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Nov 5

Sierra / Costa – Nov 1st-Nov 30th, 2019 NYC

Sierra Costa LES Gallery

After the Talking Walls mural festival in Charlotte, I had the opportunity to dip into NY for 2 weeks. I was invited to work on a gallery installation for the #Bormix group exhibition entitled “Sierra / Costa” in the heart of The Lower East Side. The neighborhood is going through another big change these days, luckily The Clemente continues to hold on as one of the few places left where we can celebrate our culture on the walls, in theater, and on the dance floor. If you missed the opening you still have time to view the exhibit! It will be on view until November 30th. Special shout out to Anthony Limongi for the recommendation to take part in this project, and for my homie Tanya Cuevas to pass on the good word about my work. I enjoyed working on this mural with my cousin / assistants help @mistadrumin who came thru with the photography. It’s been a nice journey illustrating, painting, and creating murals of the “Love Warrior” series from north to south. I have been pouring my heart and soul on it since 2012, and ready for that full circle moment coming up. I’m currently looking to showcase the entire collection in a solo exhibit soon! stay tuned…

Toofly Borimix Art Installation

“Free Spirit Remix” for Bormix, The Clemente 2019

Native Soul_SierraCosta

Native Soul 27″X30″ Acrylic on Canvas – Available. Inquiries:

Toofly Gallery-2

I come from the “Sierra” a region along the belt of the andes mountains with valleys, rivers, and rich fertile soil for agriculture to last lifetimes. Ecuador is by the equator and near the Amazon where wildlife thrives in a harmonious eco-system. We have Costa as well but the eternal spring like weather in the Sierra is my home. Where my ancestors and the Inca Empire ruled. Where my roots were pulled from during migration in the 80’s. I’m slowly finding my way back to tell the story and reconnect with the other half of who I am… 

Toofly Gallery 4

Toofly Gallery InstallationToofly Gallery-3

Sierra Costa Borimix

Borimix 2019

Borimix 2019

Toofly Gallery Wall Installation

Thank you NY! See ya in 2020.

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