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Sep 22


SOooooo a few weeks ago I had the tremendous opportunity to rock a backdrop project for the infamous Swizz Beatz!!! He was celebrating his 33rd birthday, and his lovely wife, Alicia Keys wanted to make it extra special. Guess who they called to rock a backdrop!!!? Toofleezy Mgeezy!!! I almost passed out from the call. Let’s just say she is as beautiful as I imagined her to be, and super sweet like I knew she would be. OMG I LOVE ALICIA KEYS!!! Shout out to hommie Jen who put in the good word. Thanks girl! You and your team rocked a dope party. We had a blast roller skating, taking flicks, and enjoying a beautiful September night in the dopest city in the world….

So lovely to meet you Alicia!!! XOXO – Toofly

((( LOVE )))

Happy Birthday Swizz!!!

Shout out to Carmelo who took the time to chat with me. I was super stocked to hear he was familiar with my work!!!:) PS. I loved your sweater!


High Line Park Rink. 30th St and 10th ave

If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. Sole December 19th, 2011 11:07 am

    THATS WS UP!! go ahead girl!



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