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Apr 26


Living in Latin America for the past 2 years has given me the opportunity to do and see lots. Thankful and lucky this side of the world is easy to get around, safe for the most part, and cheap!├é┬áThis month I decided to take off and head over to Panama just two air hours away. I arrived in Panama City with one goal in mind; “where’s the beach!?” There’s a ton of traffic here but at least the buses are brand new, clean, and have air conditioning. They also just recently finished their metro system which made me smile. All cities with traffic problems need this! The one thing I ├é┬ástill don’t understand though is where did all the funding go for the garbage cans? A busy city needs garbage cans on every street corner. One day I was staring out into the ocean on the plaza as the sun went down…I was all smiles…but then I looked down and there was a ton of garbage floating and washing off shore. A Panamanian lady next to me said “Es q’ los Panamenios somos cochinos” as if it was acceptable ? ├é┬áI think this side of the world needs an education campaign on litter man! From ├é┬áfast food, to├é┬ácuchifrito spots, to mercados with limited produce. The imports from china are at a max which is unfortunate because that means that all the evil junk passes through Panama and unfortunately stays here:( It’s really too bad because during my bus travels I saw a land rich for agriculture but nobody working it. What’s up with Panamanian agriculture culture I wondered? My trip was too short to learn of it’s history. When I took cabs the Panamanias talked so fast it reminded me of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans in NY. There’s lot’s of caribbean flow here. At first I was like yeah! I know these songs crank that reggaeton music! After a few days of it all I was ready to get out of town, and go where lands are green, and people are not mean.



In Panama City there’s the old town called Casco Viejo where you can stroll and enjoy the colonial style architecture.├é┬á├é┬áIt’s beautiful here and I was happy to see some street art on my strolls. I realized quickly why it was so dope. It’s 80% gringolandia! The contrast was a little unsettling at times. On one block you have the Panamanians living in colonial buildings that are falling apart, and decaying. Across from them, the gringos in their panama hats enjoying their cocktails and brunches. Gentrification is everywhere:( I decided to support the local Piragua man, the local empanada lady, the local jugo de fruta guy, and the local chinita spot that made fresh lunch in the afternoon for $4. The idea of spending $5 for a club soda with ice and lemon on a hammock in a lovely patio bar restaurant owned by a gringo makes me feel uneasy these days. We have to support the locals so they too can run their own town and not get pushed out! Only then maybe there will be some balance restored…



Kuna. The native indigenous peoples from Panama. They do lovely bead work! I am so bummed I did not get more photos of them. I heard Ana Tijoux was just in town a week ago and got her bead work done. Awesome. Next time…



It’s nice to make new friends across the globe, especially traveling ones! To Alma, the crew, and everyone that pulled through to hang with us on this lovely trip. Thank you!





Finally the day came when it was time to leave the city. Six + hour bus ride to Boquete was ok. Long bus rides are a pain in the ass, especially when they stop at chinese run buffets filled with fried foods. We made it to Boquete just in time to find a cute hostel with a kitchen so we can cook healthy meals. Semana Santa was just around the corner and places were filling up! This town is super cute. It has many rivers, fruit trees, and flowers everywhere. A great stop before heading to Bocas Del Toro Islands another six + hours way. More pics on this part soon!




I was really looking forward to Bocas del Toro because I have a lovely friend from France who moved here a few months ago with her boo. Guess who! Emilie from Lady Caprise Magazine. YEAH! ├é┬áShe’s starting her own design biz here and is enjoying the island life. Bocas is filled with cool hostels, bohemian shops, restaurants, and locals riding around on their bikes with chancletas. Some areas still need development but when you take that $3 boat ride a few minutes away it’s paradise! We linked up for a trip to Red Frog Beach which is a must if you visit this island. It’s super beautiful, and there’s lot’s of waves to surf. The locals sell coconut oil for a glowing healthy tan, their kids come around with $1 empanadas, and the men chillax on their hammocks and cut you a coco if your thirsty. ├é┬áBeach life is beautiful. Happy I made it to paradise.


Thank you for hanging with us Emilie! It was great catching up with you and I am happy you are living the dream too! YEAH!!!








StarFish Beach


Did you know that you can’t take out a starfish out from the sea? Because if you do they die in 90 seconds! You better leave them along and take pics with them underneath the water. Save the StarFish! ((( Happy Earth Day ))) #StarfishBeach


All trips come to an end at some point, but what you take away from them is mega special. The memories, and the experience is priceless! I feel happy, refreshed, and at peace. Thank you life <3


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