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C.U.P SAN ANTONIO, TX! May 17th-19th

May 08th, 2013 | Category: Events,Graffiti / Street Art,Hip Hop Culture,Travel

Check out website for event info! —– >

Back from San Antonio and ready to rock these blog posts!

Content Under Pressure

Toofly Love Warrior Paint YardThe Paint Yard

Welcome to the PAINT YARD! Shout out to the entire TPY team who took very good care of us:) XOXO

Meme Toofly Tagging


Ready to rock this wall under the HOT TEXAS sun! Ouch heat…


Thank you IRONLAK! Few& Far Paint Sponsor…
Merlot texas

MERLOT! Love this pic chica:)

Few and Far San Antonio Texas
MEME – Our Few & Far mamasita! Thank you for rounding us up for some hot fun under the sun:) Had a lot of fun on this trip, looking fwd to the next one!
Content Under Pressure 2013

Houston Peeps showing the ladies love <3

Hops Few and Far

HOPS! Keeping us in check, on time, and organized <3 <3 <3

Content Under Pressure The Paint Yard

Shout out to the fellas who stopped by wall the and chilled with us under the hot sun. LOGEK, POSE2, MUSE, HEX. Good Times:) XOXO

Content Under Pressure Kids

Gotta love the kids:) Little Rocket and little girls inspired by the ladies painting their neighborhood.

Reds Graffiti

The Amazing REDS! She goes hard wow!

Toofly Graffiti, Texas


Toofly Few and Far The Paint Yard

TOOFLY – Free as free can be…

Few and Far Content Under Pressure 2013-1

More wall flicks coming soon!


Content Under Pressure Graffiti 2013

Content Under Pressure 2013! #thepaintyard San Antonio, TX

Few and Far San Antonio Texas 2013

It’s a wrap! Time to get home , rest up, and do it all over again. Hello Summer!!! Painting season has begun…


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May 08th, 2013 | Category: Graffiti / Street Art,Hip Hop Culture

Love Warrior Toofly 5pointz

Clef 5Pointz

Toofly 5pointz 2013-1

Toofly 5Pointz-2013-3


Love throwies by Clef…


5Pointz Summer 2013

meres 5Pointz Toofly

5Pointz 2013 train

Meres 5Pointz 2013 -19

Oh snap look who rolled by…taking it back to Corona COOL C dayz!
Toofly 5Pointz 2013 -9

Shout out to my cousin Clef for taking flicks:) Looking good kid!
Toofly 5Pointz 3013-10


Meres X Toofly 5Pointz 2013

“Sticky Stuff” and “Swoosh” LOL!!! XOXO MERES <3 #hommies

Meres X Toofly 5Pointz 2013-7

MERES X TOOFLY 5Pointz, Queens, NY 2013

Meres X Toofly 5Pointz - 6

SAVE 5POINTZ!!!! —- >


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Our Ladies Love Project photos by Samantha Morales are ready! Unfortunately I’m super swamped in New York and wont have a chance ot rock my blog posts for a few weeks. In the meantime check out flicks on the link below —->

Ladies Love Project 2013 Spring


Ladies Love Project SP2013-1

Samantha Morales LLP 2013

Graffiti Bags Nails

ladies Love Project Set Ups

LLP Ladies 2013

LLP vendor Kids

Junkprinst LLP SP 13

Lil Ego Concrete Rose

GigiBIO-LLp sp 2013

The Peeps LLP 2013

Ladies Love Project Spring 13

GoodWood NYC LLP 2013

Circa 95 LLP SP 2013

Circa (5 LLP 2013

Ladies Love Project Lower East Side

LLP Crew 2013-sp




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Meeting of Styles Ecuador 2012!

Opening Launch Party ( vendors, performances, and more )
FRIDAY Nov 23 // $5 cover 12pm-5pm //Party 5pm-till
– Neural Industrias Creativas –
Av 6. de Diciembre y Av. Colon // Quito Ecuador

LIVE ART SATURDAY NOV 24th and 25th from 12pm- till
Av. Occidental y Rumiorco

DAY 2 Meeting of Styles Ecuador, 2012




DAY 1 Meeting of Styles Ecuador, 2012

This wall stretches for a good 10+ blocks!

