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Feb 2


Toofly Cartagena Colombia 2014

Back from Paradise! I looooved Cartagena Colombia. Decided to dip out for a few days to kick it with some friends traveling thru. With only 3 hours away from Ecuador why not! Cartagena is beautiful. The colonial town with blooming flowers on it’s balconies, vendors of all kinds on the street selling; ice cold fruit drinks, hot colombian coffee, salty hot sauce fruits, grilled arepas with cheese, empanadas, seafood, the list goes on. Street food is the bomb. There was cute shops everywhere filled with their classic colorful wayuu bags.To die for! Might have some at the next LLP Pop-Up Shop. look out. ├é┬áThere’s a an amazing beach 30 minutes away called Baru that reminded me much of Tulum. I can now say I have been to the 2nd dopest beach ever. I was excited to find street art in the Gestemani district a few minutes away from the centro. It’s like a bohemian little town that is developing small restaurants, and cute hostels. You can chill in the Trinidad park with an ice cold beer and watch some street theater at night, and make friends with travelers from all over. This is definitely where the vibe is at to build with folks. The walls were pretty on point and that’s a great sign. I truly enjoyed this trip for many reasons and discovered I enjoy sketching architecture and street life. Who knew! I shall be back…

Cartagena 12


baru Beach

Baru Beach 2014




Cartagena 7

Cartagena 10


Cartagena 6

Cartagena Street Art 3

Cartagena Street ARt 4

Cartagena Street art 5

Cartagena Street Art 2

Cartagena Street Art 1

Cartagena 11

Cartagena 8

Cartagena 9


Viviendo momentos…

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