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“STAYING TRUE” Few & Far Art Print Showcase Sept 13th – Oct 9th

August 20th, 2014 | Category: Community,Events,Exhibitions,Few & Far Women

Save the Date! —-> Few & Far Women is gearing up for an all female art print show in Sacramento California next month at Sol Collective. Toofly goodies like stickers packs, totes, sketchbooks and more will also be available. More after the jump off! Type, and Flyer design by yours truly:)

FNF Staying True Flyer_web


Few and Far is an assemblage of women who beautify the streets.  In a shared commitment to creativity, education and social justice we draw, paint, skateboard and teach all over the globe. Street art is an international, visual language that ever evolves.  A mural is a story and each artist takes her turn in the telling. Using our gifts as totem makers, Few and Far’s reflection of the world is fantastic and distinctly feminine. By engaging our community in our narrative, we seek to foster young imagination, to help the neighborhood’s next generation recognize and channel their creative impulses.  This conversation between artistsand communities is an ongoing, global project to heal and bring together all peoples. 

Staying True The women from Few and Far are coming together this September to bring their art indoors for an all-print show in Sacramento. Hailing from Miami, New York and around the West Coast (including Sacramento), this group of 13 women will be showing a collection of framed prints priced under $300. Few and Far have created murals around the world and have several notable large painted walls in Sacramento. The group show; Staying True will be held at Sol Collective – a non-profit community art center focused on culture and activism.
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August 20th, 2014 | Category: Events,Exhibitions

Enjoy your last days of summer!  If your in Jersey City and want to cop a TOOFLY PRINT check out: “Ripe” an all female art exhibit at Freshly Baked Gallery. 383 Monmouth St, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

Ripe freshly Backed Gallery

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August 20th, 2014 | Category: Community,Events,Exhibitions

Hey folks! sorry I’ve been a little behind on my posts. I’m building my first home in the mothaland at last! more about that wonderful experience later. For now I want to let folks know about a few shows currently up in New York, New Jersey, and an all female print show coming up in Sacramento California next month. This week is your last chance to check out the “Brooklyn Queens Elite” (BQE) exhibit curated by my homegirl Yvette Hidalgo at PowerHouse Books! This Sunday, August 24th is the last day to view! Here’s some flicks of the show…

Toofly PowerHouse Books

On view until Sunday August 24th at Powerhouse Books // 37 Main Street Brooklyn ( Dumbo ) F train to York St.

Toofly URNY KEO PowerhouseBooks

Toofly PowerHouse Books Graffiti

URNY Powerhouse Books

Toofly Queens Finest

Toofly PowerHouse Books

Brooklyn Queens Elite Show

proud of my ladies! Grew up in the same hood, Corona Queens baby! Destined to meet and build creative worlds together.

Corona Graffiti History

Olivia’s photos from back in the days have a lot of graffiti history from Corona, Queens don’t miss seeing them!!! Shout out to the peeps – THE NATURALS, THE OUTSIDERS and YKK.

Brooklyn Queens Art

Antonio Kel 5MH PowerHouse

Shout out to Angie LM Vasquez for the flicks! and to everyone who supported the fam on a lovely summer night in Dumbo Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Queens Elite, powerhousebooks

It’s a small world! Eventually the kids from the 90’s all grown up and  destined to re-unite and celebrate true school style and native NY flava.


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ART WYNWOOD FEB 13th-17th, 2014

February 04th, 2014 | Category: Events,Exhibitions

I’ve been invited to participate in the Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair in Miami this year. More info coming soon…

Art Wynwood 2014

Art Wynwood Toofly

Art Wynwood 2014 will feature 70 international galleries presenting emerging, cutting edge, contemporary and modern works and will have its own distinct identity and design. A unique feature is the highlight of street art, murals, pop surrealism and other genres from the contemporary underground movement. Art Wynwood is perfectly positioned to further the growing worldwide recognition of this movement by providing the enthusiast and seasoned art world traveler alike a distinctive opportunity to explore, learn and collect one of the most significant art movements of our time.

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December 02nd, 2013 | Category: Events,Exhibitions,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel,Younity


December 02nd, 2013 | Category: Community,Events,Exhibitions,Hommies

Hello World! Finally have a chance to update all my photos from Love Warrior showcase. I’m happy all the pieces I have been working on in the last few years finally came together as a complete series. I wanted this showcase to be intimate, and to be shared among all the people that support and care about my work. There is something special that happens when you can share ideas that are about emotion, about culture, and about things that are hard to describe in words sometimes. People’s faces light up, they smile, they wonder…but no words come out. There is no need to because “feeling” is really what it’s all about. Love Warrior is for the lover, and for the fighter. Each one knows what that truly means to them. Thank you for making the connection and sharing that space with me:)


“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave. 