This was a hard wall for me mainly because of the shaky $5 scaffold. There’s lot’s to fix, but Im getting a tall ladder next time! F that…

Collabo partners:)

Lot’s of talent n South America…

Shout out to Enaone for organzing the 1st ever Meeting of Styles in Ecuador event along with his crew, and moms!

Tag tee’s…

Peru is off the chain!

Latex paint, and Aerosol looks really goooooood!

Guayaquil represent.

Folks will be painting wall for days, it’s so huge it will need weeks and even months to complete. Quito has the best walls!!! They stretch for miles and miles…there’s nothing like this back home…crazy.

Dope weekend in the motherland, thank you MEETING OF STYLES!  Shout out to all the artists who pulled through, your work is amazing!!! Peru, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and more. I’ve been playing it low key for a while, mainly because I needed the rest but this was gooooood for the soul. Especially since I finally got a chance to meet a lot more women artists this time. We are excited to chat in 2013 about an all female event down the road. I think there’s no plan of return just yet NY! Having a lot fo fun here, there’s lot’s to do still, and my spirt feels freeeeeeeeeee:) Dipping in and out will continue, next stop Miami Art Basel! See ya there…


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Oh snap. Lot’s popping off this coming November. Excited to be part of the Meeting of Styles Ecuador event on November 24th in the motherland!!! Super proud, gonna represent like never before. More details coming soon…

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SAVE THE DATE! Ladies Love Project Holiday 2012 POP-UP Shop! 11.17.12

October 20th, 2012 | Category: Community,Events,Hip Hop Culture,Younity


October 17th, 2012 | Category: Community,Events,Hip Hop Culture,Travel

Mama Said Knock You Out 2! with some of the dopest WOMEN IN HIP HOP artists today. REAL HIP HOP! The event was held at the community space called  THE COLLECTIVE in Austin, Texas, Saturday October 6th. Event was on point. The ladies did their thang. Line up was ill, best performance by women in Hip Hop I have seen in a very long time. So happy I got to experience it. Flava, raw verses, and conscious messages were delivered on stage with passion and heart. Big ups to Invincible, Lah Tere, Las Krudas, Wanda, Tru Bloo, Yoli, Tiger Lily, DJ Trinity, T-Kay, T-Fly, and more WOW! I’m proud of Hip Hop! It’s been a minute. Sharing the creative space as a live artist was awesome. The piece came out beautiful , and it will now have a wonderful home at the Mamas of Color clinic opening up soon for ATX to enjoy. Coming together for a great cause fills our spirit, and this wonderful night could not have been possible without the hard work of the mamas crew. Word up, great job ladies!!!

Tru Bloo poster signings….

DJ Trinity on the 1 & 2’s!


Lah Tere – Chicago

Tiger Lily – ATX

LAs Krudas- Cuba

Love you guys!


“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” - Emile Zola

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October 16th, 2012 | Category: Community,Events,Hip Hop Culture

Our first call of duty once in Austin, TX was to come together for the ALL WOMEN IN HIP HOP ROUND TABLE. A panel discussion at the Mexican American Cultural Arts Center on October 5th 2012. We opened up and created a space to share our stories, thoughts, and ideas about what  “Rethinking Power & Resistance Gender & Human Rights” is all about. It was a big topic to cover but we rocked it! It got pretty emotional at times because we shared a personal part of how we came to be who we are. From our ancestry, our mothers, our womanhood, and the relationship we each have with the world. In order to connect with folks we had to get raw, regardless of the academic setting we were in. If we were going to reach people with our powerful voices we had to speak from the heart about the ills of our journey here. It was DOPE panel discussion. (((Inspired)))  and honored to have shared the space with such wonderful human beings. I feel empowered to continue my journey, and down with all of you to do “the work” that is necessary in our communities. THANK YOU #DOPE WOMEN.

