My homeland, Ecuador has a lot to offer. The cost of living here allows a peace of mind unlike any other. Time was a big issue for us back in the states. There was never enough of it to truly do what we wanted to do. Much of our time was spent working to pay ridiculous amount of bills. The cost of food, transport, and living expenses has gone up so much in the last 10 years that one just keeps taking it, and taking it like it’s ok. IT’S NOT! It’s wrong, and it exhausts the mind, body, and spirit. I was growing impatient with the illusion of being free at such a high cost on our lives. Carlos and I questioned our futures after watching documentaries like Garbage Warrior, and Food Inc. It inspired us to think hard, and reflect on how much time we were giving to an idea that is no longer in our best interest. No longer in line with our beliefs. I guess when you get to this age you start thinking about all this stuff, and then you begin to re-think your ideal “dream life”. Everyone has one. You know the one that (((YOU))) truly want. It took a good 2 years to plan this all out, but the idea to “GET FREE” totally worked! One of the dopest decisions we ever made together. We quit the city lifestyle, packed our bags, and bid our dearest and loving friends “see ya later” – No goodbyes. Lord knows I can’t live without them! They are a big part of my life. Our first dip away would be – A NYC BREAK. A chance to check out the greener side of the world, and get some perspective on the conversations we were having. All I gotta say now is…FREEDOM IS BLISS!!! These past few months have given us a lot of room to do what we enjoy the most. Especially travel and create. We finally got time to dream our “NEW DREAM” and without any distractions. We now have a whole new idea in our heads about how this is going down. It’s going to take some more work but at least we know exactly what we want to build towards from this point on. Here’s to a whole new chapter in the lives of TF and Los!


Read more

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April 24th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Green Living,Travel

This past weekend I took my love to Termas Papallacta to celebrate his birthday. In 2 hours, a $2.00 bus ride, and our backpacks we were in hot spring paradise. This place is amazing!!! I came here with my grandparents a few years ago, and loved it. It’s natural hot volcanic pools are 24hrs a day if you stay overnight at their cute and cozy lodges. Mornings are a bit nippy and foggy which makes getting in the hot pools all that more delicious. When the afternoon sun peeks through it’s great for a tan, and there’s tons of pools with cold water, warm water, and hot water. Mother nature’s natural spa. What better way to celebrate earth day!:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!

((( loves it ))) Mission accomplished:)

Cozy cabin style lodging feet away from the 24hr hot pools. Yummy…

Time to explore…and flick away…

we make great traveling buddies;)

Flowing through life like the great rivers of nature…

Fresh garlic & herb trout for lunch:)

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

Living in the motherland these days gives us the opportunity to get away on the weekends and explore our beautiful andean country. This is just the beginning of our adventure, there’s so much more we have yet to see. The best part of it all is that it’s super cheap to travel, lodge, and eat! We love farm raised and 100% organic produce everywhere we go. The fresh juice every morning, and the mountain walks are doing wonders on our health, and bodies:) It’s been 2 months so far, and we feel great! Looking forward to the day our hommies come and visit, we’re gonna have a blast!!!

See you soooooon…

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Welling Court Mural Project#2 rocked! Lots more walls, lot’s more artists. Big ups to Alison, and Garrison ( for organizing another beautiful event. Sending love to Louie for opening his home, and heart to all the artists again this year. Thank you Welling Court community for supporting us, we hope you enjoy this amazing public art museum for years, and years to come. To my Project Girlzâ„¢ summer youth team you guys made me very proud yesterday. I hope you had a blast, get ready for more the summer has just begun! Shout out to all our friends and family who came thru to check out the event. See you at the BBQ’s brunches, picnics, beach trips and much more. Hello Summer!!!!

Toofly_Wellingcourt-6 copy

3-4 hours…

Welling Court_Wall

Zam, Toofly, Chorboogie




Our youngest little member, Princess Ani…


I live for those smiles:)


You guys ready to rock your first gate?


Shout out to Tanya for hooking my girlz up with extra paint:) Thanks girl!


After a few can control lessons they were ready for their first ever freestyle session…



Project Girlzâ„¢ Youth team 2011 baby!


Time for their photo opps…



Little pro, in love with paint…


Cern…lovely as ever…

Lady Pink_Wellingcourt

Cycle, Lady Pink, Free 5….


Street artist process shots…


This lady’s work is amazing!


This too! DOPENESS….


STREET ART is the BEST! Feel right at home in this world…the artists are diverse, kind, and conscious….



Community Garden

More gardens, more gardening, more green, more plants, more, earth, more peace, more flowers…


Nature, the true queen of art!


Summer blooms…


Grown with Love, Grow with bugs:) One step closer, we’re getting one step closer….THANK YOU.

For more infromation about the Welling Court Mural Project check out the press release below:

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June 02nd, 2010 | Category: Day in the Life,Family,Green Living,Travel

ahhh yes it’s officially summer in NYC! It was an excellent holiday weekend. From maracuya batidos with my querida family before their trip back to Florida, to a delicious Ecuadorian BBQ with my BFF’s in Staten Island. There was plenty of delicious grilled etraña, hammock sessions and mosquito smacks to go around. Let’s not forget “a party isn’t a party until you dance!” Dragged my brotha from anotha to LIBATION in the LES { official troopers } and “rocked the house yo!” lol, good times, good times. Got it all in and still managed to chillax with my love love at one of our favorite places in Queens, Long Island City Pier. I guess all that was missing was my iphone which got washed away that morning on the permanent cycle. Woops! probably best anyway…haha!







