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March 20th, 2009 | Category: Fashion,Graffiti / Street Art

Spring is finally here hooray! It’s been a minute since I dropped something new. It finally got sunny enough in NY to do my first photo shoot. I’ve been in love with street tags since the early 90’s. The hand styles of graffiti writers is an art form all in itself just like calligraphy, and typography. Once you have your own knack for it, it’s on!!!


I got my sister to lead the photo shoot series this year, and bring her unique eclectic style into the mix. Joanne Marie Mena now 20, recently moved back from Florida to carve out a new life in NY. The youngest, and most difficult of the three Joanne is quick to back talk, make you laugh with her crusty remarks, and show you that no mater how tough you think you are outside, you’re just a big pile of mush inside. Sometimes I wish she would just chill on all her piercings, and hundreds of hair color transformations, but she will always say and do whatever she wants. Her rebellious creative spirit doesn’t let her compromise for anybody. A true trait from our family:) Love you fea!


Joanne Marie Mena, Age 20 “Staying True” for Toofly


from the streets to the streets…the saga continues…


Toofly Graffiti Street Tag T $25.00
100% combed cotton on a Classic Girl T fit. Available in black. Sizes S,M,L,XL exclusively on
* I’ll have a few at the ValleyNYC shop/event on Sunday.

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