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Jul 27

@RudaFest Bogota, Colombia 2018

Jul 27

NYC Summer 2018

My favorite part of our summer trip is spending it on the chillax tip with my love. Arrived early in June and took advantage of the really nice weather before it got nasty hot. Babe loves the ferry, so this summer we caught the one that goes to Rockaway Beach from Wall St for $2.50 and in 1 hr we were there! We got a bunch of olives, bread, and fruits for the ride and then got hella excited for the arepa with jackfruit snack on the boardwalk. There was hardly any one at the beach. It was perfect and just how we like it. Less people, more nature, lovely weather, and good food. Highlight of the trip was to land an unexpected gig and lock in the job details on the beach. Gotta love NY!

NYC travel

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Jul 27

PRESENCE “Women in Street Art”

In case you missed it! — The “Presence” exhibition curated by @artbygiawill showcase from July 24-Aug 18th @artspaceps109 @hiartsnyc gallery Hours Tues-Fri 12-5PM / 215 East 99st. 6 Train to 96st. Collect, appreciate, and enjoy the women contemporary artists of today!

Toofly Women in Street ARt

Women in Street Art NYC

Women in STreet ARt

Toofly Gallery Art


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Jul 27

Wellingcourt Mural Project 2018

Longest trip in NY this summer! Glad it’s over. Fun, work, and play for a month and a 1/2 was long, but the mission was acomplished. Got a lot of stuff done, and had enough time to catch up with my family and friends. Wellingcourt this year was nice, no rain! I usually get rain dates but the weather was perfect. I enjoyed the piece I worked on and the day in total. Especially when hanging with the @StreetHeroines team and my boo. “Freedom Dreamer” from the Love Warrior series is one of my favorite designs. It needed a bit of more work but was unable to make it back in time to add more details. Overall she’s FLY! especially next to @Sinned_NYC

Toofly Sketch WellingCourt

Toofly WellingCourt Street ARt

Toofly WellingCourt 2018

Toofly WellingCourt Zimad

Toofly WellingCourt18_Joe Conzo_web

Photo by Joe Conzo 2018
Toofly WellingCourt18-web

Thank You NY!

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May 25

LLP X When She Rises, Venice CA 2018

May 25

Client Work: MODELO AUSTIN TX, 2018

Category: Clients,Hommies,Travel

Great times in Austin TX this year! Shout out to Blue genie Art Studios, my friend Charles and the gang, and all my Austin ATX peeps who showed love. I had a blast working and hanging out!

Blue Genie Art Austin TX

Blue Genie ARt 2 Toofly Modelo

Toofly Client Work Modelo

Austin TX Shrimp and Grits

Friends ATX


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May 25


Back from Austin, TX! What a lovely place it is haven’t been back since 2012. It was super nice to see my friends again especially to take advantage of the trip and create a NEW Mama Sana Mural. There’s a bunch of press online about it, you can read. It’s a pretty interesting story that talks about gentrification, and the power of community.

