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July 19th, 2009 | Category: Community,Urban Art Education,Workshops,Younity

WOW lot’s to catch up on. NYC is just crazy in the summer lot’s of stuff going on….okay so we’ll set it off with my kids mural workshop that went down this past week…

BIG CITY WALLS – Younity + Toofly Street Art Mural Project with The Women’s Leadership school was a huge success! The workshop kicked off at our favorite summer spot THE SECRET GARDEN in Bushwick. Weather was loving us! For the past 3 days a group of 30+ young women got a chance to experience the stages of producing a collaborative aerosol mural project with a NATURE theme reflective of what we created at the Secret Garden. It was one of my first official street art mural projects with a large youth group and it went smooooooooth as pie. WHEW! I can def get the hang of this every summer, kids rock!!!


Day 1 – Introduction, Project Details, Concept, Sketches, and a walk through the Secret Garden for some inspiration. SEE THE REST OF THE PHOTOS BELOW >>>

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July 19th, 2009 | Category: Day in the Life,Hommies,Younity

Younity T-2

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Linked up with our hommies from Destroy & Rebuild to help us get the Younity FRESHER T’s printed this time around. Shout out to Mike for printing the shirts we love them!!!

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