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The busy bee season is kicking in! I hope I make it, specially now that I have like no time:( This past weekend I had an opportunity to rock a little 5min video with the FRIENDS WE LOVE youth team attending the New Design H.S aka Seward Park H.S. They did so great! The weather was sweet, the kids rocked the interview, and I got a chance to do paint a little something something. It’s days like this that make me confident the next generation will be alright. Especially with folks who take the time to give back to their communities. Love you guys! THANK YOU:)

Rootop Legends_toofly2

When we were all done, I got a chance to walk around and scope out this place. WOW. This rooftop is an artist heaven…


The size of this place is crazy!!! I couldn’t wait to come back and spend an entire day re-doing my quick little throwie…

Rooftop Legends_Toofly

Voila! Not done yet but it’s getting there. Spent a whole afternoon completely zoned out on this piece and it felt great! I haven’t painted in solo mode in years. It was bliss, and definitely something I need to do more often. Yay! painting season has officially begun folks. Shout out to everyone who’s doing a killer job up there; WANE, BOUNCE, TRIXER, CERN, CECE, ERIN YOSHI, and MARTHALICIA. It was so good to see you guys.├é┬á Last but not least the man behind this dope place; Jessie Pais, your the man! It’s people like you who make a huge difference in all our lives. Thank you for helping to carve out a little piece of this city for all of us to enjoy. As you can see I’m really excited about this whole thing, and even more so now that their third annual event is coming up. Mark your calendars! Saturday May 8th ROOFTOP LEGENDS opens it’s doors to the public. You don’t want to miss it. Info below…

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