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March 13th, 2010 | Category: Art & Design,Hip Hop Culture,Pressed,Uncategorized

Finito! Ms Chocolate Illustration & type design by yours truly:) dropping March 16th on itunes. As Lil Jon would say…”YEAHHH!


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February 06th, 2010 | Category: Art & Design,Graffiti / Street Art,Pressed

Better late than never…

Graffiti New York_Book_web

Shout out to DEAL CIA for hooking it up! Congrats hommie:)


Sabe & Toofly where it all began…

About the book
Decades after the movement globalized, New York is still the mecca of graffiti culture. Painting there is a badge of honor, with graffiti artists from around the globe making pilgrimages to New York for that purpose. This is the city where it all began, yet few know the back story. Graffiti New York fills that gap, detailing the concepts, aesthetics, ideals, and social structures that have served as a cultural blueprint for graffiti movements across the world. The book features approximately 1,000 images, complemented by texts by the authors and relevant players in the movement, as well as descriptive graphics and sidebars. Ranging from the birth of simple signature tags to today’s vibrant murals, and covering the ups and downs of the movement, the culture’s value system, its social framework, the various forms of graffiti, and significant artists and crews, Graffiti New York is a major addition to Abrams’ superb books on graffiti art. Read more

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January 27th, 2010 | Category: Pressed


January 12th, 2010 | Category: Pressed,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

Juxtapoz feb 2010

Toofly_Ricky Powell

Oh yeah baby here we gooooooOOO time to get this year started off right. The Juxtapoz FEB 2010 issue just came out!  TOOFLY Interview and Portrait by RICKY POWELL. WOW. We got a dope 12 page spread. So siked!!! it came out fresh. Some names are misspelled though;( don’t they triple check that stuff? I didn’t get the memo. Anyway, it’s dope and funky and the images they chose look lovely considering I lost most of my archived work on a defected WD drive:( I need to back that shit up X3 next time if I’m ever gonna release a book. Special shout out to Ricky who’s been nothing but supportive of my steelo, and hella cool to kick it with. The piece took a few missions to complete but it gave us time to build which I really enjoyed. Summer and fall o9′ was crazy! if you roll with Ricky you know…you just gotta go with the flow. No planning allowed! I had to leave my virgo tendencies at home hah haha…Sending a special thanks to my hommie Meres for letting me rock one last piece at 5Pointz for the photoshoot. Nothing like closing out a decade in style…blues or no blues;) Gracias Evan Pricco! for making it happen on the pages of one of my favorite arts and culture magazines. See ya in NY or SF next time? Last but not least…much love to all my peeps, and tweepz out there especially my familia querida. I can’t do half this shit without your support and belief in my she-ra powers;)  Nah…but for real. I live to see you crack a smile, It’s really that simple;)


There’s something so lovely about art & life on printed matter. More Images Below >>>





Toofly Ricky Powell

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November 16th, 2009 | Category: Pressed


Shout out to URBANMOSADI for the DOPE and SWEET write up and flicks on M.I.S.S CREW! Huge supporter since day 1. Gracias mamaistas; Gabriella, Liz Baca + Crew for giving DOPE ladies of our generation the chance to shine from the inside out!

Maria ‘Toofly’ Castillo, Brave Souls Illuminate Showcase @ Fifty24LA Gallery
by urbanmosadi

Last week, Toofly opened her first solo show, Brave Souls Illuminate FIFTY24LA Gallery.   When I arrived,  I was greeted by Melinda and Krista, and they shot me straight to her work. I took tons of photographs and with each snap and click, I came to appreciate her ‘around the way girl’ characters she is infamous for, more and more. Not being familiar with her work, I took to it almost instantly. The boldness and certainty of her paint, as well as pencil strokes, are evidence of the woman’s skill. I looked at each piece closely, scanning each image, her technique and found nothing but precision, particularly in her pencil works.

Before I knew it, the Fifty24LA Gallery was beaming with ordinary art lovers and fans alike. Satisfied with the photos taken, I was ready to meet this formidable female. Nervous and not really knowing what to expect from a heavyweight street artist such as herself, my nerves were laid to rest the instant we met. Toofly was humble, down-to-earth and a true reflection of her ‘around the way’ characters she paints. So much so that, before I could even ask to take photographs of her, she quickly offered to let me shoot her in front of her amazing art.

