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July 23rd, 2009 | Category: Day in the Life,Younity

Last minute plans called for a quick dive into the woods. Drove out the rotten apple for a day and a half to get away from the summer craze, and take a much needed break. AM made us all laugh cuz she got the huge ass park ave tent! that shit was BIG & DOPE! Had some silly laughs the whole ride upstate. Ahhhhh the TREES, TREES, and more TREES. Cruising upstate is just a GREEN & NATURAL Landscape affair. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Helped us take a breather especially as we get closer to the show in the fall├é┬á which is officially a NON-STOP process until the end of November. We’re a little sad we don’t have a space locked down yet, but we’re griiiiiiiding day by day and the perfect space is sure to pop up soon!


Our first night. We built the tent in the rain. TEAM WORK ROCKS! 30 min baby! Then we all jammed in for the smores , muchies sessionz, and a 90’s TOOFLY playlist that helped bring you back to 93′ till infinity, and get you some electric relaxation, for you to have a good day with Ice Cube so you can go keep your head up with pac, before my PM DAWN creeps up on you. My favorite! Have fun twittering it;) MORE FLICKS BELOW>>>

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