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it’s all about the outdoors this year. I have a feeling we’ll be painting quite a lot. Street art has been flourishing all over the world, and I think folks are finally ready to support the positive effects it has on community building. Not only does it beautify the neighborhood, it brings people together “FREE OF CHARGE”.  It’s for you, its for your kids, its for the simple fact that we gotta get back what we lost when we became consumers and stopped living. Get outside this year, enjoy the sun, ride your bike, visit a garden, grow a plant, make some art, take your kids to the park, gather your friends for picnics, & BBQ’s. The recession was a blessing. The real value  these days lies in how you spend your time in a more positive authentic way. Get Free…


Shout out to ADHOC.ORG for organizing this event, and bringing everyone together to paint, cook, and have some good ol fun in the sun!


I still very much like green…


Artist hands…


Finito! There’s nothing a little community love can’t handle;)


Shana Loves All. Ask her anything she’ll know…


CERN YMI – Beautiful!!!


Planning the next set of walls for the summer…


AM catching blackbook tagz and drawings with the kids…


Haze and Cycle chillin’ enjoying the community vibe…


Got beer? Let’s stroll and check out the walls of Wellingcourt…




Royce, Matt Siren…







lady Pink

Lady Pink, Cycle, Free5


Tristan Eaton in process. Saw the flicks last night on twitter look sick! Waiting for a final flick to drop…


Ron English


Sofia Maldonado…


Damn right I’m SOMEBODY!


Let’s go!!! Show me the way…


ahhh yes. Community gardens ROCK!!! One day, one day…I’ll have my own…


Yummy. This little plant right here in some tea puts me right to sleep;)


So pretty. I love this stuff. Agriculture class here I come!!!


Peek a Boo! I love seeing kids playing outside. Video games – no bueno. Getting dirty, running, jumping, hiding, yes! Enjoy the world kiddies. We hope you’ll improve on the seeds we’re planting these days…


My mami linda in town for Pam’s graduation next week. The fea twinz…


Ready for the new roads ahead…


That was refreshing, and peaceful. Shout out to the garden lady who hooked us up with some fresh mint for us to chew on our way back…


Back to the block party and a quick group flick with Cey Adams. TRUE SCHOOL!


Just in time for the 5 grills BBQ, arroz con pollo, guacamole dip, mole, and some very spicey jalapeno stuff…Thank you mi gente!


Keep the spirit alive, because this is what it’s all about. THANK YOU WELLING COURT COMMUNITY!!!


Everyone brought some grub. Where’s that green rice? Shana’s not playing where’s it hiding…must find the green rice…


There’s something about watching people paint. It’s very relaxing…


Frankie Velez stopped by to support. Good peoples right here;)


Kids luv!


Shout out and much love to the ADHOC team who put this whole thing together. Alison and Garrison are two amazing people! Check out and support ADHOC.ORG. Next stop Summer stage live screenpriting. See ya’ll there!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU for everything;)


You too BOGART! Your so cuuuuute…fluffy muffy…


Byeeeee Cycle hahahahha alwasy making us laugh….


Have a safe trip to Munich AM! Good times summer 2010 here we come…

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March 21st, 2010 | Category: Green Living,Hip Hop Culture,Pressed

Got a dope interview in the green issue of the Source Magazine for April 2010 check it…

Read the rest of the interview here >>> THESOURCE.COM
Shout out to Royce Bannon and Amy Aimstar for hooking it up:) You Rock. THANK YOU!!!
Toofly_Jay Maldonado

Big ups to my hommie Jay Maldonado for hooking up the full color flick taken at Afro Punk Festival last year for the interview! DOPE.

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February 10th, 2010 | Category: Community,Day in the Life,Green Living,Video

Just finished watching the Garbage Warrior documentary and I’m so inspired!!! Michael Reynolds is my HERO. This finally makes all these radical ideas, and feelings I’ve had all these years make sense…

The film

What do beer cans, car tires and water bottles have in common? Not much unless you’re renegade architect Michael Reynolds, in which case they are tools of choice for producing thermal mass and energy-independent housing. For 30 years New Mexico-based Reynolds and his green disciples have devoted their time to advancing the art of “Earthship Biotecture” by building self-sufficient, off-the-grid communities where design and function converge in eco-harmony. However, these experimental structures that defy state standards create conflict between Reynolds and the authorities, who are backed by big business. Frustrated by antiquated legislation, Reynolds lobbies for the right to create a sustainable living test site. While politicians hum and ha, Mother Nature strikes, leaving communities devastated by tsunamis and hurricanes. Reynolds and his crew seize the opportunity to lend their pioneering skills to those who need it most. Shot over three years and in four countries, Garbage Warrior is a timely portrait of a determined visionary, a hero of the 21st century.

Earthship n. 1. passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials 2. thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization. 3. renewable energy & integrated water systems make the Earthship an off-grid home with little to no utility bills.

Biotecture n. 1. the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability. 2. A combination of biology and architecture.

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December 10th, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Green Living,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

They’re here!!! My very own pocket sketchbooks;) I love stationary, lately I’ve been geekn’ it out on paper goods. The feel of printer matter especially when it’s small is hard to resist. This year I decided to get to the heart of my work, and make something that means a lot, but does not cost a lot. With so much of the day distracted from our  thoughts and feelings it’s important to get back to basics and pour it all out on a blank page. Sketch, write, or catch a tag for someone you love. It’s a lot more special when you “personalize” it + it’s 100% eco-friendly baby! just in time for the holidays. ENJOY!!!


Toofly pocket size sketchbooks. 32 pages of high quality, eco-friendly 100% recycled paper with one of her favorite girl mark illustrations. Printed with black soy ink on chipboard, this 3.5″ W X 5″ H sketchbook has saddle-stitch binding, and rounded corners. Easy to slip in and out of your pocket when you feel the urge to sketch, write, or catch a tag! Limited Edition of 50. Signed and numbered by Toofly

Toofly Pocket Sketchbook_web

$12.00 available exclusively at:

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