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March 22nd, 2009 | Category: Community,Events,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

whew! back home chillaxing. I had a lovely day in the LES today with my girls. SOMETHING FOR THE LADIES was FRE$$$! Good times are always moments away when your around good people, specially creative! I was twittering my ass off today to get folks down to the Valley, there’s no harm in window shopping? I know…I know…it’s hard to face what’s left of the LES. How we all miss the good old days…gotta flow with the times…


Looking for a dope Vintage spot in the LES, this is your place. Valley NY, 48 Orchard Street between Hester and Grand.


Funky nails designs by Maki. She don’t play!


ONE DAY to set up, and kick off this global warming spring!


first dibbs on my new STREET TAG T’s!


I’m all about MAKING SHIT YOURSELF…all about it baby!


Shout out to Miss Busy Lady LIZ, and Gabriella who brought all us ladies together to build and make it happen. It’s all in THE GOODS!


Finally got my own Cubbanie Links! I’ve been fiening for a pair since I met Annie. Thanks girl! your a sweetheart;)


Miss Missfit Styles stopped by to get some goodies for her next shoot, but couldn’t resist some of them frosty pearls on her nails.


It’s all about the Maki hook up. Her funky nails styles are def FRE$H!


cash or no cash I got you. Did I mention how much I love Paypal. LOVE IT!!! I can now take credit card payments with ease;)


Shout out to my partna in crime Yvey, and lil sis Joanne Marie for helping a sista troop it, set up, and represent;) Oh! I can’t forget the fellas too for supporting us chicas!


Planning Something for the Ladies #2 stay tuned!!! got goods hit us up!

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