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Sep 21


Back from Minniapolis! here’s a few flicks from the gallery exhibition entitled MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!

Friday 9.17.09

B-Girl be-4

Mama Said Knock U Out!, an upcoming gallery exhibition at Intermedia Arts, will showcase 28 female artists from around the world who use their visual voice to empower, inform and organize. These women are employing Hip Hop culture as a means of expression, connection, education and social and political activism globally.  This group exhibition will include work in video, photography, painting, sculpture, film, and textiles. Nationally recognized photographer and Huffington Post contributor Lauri Lyons (New York) will produce a commissioned installation in the main gallery as part of the exhibit.

B-Girl be-33

KNOW THYSELF – SOLD!!!:( Bummer I always feel sad when my stuff sells, I get so attached…


B-Girl be-32

Amanda Lopez, Love this pic, one of my faves…

B-Girl be-34

MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT: Curated by Michele Spaise and Theresa Sweetland. Exhibit runs August 28-October 23, 2009



B-Girl be-35

Abeni Garrett, Alice Mizrachi, Amanda Lopez, B Fresh, Catiesha Pierson, Chanel Kennebrew, C-Rocka, Corinne Santiago, Desdamona, Erotica67, Faith 47 & Rowan Pybus, Janelle Olson, Jennifer Rasinski, Jessica Kitzman, Katrina Knutson, Keegan Xavi, LadyKFever, Lauri Lyons, LICHIBAN, Monica Kelly, Motel 7, Niz, Sarah White, Shannon Joyce, Steph 1, Tamiko Mitchel, Tiffany Smith, and TOOFLY!

B-Girl be-31

Excited to get the jam started, and paint!!! B-GIRL BE 2009 Minniapolis, MN Saturday September 19th 12-10pm.

B-Girl be-36

After a long day…we got some chicken wings and took half the crew who arrived to Meillisa’s crib to check out a sneak peak at Rokafellas ” All the Ladies Say” Shout out to Meli who had to jam out to CUBA for the Juanes event we missed you!!! Sending you nothing but love and support!!!

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