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Jul 2


Every now and then I get an opportunity to work with folks in corporate america and bring a little street energy into their 9-5 office life. It’s a nice break from working outdoors at times because it gives me a chance to sharpen my professional skills with a group of minds that take this stuff super serious. It brings the level of artistry and communication to a whole other stage. There are dozens of meetings that need to happen in order to get something like a “graffiti inspired” piece to break into these places. I’m proud it has been sOOoooo well received. It’s time our work can share space with collections and well known artists in these environments. The installation – inspired by New York City’s graffiti culture now lives in one of todays #1 financial management firms in the world. It’s headquarters located in the heart of Midtown New York City. A contrast from our neighborhood streets and ill urban environments. The dialogue among our worlds continues and that’s what it’s all about!:) A special thank you to project leader Susan who locked down the gig and made the creative process breezy smooth. Shout out to my primo Richie for the artist assistance, and photography documentation. Thx kid! Looking forward to the time lapse video as well from our friends at the office. Can’t wait to see it!!!

Toofly Installation NYC-1

Toofly Painting NYC
Time lapse video coming soon!

TooflyNYC New York City

No need for projectors, no need for stencils. FREESTYLE BABY! #trueartistry

Toofly NYC Spraypaint

Toofly NYC Painting Midtown

Toofly NYC Graffiti Canvas

Toofly NYC World

Toofly Graffiti Handstyle
Original Krink handstyles…

Toofly NYC Graffiti Midtown Office

Midtown NYC Toofly_
Thank you Susan! aka graffiti name: Miss Super Woman:) #artbizlife

Toofly NYC Painting Midtown-1

Toofly, 2013 Midtown NYC

Midtown NYC Mistadrumin

THANK YOU NEW YORK! See ya in the fall:)




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