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July 29th, 2011 | Category: IN THE ZONE...

It’s a rainy afternoon, AC on blast, and I’m working away at a new cardboard piece for this upcoming female group show in Berlin. Not crazy about the theme, I want to throw it out the window along with the 69+ etiquette rules they gave us to choose. Not very lady like according to their manual, but that is the point so it’s alllllll goooooood. I’m gonna go with my own flow on this one, and with all these crazy dreams I’ve been having lately it’s perfect.

Dream Catcher, Berlin

Dream Catcher…

close up

Toofly Painting_Progress-2

Toofly Painting_Progress-3

Dream Catcher by Toofly

Finito! Off to Berlin…

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July 29th, 2011 | Category: Exhibitions

Working on a new piece as we speak for a group female show in Berlin August 12th. Pretty ecstatic Kat Von D is in it:) Love love love her. Happy to also see talented homegirls Amanda Lopez, Anarkia, and Sinae repping!

The C.O.P Guide to Etiquette

Chicks On Powertrips is an Australian Street Culture Magazine, which is exclusively devoted to female artists and has followers all over the world. For the upcoming exhibition, titled The C.O.P. Guide to Etiquette, around 30international artists interpreted and visualized ancient etiquette rules for women from the Victorian era. Group exhibition will be showcased at Strychnin Gallery, in Berlin Germany on August 12th, 2011. Read more

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July 22nd, 2011 | Category: Community,Fashion,Hip Hop Culture,Uncategorized

A few months ago I was commissioned to create a wall installation at Michaela Angela Davis loft in Brooklyn entitled “Sisters Who Shine”. This lady is phenomenal, and super sweet.  We’ve been building since 2003 when we rocked the “Let’s Dance” Honey Magazine shoot with Photographer Piper Carter, Bgirls; Rokafella, Big Tara, and Jez Skillz. Wow, time flies! Had to reminisce a little and pull out the shoot flick. I want to send mad love to Michaela for her support in my work over the years, and for her amazing work with young women today. It’s inspiring, and in sync with all the things we are pushing collectively. To learn more about her work with Salon Du Shine, Black Girlz Rock, and BET check out the interview with Amsterdam News New York. Dope…

Michaela Angela Davis

This Black girl rocks: Image activist Michaela Angela Davis

Honey Magazine_Toofly

Throwback>>>Let’s Dance Honey Magazine 2003

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Brooklyn Festival

This year the Brooklyn Bodega crew aka Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival rocked a visual arts exhibit with some of today’s leading artists in conjunction with Jamel Shabazz’s 10th anniversary of BACK IN THE DAYS held at Power House Books. The theme “Under the Influence” of Hip Hop, Graff, Street, NYC, Culture, Love, and anything that continues to move and inspire us. Sending a big shout out to everyone that came through to support and to Royce and Alex for the invitation to get down. Good job fellas! Exhibit looks dope…

“The idea is to pay tribute to the culture and bring together artists who have something special in common – an influence, a back-story, a motivation. Hip-Hop wouldn’t have become the same  movement without the influence of the graffiti writers who created an aesthetic for a new generation. The artists in this show prove that the influence of the golden era keeps its roots and continues to inspire new creations. The influence is powerful and this show brings together both the pioneers and a new wave of artistic progression.”
– Corrie Zaccaria, Event Captain, The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival


Under the Influence of Love. Toofly Interview by Navani Otero



Powerhouse Books

Full House!

DSC_0076 copy

Peeps, Art, and Books!


Back In the Days

A must have in your book collection! Shout out to Jamel Shabazz, a wonderful man, and an amazing photographer who captured our beautiful culture…

Graffiti Train


Craig Anthony Fumero Toofly

Net, Craig Anthony Miller, Toofly, and Fumero….


Antonio Kel 5MH.


Love, Love Love my hommie Dizmology’s work….((( AMAZING ))))

Toofly Vik Sofia Maldonado

The fly ladies, Yvey, TF, Vik, and Sofia Maldonado….

Toofly Jen One

OH SNAP! JEN ONE is not playing….stay tuned…

Power House Books-1

Not bad for a ((( HOT )))  Tuesday night in NYC! Woohooo!

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July 13th, 2011 | Category: Pressed

Toofly Brooklyn Bodega

Photo by Jay Maldonado © 2011

Toofly Brooklyn Bodega Interview for the “Under The Influence” exhibition by Navani Otero – thx girl!

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