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Dec 12


Soundtrack of my life. FUN IN THE SUN!!! Miami during December rocks. Got a chance to paint, exhibit, and most of all spend time with my loving friends vacay style. We rented a gorgeous vacation home – which I recommend is the best way to do Miami during these trips because you get it all + ├é┬áit’s cheaper. We stayed in Coconut Grove near Calle 8 and Little Habana where we can get our morning cuban coffee on. Cute area! After I finished painting with the girls our days were spent sipping cranberry drinks at the FlavorPill event, swimming in the pool to some dope music, ciphering, grilling delicious marinated skirt steaks, partying like the crazies that we are, and making home cooked meals to cure our hangovers. It was so much fun!!! We made our rounds during Basel to support our fellow artists and enjoy the creative energy at Wynwood. If your an artist, or lover of the sunshine your ass needs to be here!


Showing the fellas some luv at POP gallery. Shout out to 2Esae, Ski, and Col. Good seeing you guys!

Finally got a chance to meet Travis!:) Giving a shout out to the FCNY crew!

ABSOLUTELY a must. The FlavorPill FREE LUNCH 3 day event sponsored by Absolute kicked off the afternoon like no other!

Drinks, hot pool, and a beautiful sunny day!

It’s not a party till you dance to some Biggie, even if it’s in the pool!

Shout out to my beautiful sister and her friends who strolled thru to say whadddup! LOVE YOU.

Our last day in Miami and we got it all in! Last chance for pool dips at our vacation home, cipher sessions, southbeach, and Little Habana for some cuban breakfast.

Shout out to our hommie Percy who made the quick troop from Boston for some FUN IN THE SUN!

Sometimes you just gotta jump in…

enjoy the sunshine…

and have fun…

I hate goodbyes. See ya later sounds better no?

Our last dining session at PANORAMA terrace in Coconut Grove. 5 min away from our vacay home. Peruvian cuisine. DELICIOUS. We recommend it highly.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Till next time:) Don’t forget the berry wine hahhahahahha


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