Frozen LV showcase

FROZEN. Acrylic on Cardboard Installation.


Toofly Virgen De gauadalupe

Corazon. Acrylic on Canvas.

Love Warrior Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher. Acrylic on Cardboard

Love Warrior TF 4

Twin Flames


If you are interested in a price list via e-mail with images of work available please send us a message at:

Love Warrior Sketches

Original Sketches $300+ (Framed)

Love Warrior TF 3

Love Warrior Gals

Shout out to Jenny for the support. Proud owner of “In Too Deep” Acrylic on Cardboard.

Toofly Painting


Toofly love Warrior 2013

Toofly Love Warrior-1


Toofly Tshirts LV

Limited edition “Love Warrior” T’s and Hoodies.

Love Warrior Showcase

Da Crew LV fam

Thank you “love Warrior” crew! It’s always nice to have a wonderful team down to make it happen on all fronts.

Jill De Bushwick

Thank you Jill de Bushwick for spinning Funk, hip Hop, and Rock N’ Roll. Jill de Bushwick is a true Williamsburg local.

Mi Isla Coquito Crew

Thank you Millie and Lillie for holding it down on the Coquito and introducing us to Blu-Quito so yummy! Millie is a true Williamsburg local.Coquito

Mi Isla Coquito.

coquito Patty Dukes

Fresthetic Mikey

Shout out to Michael Shawn Cordero. Friend, and Fresthetic shop owner. Hommie for years making it happen in BK! Mikey is a true Williamsburg local. Fresthetic

da crew LV

Love and thanks to all my hommies <3

Guests LV

Crew LV

Fresthetic Logo

Love Warrior Fresthetic

There is still a chance to view and purchase Toofly prints, and Toofly goodies for the holidays.Love Warrior Fresthetic 2013

“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave.

WereOpen LV



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“LOVE WARRIOR” New Works by TOOFLY 11.21.13

October 29th, 2013 | Category: Events,Exhibitions

Love Warriror Flyer_blog


Renowned Street Artist TOOFLY Debuts the “LOVE WARRIOR” Showcase at Brooklyn’s Fresthetic Gallery

BROOKLYN, New York—October 21st, 2013—A month from now, world renowned female graffiti artist, designer, and activist, Maria “TOOFLY” Castillo will unveil her LOVE WARRIOR series at Bushwick’s own Fresthetic Gallery on Thursday, November 21, 2013. The community is abuzz about TOOFLY; thus making her opening an anticipated yet intimate art celebration in Brooklyn. Held from 6PM to 10PM, arts enthusiasts, tastemakers, press and friends will get to view five years of existing and new works by TOOFLY, admiring a palpable presence of feminine power immersed in the spiritual. The mixed media artist livens up recycled materials with handstyles, fierce women, and native patterns to tap back into her “roots”.

LOVE WARRIOR is a new direction of work for TOOFLY. The series, started a few years ago, boasts images of sensual, strong, indigenous women painted in gray tones, decorated with warrior markings to describe the deep reserves of strength women inherit from their ancestors and experiences.

Thus, it appears that the artist’s infamous “New York City graffiti-girl” character illustration, a staple for galleries, walls and some notable global brands, has matured. This is in part due to living in both North and South America, where TOOFLY explores art, feminism and spirituality from a different perspective—one deeply rooted in her Ecuadorian heritage that marries her upbringing on the streets of New York City.

With that, the “back to your roots” message emerges in the LOVE WARRIOR series, with the use of recycled materials as an added element. It’s an ode to a simpler time when powerful art in New York was created on typically discarded items and urban surfaces. Yet, LOVE WARRIOR isn’t about wildstyle; it’s paying homage to forgotten indigenous cultures in a technologically obsessed world. Still, technology’s loss is TOOFLY’s gain as she captures the depth of women on paper, canvas, wood, and cardboard materials discovered on New York City streets. The show’s attendees will experience a cultural mixed media experience through native designs, religious iconography, and graffiti marks as each woman depicts a story. Classic handstyles lay a finishing touch on these amazing works, emitting cryptic wisdom such as  “Grow in Silence,” “Respect,” and her most admired piece, “WHAT WE LOVE WE GROW TO RESEMBLE.”

“This new series taps into the soul’s purpose to love, create, and become free,” says TOOFLY while sketching new works. Just before finishing she adds–“artists can’t afford to lose our legacy at the expense of commodification”. Those of us in touch with our hearts know it’s time to go back to our roots. For me, that foundation is love.”

Images of a few works to be displayed can be seen here and here.