Read more

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September 14th, 2012 | Category: Community,Hip Hop Culture

Just finished the MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT 2! flyer for the Mamas of Color Rising organization. A collective of working class and poor mothers of color based in and around Austin, TX. Mamas of Color Rising focuses on issues like access to food, housing, education and safety in the community. This special benefit is being put together to help raise funds, and raise awareness. An all-female MC showcase with performers like Invincible, Las Krudas, Lah Tere, and many more will be reppin’ including some live art by yours truly:) Looking forward to this trip, and reconnecting with my Austin hommies. Check us out: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6th, 9pm, @The Collective. Texas peeps, get your advance tix $15 here: or ($20 at the door) Special shout out to the team at the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies at the University of Austin, Texas for making this project possible.

Mama Said Knock You Out! 2
A Benefit for Mamas of Color Rising
Saturday, October 6, 2012, 9pm-2am

Hosted by: Mz Marlah
Featuring: Invincible, Las Krudas, Lah Tere, Yoli, T-Fly, Tru Bloo, DJ Trinity, DJ T-Kay, Tiger Lily
Live Art by: Toofly

@ The Collective, 2015 E. Riverside Drive, Suite C

Tickets $15 Online, $20 @DoorAlso…

Friday, October 5, 2012, 5:30-7:30pm  Women in Hip Hop Roundtable  @ The Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River Street

These events are also projects of the conference Rethinking Power & Resistance: Gender & Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational Americas, brought to you by the UT Center for Women’s & Gender Studies Embrey Women’s Human Rights Initiative**. Co-sponsored by allgo: Statewide Queer People of Color Organization, Center for Asian American Studies, Center for Mexican American Studies, Community Engagement Center, Department of English, Gender & Sexuality Center, Humanities Institute, Indigenous Women’s Network/Alma de Mujer, Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies, Mamas of Color Rising, Native American & Indigenous Studies, Quilombola, Hutto Visitation Program, Rapoport Center for Human Rights & Justice, Texas after Violence Project, University of Texas Libraries, Warfield Center for African and African American Studies.

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YA HEARD! Podcast with TOOFLY.

September 10th, 2012 | Category: Community,Hip Hop Culture,Pressed,Video

had a great conversation with the folks at YA HEARD! podcast show, a few nights ago, via Skype. I love that I can connect with the peeps across the country and still have a great time chatting it up. Thanks for the invitation Ritzy, Kano, Sket One, and Mr Shane. The podcast is up with my words on Graff, Art, Hip Hop, Younity, and life in Ecuador. “Covering everything form the streets up!” ENJOY!


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There’s one big thing about painting live at an event, you meet a lot of people! That’s a good thing especially if you want to network. Last weekend I got a chance to paint live at Quito Fest and that was pretty amazing because of the cause, the org, and the location. There was hundreds of people there. A lot of biz cards went around. Next thing you know my inbox was flooded with invites to paint, teach workshops, design, and rock some murals. I’ve been here 6 months and I think it’s finally time to get busy. I was getting used to being incognito for a while but I can’t chillax forever. There’s work to be done, and relationships to build. Let the Quito grind begin!

Verano 2012, Sponsored by Quito Cultura. More flicks below…

A muti-cultural arts events with Breakers, Beat Boxers, Skaters, Vendors, and Tattoo Artists. I didn’t have a chance to flick it all but my mom dukes caught a few shots.

While painting a got a chance to meet Maria a graffiti artist from here who’s gonna rock an event next weekend with a few more women. Looking forward to that, and meeting the rest of the women graff artists here. Nos vemos pronto MARIA!

Indigenous vendors at event selling beautiful handmade works. I love that she’s in her traditional style. So beautiful!

Finito! Not bad for 2 hrs…The wind was messing with the banner a bit but we made it work. Whew!

Interviews and flicks. Thanks Quito Cultura and Quito Turismo!

Shout out to Barrio 593 for the invitation to paint today. Magazine Interview soon:) Gracias amigos!

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During my trip to NY I had an opportunity to do some live art at the 1st annual fundraiser for the Sneakers 4 Success organization. It took place at the Open Road Rooftop in the Lower East Side. This is one of the most beautiful rooftops in New York City because it filled with colorful graffiti by New York’s most notable artists. Check out the live art photos taken by my cousin Richie, and some of my favorite shots borrowed by other photographers of the event.

