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Jul 23

Meeting of Styles, Costa Rica 2020

Hello world! It’s been a minute since I had a chance to post. 202o is a hell of a year, and it’s not over yet. So much got cancelled since March. Luckily I had a blast right before the pandemic started in San Jose, Costa Rica. I was invited to paint at The Meeting of Styles event which cancelled the day I arrived. What an absolute bummer that was, but because I’ve been keeping the ultimate positive attitude on each trip, each experience is better than the last. I wanted to make sure I added the photos, and story on here now that things have chilled a bit. I don’t want to forget what an amazing time I had. Special shout out to my dear friend Mavisu ( photographer ) who made it happen for me +├é┬á hosted me in her lovely home. Love and gratitude to the MOS Costa Rica team Mush, Diana, and crew. They did a wonderful job in working with the changes that took place as artists arrived once the pandemic took over our lives.

Meeting of Styles Costa Rica 2020

Another festival where I feel graff/street art mission is on the right path and not trying to gentrify and push their own people out of their communities. Put together by artist like us. The vibe is different, and it feels like one big international street art family.├é┬áI have been trying to get to Costa Rica for years now and nothing truly panned out. I can’t believe I finally made it! Crazy thankful. I appreciated every minute of it.

Meeting of Styles Costa rica 2020

I prepared a sketch before trip entitled “Semillas” – I want to continue to introduce nature and indigenous beings into my pieces. I honor nature so much and believe in it’s ultimate powers. The seeds, the plants, the medicinal properties, the health benefits, the way you feel in it, it’s rivers, it’s trees, it’s mountains, it’s animals, everything.

Toofly Sketches Costa Rica

The original location and size of the walls we were going to paint changed, but it was better than not painting at all.├é┬áI didn’t get a chance to scroll thru the list of artists names on flyer and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the hommie├é┬áSkore999├é┬áfrom Bogota, Colombia and Caso3 from Panama at the wall. I love it it when that happens! You can see the murals in the neighborhood called Curridabad.

Toofly Meeting of Styles Costa rica2

I chose the wall on the corner mainly because I wanted to paint something tall plus stay close to the equipment station, and water/food. We arrived early so we got first dibs on the spots. The heat was brutal so it really helped especially when you have to carry your own scaffold, ladders, and paint. We were on our own once the festival cancelled. No assistants. Skore999 set up next to me and we worked thru some color and nature elements to connect the pieces. This became our first official impromptu collab. From #Atuntaqui in Ecuador, to #LatidoAmericano in Peru, a quick stop in Colombia for #RudaFest, and now #Meeting of Styles in Costa Rica. It’s dope to see friends work evolve year after year. Cheers compa! With 12 cans of paint we made it work.

Skore999 Costa Rica

MOS Costa Rica 2020

Skore999 X Toofly NYC Costa Rica

Toofly Meeting of Styles Costa Rica 3

“Semillas” Toofly, MOS San Jose Costa Rica 2020 / Photo by @LaMavisu

Costa Rica is full of lushy green landscapes, and I wanted to make sure I saw all of that before I left. The city is noisy, messy, and wild like all cities. I didn’t want to stick around for too long it drains me out. The fellas were enjoying themselves bombing, tagging, and painting walls, but I crave my chillax time after I finish painting. I also really like to treat myself and explore other parts of a country. Jaco beach was just 2hrs away so I went!

Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jaco Beach Costa

I hopped on a bus, and booked an airbnb for a few days. Folks recommended I go further because it was prettier but my gut told me to stay close to the airport. My sister kept pushing me to leave because pandemic was getting serious. I had a flight to NY in a few days I didn’t foresee getting stuck for real. My mind couldn’t grasp the idea countries worldwide would close! What were the evil powers up to now? I stayed calm. It was the best thing to do. I’m glad I kept my plans, I don’t like to live life in fear. If things are meant to be they are meant to be period. I have been skeptic of the whole pandemic thing since it started. I rather listen, and follow my intuition then the fear mongering news and corrupt governments who don’t give a shit about any of us anyway. That power lies with you. Make sure you are well and all will be well. It’s not rocket science, use your common sense people. In the end I painted, I laughed, I danced, I drank, I ate good, I chilled, I made new friends, I felt the love, and enjoyed this trip very much. Thank you COSTA RICA <3 — and FUCK YOU COVD19!

Nature has our back, and we are wide awake and quick to catch your lies now more than ever before. We will fight tooth and nail against injustice and for our god given freedom to be happy on this planet. 

Jaco Beach Sunset


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