What I found particularly refreshing, was seeing that Toofly had placed an A4 notebook for all the visitors to ‘tag’ and leave her a message of some sort. This worked out to be a fantastic idea, because many people spent quiet a bit of time flexing their tagging skills in the hopes of impressing Maria herself.

Meeting Maria ‘TooFly’ Castillo was inspiring to say the very least. The woman is a professional and represents women extremely well with grace, humility and extra freshness, it’s no wonder she is seen as a Woman Making History, by M.I.S.S.

Photography by  Melinda Sanchez & Urbanmosadi

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October 21st, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Pressed,TOOFLY SHOP NYC,Video

Cookies & Cream team just released their STAY TRUE video Vol1 yesterday. Scrills and Dj Jon Black are down to earth hommies. We met a few years back, when they opened up shop in the LES. They were down from jump to support my steelo and carry some Toofly T’ and Inks Totes. Thanks fellas! I’m happy to see ya grow, and continue to find outlets/media forms to rep peeps…

Cookies -n- Cream presents Stay True – Vol 1.
from Cookies -n- Cream on Vimeo.

Here’s some behind the scenes when the interview was shot….

Clothing & designer toy brand Cookies -n- Cream presents the first volume of a video magazine titled Stay true. Stay True is a video magazine about art, designer toys, music, fashion, culture and more. The DVD features video interviews with people who are staying true to themselves and doing what they love. Regardless of popular opinion or what’s “hot” at the moment, enjoying what you do is one of the most important things in life. Welcome to a world of people who are doing just that. If they can do it, so can you. Stay True.

Volume 1 features interviews with Sket-One, Dave Cortes, Tara McPherson, KaNo, Ali Vegas, Emilio Rojas, Shinobi Ninja, Vincent Yu (My Plastic Heart), Byron Velasquez, Pesu, TOOFLY, Kerri (Goodwood), Jared Deal, Teddy King (King Stampede/Boundless) and Peter Kato (Art Curator).


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June 12th, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Pressed


Shout out to QA for curating the CUSTOM SK8 Decks Project. Look’s SUPER FRESH!!!


Here’s my latest joint. Inspiration for this deck comes from the PEACE within, and the RAGE without it. KNOW THYSELF.


Alice Mizrachi, ONE9, and CES, and many more up in here you gotta get the issue! YRB Magazine is looking way better these dayz. We LIKE!



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May 18th, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Pressed



Latest TOOFLY feature on is a new site from the Format network providing daily visual inspiration for industries including, but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture, Computer Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Photography.

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March 30th, 2009 | Category: Art & Design,Pressed


YRB The Fight Issue if FINALLY out. ART BATTLES section produced by Queen Andrea!


Morning Breath & Cycle


Siloette & Toofly


Hydro74’s & Queen Andrea

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March 03rd, 2009 | Category: Day in the Life,Pressed,Video

NUEVA YORK, the Spanish Language Program of CUNY TV, nominated for an Emmy in the Best Magazine Category for the second straight year has a dope new episode this week featuring Grammy-Winner DAN ZANES, Colombian painter OMAR RAYO, poet and rapper LA BRUJA DEL BRONX, graffiti artist TOOFLY and hip hop dancer ROKAFELLA! All in spanish baby!!! with english subtitles. I had to throw in a little bit of spanglish in my interview, but overall I still got it;)Thursdays March 5th, 12th at 10am, 2pm and 10pm;
Saturdays March 7th and 14th, 2pm
Where: Channel 75 – CUNY TV
More Information: Read more

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January 20th, 2009 | Category: Pressed


Issue 10 of The Citrus Report interview Alice and I did a few weeks ago is also up check it…
Thanks Kristen!

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January 20th, 2009 | Category: Pressed


Sending a special shout out to miss Sheena She for the the “polite conversations” post on her blog Chainsaws and Jelly!
Thanks for the support hommie, and for helping us ladies spread the love:)

Chainsaws and Jelly is a mixture of randomness, creativity, and shape-shifting. This blog is all done with love from Sheena She.

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