Mama Sana Mural Wall

Mama Sana Mural 2018-1

Mama Sana Mural

Mama Sana Mural Toofly

mama sanan mural toofly austin tx


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Apr 2


Category: Day in the Life

I havent had the time to write a post in a while on this here TF blog. I try my best to keep it up to date, even if posts are a little late. My blog is a place to document it all, but more and more Instagram does the same. Websites, blogs, etc are feeling dusty. Check in on them once and a while or none at all right? Aint nobody logging on to your page! We are all busy scrolling on IG, FB, Twitter. So that is to say that I am unsure how long I can keep up to date with yall here meng. It is time consuming especially now that it is getting busy as fuck. I am waiting for my flight as we speak and took a minute here. It is however a great place to write long ( Day in the Life ) stories that reflect more than any other place.  Folks can check in here when they like, just cuz.  Back when I had started the blog there was no social media you guys. I enjoyed taking photos myself and sharing it solely on my blog with my thoughts and ideas.  I threw in a little personal stuff, my art, travels, and ideas. These days I have a personal IG not everyone can see. I like that kind of privacy with my closest, trusted, and most respected. I also have the public one which allows me to share just work and projects with anyone worldwide. Not everyone gotta be in your personal business know what I mean? These days its all instant and your cell makes it easy to post every damn thing, image, thought that you want. I guess its cool, sometimes. So many of us go overboard with it. Like how many feet photos do I really need?  These apps are so good these days tho. I never learned how to drive living in NY because theres an excellent subway system in place that when it works works well. Buses, Bike Lanes, Shuttles etc. Now that we also have these taxi apps like Lyft, Uber, etc you can grab a taxi for short or long trips it makes everything that much more productive.  Car pooling, and sharing rides helps everyone —-  and it helps stay on budget when its for a job mission. As a full time traveling artist/mobile artist these days its helps biz run smoother than before.  All to say that technology is helping artist like myself in many more ways than before as we continue to grow and improve society. Unsure what the next change in tech will be for us dreamers adn doers to continue to do what we do. Shout out to everyone who supports my work, and to the universe who looks out for me and mine. Hard work pays off, and loving what you do makes the world go round . It makes you happier too. 2018 is big year for my biz and personal life. I am truly loving all of it!!!  #NEWYORKCITYGIRL 4EVA.

Toofly Photo

Day in the life

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Mar 27

FLY! Spring Drop.

I released a FLY red sweater this Sprig. Really happy with the way it came out, its look and feel. Super cozy! Shout out to all my homegirls out there who got theirs it was a super limited run. More colors to come in the fall.

Toofly FLY Red Sweater



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Mar 27


The #TooflyWorkshops are growing in number every year, and I am happy to continue to work with the Pepatian folks uptown in the BX.  This year they granted a few of the women in hip hop artists like myself the opportunity to teach and continue out graffiti, break dancing, DJ, spoken word, and much more lesson plans.  Shout out to the youth at Bronx Works, and The Point after school program who took the time to create some cool art with messages during these cold March days in NY.

The Point Workshop Toofly 1




Hip Hop Academy Educators 2018

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Mar 27


Mural Installation in Dumbo Brooklyn for Project Art! Trying to diversify my stylez in art & design for my STAY TRU clients.  Shout out to @Mistadrumin for the art assistance, baked oven pizza, and laughs. Thank you Adarsh and team at Project Art. Doing great things for youth in various communities across the USA.

Approved Sketch

Project Art Toofly Installation

Project Art 2

Project Art 6



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Mar 27


Taller Peralta Toofly 1 Taller Peralta Toofly 5

Taller Peralta Toofly 6
Thanks gang! #TEAMWORK

Taller Peralta Toofly 4

Taller PEralta Reinas Toofly

Taller Peralta Toofly 3

Taller Peralta Toofly 2


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Feb 19

REINAS 3.10.2018

Reinas Promo Flyer_blog

Toofly Reinas Sketch

I started this sketch back in 2017, and the idea unfolded as the new year set in. I thought she would be dope for #WomensHistoryMonth during my trip to NY in March. The rest is herstory! Don;t miss it. ONE DAY ONLY March 10th, 2018 7-11PM. UPTOWN NY at Taller Peralta.


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Feb 19


The new year brings a fresh and new start. It was time to get to work! I have been in construction mode for 1/2 the year on the 2FL art studio and I couldn’t wait any longer to get started on my large canvas works. I set up shop on the 1st floor and began to work. SKY is one of my favorite inks from the Love Warrior series a project I have been working on ever since i moved out of the US and back in to my native land of Ecuador. It is now year 6 living here and I could not be happier. I have had nothing but good fortune on an array of things in life since I moved out of NY. Happy and thankful I took the dive. Unsure when this series will come to an end I feel like its still growing and has much to day. Inspired by TRUE LOVE.

Toofly Studio Sky 2

Toofly Studio Sky 3

Toofly Studio Sky 1

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Feb 19


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