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I’ve been on a roll this past few weeks creating new designs for my spring product line. I recently created my latest die-cut bubble sticker at 4″X3″. It’s been a minute since I made one. I believe the first bubble sticker I made was back in 2005! Almost 10 years ago. Everyone’s jumped the boat since then. It’s all good cause while everyone’s biting your style and your ideas your originating them. True skill over hype anyday baby!


Toofly Die-Cut Bubble Sticker $3.00


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March 29th, 2014 | Category: Art & Design,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

My first ever tote is hot off the press! This past year I created a few new ink drawings. Recently I started messing with them as new designs for t-shirts and totes. The “Native Soul”  image was one of the very first drawings I started this whole series with. I love the hair flow, and native patterns. She’s my favorite so far. $25.00 now exclusively available on my online shop

Toofly Tote Native Soul

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SAVE THE DATE! Ladies Love Project Holiday Pop-Up Shop Nov 16th!

October 22nd, 2013 | Category: Community,Events,Fashion,POP UP SHOPS,Younity

It’s that time again! LLP team is gearing up for HOLIDAY 2013. Ready to bring you all a wonderful community event that supports independent artists and designers for a 1 day pop-up shop! Shop local, shop handmade, and support local economies this Holiday. See you soon!

LLP 13Holiday-insta

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Earlier this year during my trip to Peru I met Alejandro Carranza Vela. A local artisan who travels throughout South America  “parchando” ( setting up shop on the street ) and living a carefree street life. From Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and heading north this year, Alejandro is an amazing soul. I was impressed with his handmade jewelry works on metal, and thread. It’s amazing what one can do with stones, rocks, and beads. There is a whole tribe of friends like Alejandro who travel and set up shop in plazas. They live on the basics, and spend afternoons under the sun making art, music, and friends. I’m enchanted with this whole bohemian hippie life! ((( Inspired ))) Stay tuned for our 2013 jewelry/art collaboration:)

Alejandro Carranza Vela

to check out Alejandro’s work visit his Tumblr page: ARTE.VIDA.CULTURA

Alejandro Carranza Vela




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May 08th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

TOOFLY & KANO Toy Signing this Friday! 5.10.13 —-> @Myplasticheart in NYC will be hosting the official return of Bodega! produced by kaNO kid, the new updated design features a swivel head and a clearer body to display the featured artists graphic. MPH will be kicking off the return with a signing in NYC featuring Toofly and kaNO. Due to the limited edition of these pieces (100 of each), myplasticheart will only have a limited quantity for the signing, so get there early!!!!


Shout out to Kano, Sol, and Sarah for the flicks! <3 Check out Kano’s Blog Post Re-Cap here

Toofly Kano Bodega

Mary papers My plastic heart

Toofly Toy Signing




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Our Ladies Love Project photos by Samantha Morales are ready! Unfortunately I’m super swamped in New York and wont have a chance ot rock my blog posts for a few weeks. In the meantime check out flicks on the link below —->

Ladies Love Project 2013 Spring


Ladies Love Project SP2013-1

Samantha Morales LLP 2013

Graffiti Bags Nails

ladies Love Project Set Ups

LLP Ladies 2013

LLP vendor Kids

Junkprinst LLP SP 13

Lil Ego Concrete Rose

GigiBIO-LLp sp 2013

The Peeps LLP 2013

Ladies Love Project Spring 13

GoodWood NYC LLP 2013

Circa 95 LLP SP 2013

Circa (5 LLP 2013

Ladies Love Project Lower East Side

LLP Crew 2013-sp




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February 25th, 2013 | Category: Fashion,Pressed


TLG Magazine Issue#6 drops this week in the UK! Make sure to get your copy. TLG Magazine is the first magazine in the UK to promote underground arts & culture from a female perspective. Support the mag and check out the sneak peak at my latest Toofly interview. Thank you TLG!

Toofly_TLG Magazine 2013TLG Magazine_Toofly2

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January 23rd, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

2013 is off to a great start! I have some new product designs in the works, as well as fresh new clients on board. Giving thanks while I adjust my sails in a whole new direction. It’s time to get to business and draw, paint, teach, photograph, organize, travel, and most of all design! Here’s a sneak peek at my latest T-shirt graphic “NEW YORK CITY” A tribute design to my hommies back home, and our beloved city. The TF marker skillz on this one are on point. Available in a few weeks exclusively online:

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November 20th, 2012 | Category: Community,Events,Fashion,POP UP SHOPS

Success! LLP rocked it out this year. It was particularly special this time around because we worked really really hard to make the Holiday Pop-Up Shop kick off the holiday bigger, and better than ever. Our new location in the lower east side made all the difference. Thank you UNIVERSITY SETTLEMENT! We also had the most vendors this year, and the most interactive booths. From nail salon, to make-up on set, tarot card readings, live silkscreening, and the infamous LLP photobooth! It was also one of our biggest turnouts. Our little counter investment proves it! LOL…The LLP team wants to send a super warm and special thank you to everyone who joined us this year, and who made it all happen. Shout out to hommie Yevette Hidalgo who helped us gather items for folks affected by hurrican Sandy. Any little effort counts. From an amazing crop of creative vendors, to fly, and heart felt performers, to the foodie cooks who kept our energy going, our darling photographers, and to our special sponsor this year Vita Coco. We like to thank Allison at University Settlement for all the help in making this happen we look forward to building with you on future events:) To all our guests thank you for all the community support and for shopping handmade and local. It’s a little hard to fit all the wonderful pics we took this year so visit out LLP Facebook Page to see the rest. Allright ya’ll, in case you missed it here’s a re-cap of LLP HOLIDAY 2012!!!

We had some really dope vendors on board this year! Thank you everyone!

