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Oct 8

Talking Walls Mural Festival Oct 16-19 Charlotte, NC

invited to participate in the 2019 Talking Walls Mural Art Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina October 16th – 19th.


What a trip! I almost did not make it to the festival in Charlotte NC. I had cancelled, and delayed flights for days that prevented me to get to the states when I was supposed to. American Airlines, United, and Delta were no help they officially suck. Ecuador was going thru an intense protest, and war against a corrupt goverment for 12 days straight. Many of the roads were blocked, and the impotent president had declared a curfew and brought in the military to kill their own people.├é┬á The situation was dire for many many days. The resistance was inspiring tho! it was all I can focus on for the days leading up to the trip. My people fought tooth and nail and were victorious! They have a brave heart, and together quite unstoppable. If you want to read more about it just google it. It’s a lot to take in. Eventually I made it, and wanted to make sure I finished a very large wall in a few days time. I found ways to work with the negative, and positive space of a 40 foot wall in the uptown district. I wanted to put my all into this piece because I had just witnessed how my people came together to fight back against greed. It’s causing havoc on our planet, and trying to affect the economic growth in various countries by lying, and stealing. An economic genocide is at hand worldwide, and people are finally tired of it! RESISTENCIA is here, and it’s leading the way on how it’s done in South America. It is inspiring youth, and people of all ages and classes to come together against neoliberaism and imperlialist ideals. I dedicate this piece to the movement and in solidarity with all countries and people who RESIST. ( Fist Up )

Toofly Talking Walls Sketch

Talking Walls Charlotte 2019

Thank you for the invitation Owl and Arko!

Talking Walls Toofly 

Talking Walls Charlotte NC-1

Thank you to the wonderful assistance and photographers on site!

Photo by @Mattshdr

Toofly Talking Walls-2


“Resistencia” Charlotte, NC 2019

Toofly Talking Walls Charlotte NC

@Photos by UncleJut

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