S4S uses sneaker culture, urban lifestyle, and footwear design as a platform so students can discover their intuitive creative powers in solving problems. The use of sneakers keeps the students engaged and connected to the material as well as exposing them to ways they can transform their passion into anything. Overall, S4S will give every student that SOLE POWERTM needed to achieve anything.

My boys. Kips, and Clef. Toofly team 2012. Thanks fellas;)

Borrowing some flicks form the Pink Eye, and the Sneaker4Success site. Funky cool fly ladies and their custom kicks…

My chicas and their lovely smiles! xoxo

Shout put to Samel del Pilar and the team for the invitation to paint live and for their wonderful work in organizing. Toofly live art painting was donated to the organization and will be raising funds at the next exhibition in NY. Look out for it and support this crew!

Having fun under the sun;)

Was happy to see Anarkia from Brasil in town, and hommie Martha Diaz from Hip Hop Association. Thanks for the luv ladies;)

((( Lot’s of love from my crew )))

Was happy to see Nitty Scott MC again this summer. She’s so DOPE & BEAUTIFUL! Boombox Family baby! Rock on…Photos by: Melanie Rieders Production ©2012

Shout out to Lori Lobenstein from Female Sneaker Fiend for connecting me with the Sneaker4Success team. Thanks Lori!

As the sun set, and the guests arrived everyone kicked back under this beautiful summer afternoon for the Doin’ it in the Park film screening. Photo by Jonathan Lopez ©2012




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Back in New York for our fourth Ladies Love Project Pop-Up Shop! Shout out to all our friends, family, and LLP supporters who came thru to show us some of that spring/summer love. Weather was lovely for hoola hoops, ice cream, and mini empanada snacks. Our vendors this year brought a bunch of new flavors to the table. As soon as I made dough I spent it right back with the LLP fam. They had such lovely goodies, check em out!

We were so happy Nitty Scott MC performed this year. She is amazing, and super lovely woman. Thank you so much for gracing us with the LLP event with your wonderful talent. The crew and community finally get’s to hear and see what a real female MC sounds like! We are so proud. Keeping Hip Hop alive and staying true:) Lot’s of love from the LLP crew and the Bronx community.

Love these! POW!

SISTARGIRL ROCKS!!! Had to cop one of her earrings. Super fly…

Patty Dukes reppin’ the Circa 95′ booth with uptown hats by The Peralta Project, and Made in the Bronx T’s by Joe Conzo.

Photographer, Joe Conzo stopped by to show us some love. Such a sweet spirit and loyal being. LOVE YOU JOE!!! Made in the Bronx. #legend

Homegirl and stylist Tanya Aviles stopped by to check out the new “Native Collection” for a special photoshoot this past weekend. Now available exclusively on my shop >>>  Thank you for the love ladies!!!

El Salonsito was in the house with special funky colorful artsy and cool nails!!! The ladies love it;) Happy to have her part of the LLP fam.


The Peralta Project was reppin’ for the fellas. Thanks for coming thru kid!

Good Wood NYC. #1 supporter of LLP since day 1. Thanks Kerri & team!

Fly ladies of LLP…

Great turn out. Great space. Thank you Circa 95!

((( LOVE ))))

Love these by Nais!

Ice Cream by Mikey Likes it! Yummy coco…mmmm….

Holla Hoops with PinkEye and Wonder Lee

Shout out to Samantha Morales for the lovely photos!!! Thanks girl. Samantha exhibited her photos at LLP this year too;) yay!

Ready for the performance! wooohooooo

Thank you Nitty Scott MC!!!

Dope event, thank you EVERYONE!!!!! Ladies Love Project 2012, Bronx NY. See you for HOLIDAY 2012. xoxo

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April 06th, 2012 | Category: Hip Hop Culture,Video

Shout out to Nitty Scott, and Photo Rob for rocking my Brooklyn wall as one of the backdrops on the latest Nitty Scott video. Nice shots! I love black and white imagery:) Thanks for the love guys!


Latinas represent!

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