Jenny Kinns Cupcakes

Looking fwd to your pics thank you Sheena She!

A quick backdrop with scraps of spray paint. Whew!

Thank you Jasmine Solano!


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September 26th, 2012 | Category: Art & Design,Fashion

((( FALL IS HERE ))))
and so is this cute “NEW” 2Fly PIN!

illustrated and crafted by New York’s  designer darlings; TOOFLY and GOOD WOOD NYC.
The classic heart shaped pin ($5) makes 2Fly’s graffiti style bubble letters pop, and easy to pin  on your favorite handbag, backpack, jacket, or  hat. A unique eco-friendly accessory
that’s just 1.5 inches in size!
:::super cute:::


Available exclusively at:
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Back in New York for our fourth Ladies Love Project Pop-Up Shop! Shout out to all our friends, family, and LLP supporters who came thru to show us some of that spring/summer love. Weather was lovely for hoola hoops, ice cream, and mini empanada snacks. Our vendors this year brought a bunch of new flavors to the table. As soon as I made dough I spent it right back with the LLP fam. They had such lovely goodies, check em out!

We were so happy Nitty Scott MC performed this year. She is amazing, and super lovely woman. Thank you so much for gracing us with the LLP event with your wonderful talent. The crew and community finally get’s to hear and see what a real female MC sounds like! We are so proud. Keeping Hip Hop alive and staying true:) Lot’s of love from the LLP crew and the Bronx community.

Love these! POW!

SISTARGIRL ROCKS!!! Had to cop one of her earrings. Super fly…

Patty Dukes reppin’ the Circa 95′ booth with uptown hats by The Peralta Project, and Made in the Bronx T’s by Joe Conzo.

Photographer, Joe Conzo stopped by to show us some love. Such a sweet spirit and loyal being. LOVE YOU JOE!!! Made in the Bronx. #legend

Homegirl and stylist Tanya Aviles stopped by to check out the new “Native Collection” for a special photoshoot this past weekend. Now available exclusively on my shop >>>  Thank you for the love ladies!!!

El Salonsito was in the house with special funky colorful artsy and cool nails!!! The ladies love it;) Happy to have her part of the LLP fam.


The Peralta Project was reppin’ for the fellas. Thanks for coming thru kid!

Good Wood NYC. #1 supporter of LLP since day 1. Thanks Kerri & team!

Fly ladies of LLP…

Great turn out. Great space. Thank you Circa 95!

((( LOVE ))))

Love these by Nais!

Ice Cream by Mikey Likes it! Yummy coco…mmmm….

Holla Hoops with PinkEye and Wonder Lee

Shout out to Samantha Morales for the lovely photos!!! Thanks girl. Samantha exhibited her photos at LLP this year too;) yay!

Ready for the performance! wooohooooo

Thank you Nitty Scott MC!!!

Dope event, thank you EVERYONE!!!!! Ladies Love Project 2012, Bronx NY. See you for HOLIDAY 2012. xoxo

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Trying to get all my bloggy blog posts in before they start piling up! Here’s a preview of what’s to come for our friends at Circa 95′ who are about to open up a their very own POP-UP SHOP in the BX. I’m super proud of my peeps!  Thanks for the invite to rock the entrance wall in the space. I’m happy I had a chance to rock it during the trip, and most of all kick it with ya over some rice and beans WEPA!

The Circa ‘95 Pop-Up Shop is a community art shop/gallery space that exhibits a variety of urban artistic works and use the arts to transform communities.  Circa ‘95 has a four month artistic residency with The Bronx Music Heritage Center Lab. The shop is dedicated to supporting new upcoming and established artists. Through our new temporary storefront in The South Bronx artists will have the opportunity to sell their goods and share their work.  Work which is traditionally under-represented in the cities big chain stores, galleries and museums.  We will also be hosting workshops, special events  and musical engagements for kids and adults, creating a community for artisans to share their experiences, hone their craft and create further opportunities.  The Circa ’95 Pop-Up Shop is committed to the artistic, educational, and economic development of The South Bronx. Our staff is 100% volunteer, and we rely heavily on community support.

Cekis Circa 95′ Piece love it!

Circa 95 shop logo by Toofly:)

Photos by Samantha Morales



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March 20th, 2012 | Category: Art & Design,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

HELLLLLLO SPRING! My favorite season of all. A time to come alive again, and spring up with a fresh new look. I’ve been busy working on some new goodies for ya’ll. Happy to finally get a chance to share them with you on this special day.

There’s an array of (((NEW))) items with lot’s of pop colors and native designs as well as the classic NYC graff styles you all love. The mini graffiti canvases were a great hit during the holiday so I decided to make some for the shop for all to enjoy. I couldn’t wait to work with my wood crafter guy again. I was out of stock on a bunch of items. The holidays wiped me out. The eco-block rings continue to be a huge hit season after season so when I finally got a new batch to work on I got busy painting!

The designs are as colorful as ever, and come in various styles. Our new special item, the embroidered flower earrings, was a lot of fun to work on especially because it’s a collaboration between my mom and I. I love these designs! I have always wanted something this colorful to wear with my spring dresses. Make sure to cop yours they are extremely limited in numbers.

I’m really inspired living in South America these days, I hope you enjoy the new Toofly steelo flowz:)

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September 04th, 2011 | Category: Art & Design,Day in the Life,Fashion,Graffiti / Street Art

Hooked up with one of my best friends this weekend to rock one of her favorite pieces off my sketchbook at her new cut & sew shop in Brooklyn. Alex, and I go back like peas & carrots;) I am so happy and excited for her!!! Cheers & congratulations to your new venture kid! LOVE YOU!!!

Loves Saves the Day_Toofly
“Love Saves the Day”


flower childs at heart since 1992

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