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February 12th, 2014 | Category: Art & Design,Community,Graffiti / Street Art

Love Warrior by Toofly from TOOFLY NYC on Vimeo.
I recently completed a commissioned piece for a lovely young collector in New York. Her favorite piece was the Love Warrior wall at 5Pointz in Queens NY. The wall had been destroyed because of the whitewash “buff” back in November├é┬áIt was days away from becoming a NYC landmark.├é┬áMany beautiful street works were lost that day, and the last official piece of New York Graffiti history died. My first wall at 5Pointz was in 1993, and my last; “Love Warrior” in 2013. It took 20 years for graffiti to resurface from the train buff in the 80’s and rise up as street art – the biggest arts movement in the world. Brewed in this very city by youth of various cultures, and colors. It├é┬áwas a sad day for many of us who painted at 5Pointz as well as the community and fans who visited from all over. As the battle continues for street art to be respected in NY one thing holds true. The heart and voice of the artist can never be silenced. The greed, the bully, and the envy of those who hate on what we create just grows even more in the face of opposition. Our street works continue to inspire hundreds of artists across the globe with even more passion and meaning than ever before.

A Kiss Goodbye

“A KISS GOODBYE” by Instagram @amanon
5Pointz Toofly Whitewash

I LOVE NY - Whitewash 5pointz

Love Warrior Toofly Painting-1

Love Warrior Toofly Painting 6
Thank you Daniella and Family <3

Love Warrior Toofly Painting 7

Love Warrior Toofly Painting 8

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