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Jun 1

Quito, Ecuador 2012 – A New Perspective

Hello summer! Today is a special day, because it marks our 6 month plan of action into the motherland. We’ve learned so much about living life at a slower pace, eating healthier produce, and enjoying our time together. My homeland, Ecuador has a lot to offer. The cost of living here allows a peace of mind unlike any other. Time was a big issue for us back in the states. There was never enough of it to truly do what we wanted to do. Much of our time was spent working to pay ridiculous amount of bills. The cost of food, transport, and living expenses has gone up so much in the last 10 years that one just keeps taking it, and taking it like it’s ok. IT’S NOT! It’s wrong, and it exhausts the mind, body, and spirit. I was growing impatient with the illusion of being free at such a high cost on our lives. Carlos and I questioned our futures after watching documentaries like Garbage Warrior, and Food Inc. It inspired us to think hard, and reflect on how much time we were giving to an idea that is no longer in our best interest. No longer in line with our beliefs. I guess when you get to this age you start thinking about all this stuff, and then you begin to re-think your ideal “dream life”. Everyone has one. You know the one that (((YOU))) truly want. It took a good 2 years to plan this all out, but the idea to “GET FREE” totally worked! One of the dopest decisions we ever made together. We quit the city lifestyle, packed our bags, and bid our dearest and loving friends “see ya later” – No goodbyes. Lord knows I can’t live without them! They are a big part of my life. Our first dip away would be – A NYC BREAK. A chance to check out the greener side of the world, and get some perspective on the conversations we were having. All I gotta say now is…FREEDOM IS BLISS!!! These past few months have given us a lot of room to do what we enjoy the most. Especially travel and create. We finally got time to dream our “NEW DREAM” and without any distractions. We now have a whole new idea in our heads about how this is going down. It’s going to take some more work but at least we know exactly what we want to build towards from this point on. Here’s to a whole new chapter in the lives of TF and Los!


Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  ~Albert Einstein


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