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September 29th, 2013 | Category: Events,Exhibitions

On Monday October 7th there will be a fundraiser for an amazing organization called GROUNDSWELL at Christie’s Auction House with an great list of artists like; Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Ricky Powell, Jose Parla, Daze, Swoon, Ricardo Cortes, and more . My latest print “ARISE” from the Love Warrior series will showcase in support. If you would like to purchase tickets, place a bid, and get more information visit:

Groundsweel Auction Benefit

Toofly Christies Groundswell

All proceeds support Groundswell ( and its work to bring together artists, youth, and community organizations to use art as a tool for social change. Online bidding is available beginning September 23 at 10am EST. —> ARTWORK BIDS

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September 24th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Exhibitions

VIP time! fashionably late that is. All good we made it, and just about everyone arrived to check out the exhibit. Very happy with the whole set-up, and display of our works. The cranberry drinks were great, and the complimentary pizza hit the spot. It was super nice to see everyone, especially those faces I haven’t seen in a while. Shout out to the Redbull team in NYC. Great show!


Toofly redbull Canvas Cooler Project-event

wrapping up the virgo season, and enjoying the last days of summer with my closest friends. Happy and at peace with the flow of the evening. Gathering the troops is a mission and a half sometimes but all worth it. Love all you guys!

redbull canvas cooler curates

toofly redbull canvas cooler night

OOooh la la…the lighting makes these cooler look so FRESHHHHHHHH!

fresthetic toofly

Lovely photo opp by Alexandra Henry with Mike from Fresthetic. We’re building and preparing for a fall showcase this November. Stay tuned!

Toofly Cooler Redbull
toofly canvas cooler photo

chicas redbull

NYC Redbull Canvas COolers
Damn who would’nt want to own one of these coolers they’re so dope! – Photos by Alexandra Henry

toofly_Ken Swift

Been sooooooo long! I was happy to see Kenny at the event. Thank you KEN SWIFT:)

Sofia Maldonado Redbull Cooler
Cooler by our homegirl Sofia Maldonado. – Photo by Alexandra Henry

Toofly redbull event

redbull canvas cooler party

Getting the Redbull cranberry vodka drink on!

freinds redbull


URNY and 2FLY reppn’ for the night…

TF peeps

group shot redbull

Thank you everyone!!! Had a blast that night glad we got a chance to jam it out on the dancefloor at Bembe. Good times!!! See ya in November.

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September 23rd, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Exhibitions

The Redbull Canvas Cooler Project was a great opportunity to head back to New York and enjoy the last days of summer. I got a chance to paint, hangout with friends, and celebrate my Birthday:) It was a lovely September NYC trip. Glad I accepted the invitation. The Redbull Curates team set it off this year in Bushwick Brooklyn. Yeah…that once overlooked neighborhood where nobody wanted to live. AH! the inner city boroughs are changing a whole lot. Brooklyn is the hot new gentrified spots to live in these days. It is not surprising that many hi-profile companies are tapping in. There’s almost no reason to head into the city anymore. Crazy right?! It feels like our artist energy is at fault sometimes. We try to live in cheaper rent zones but then our creative wheels turn to improve the neighborhood and then sooner than you can blink lofts and condos take over and push you, and your friends out. So unfair! What are you gonna do. Gotta vent, speak the truth and use our work to educate folks. As much as I agreed to be part of this project I will make sure to take the chance to express my feelings of it all at the end of the day. To learn more about why I chose to paint this image and the story behind it check out the blog post —> DEATH & REBIRTH

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-7

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-8

“LET LOVE RAISE YOUR ENERGY” Death and Rebirth, Brooklyn NYC
I wasn’t fully prepared to rock my cooler, but I knew if I carved out a good 30min the night before to brainstorm some ideas it was gonna be all good. 4 panels. 8 hrs. I was happy with the result. I decided to illustrate an important image that is dear to me, along with a positive powerful message. The set-up was cool, and it was nice to meet and paint alongside artists I known for years and artists new to the scene. Some of them are really amazing illustrators which I love! Big ups to the ones who hold it down on the natural skills to draw, paint, and conceptualize something original. There’s no room in our book for anything else. My friend said it best: TRUE ARTISTRY over HYPE baby!!!

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-5 copy

Toofly Zimad Redbull copy

Zimad! Always sweet:)  loving the new work!!! Must plan a group showcase soon…

Sofia Maldonado Redbull
Sofia Maldonado!!! Lovely and sweet. Our conversation about what is happening in the art world these days was on point! We are on the same page hommie. I am happy we are both traveling and painting in our countries and exploring new avenues for our art:) Big hugz!

redbull canvas cooler

I personally loooove this cooler! So smart to work in the Redbull cans. If I had to vote I would have done so for this guy. Shout out to our friend Royce who came thru to check out the artists at work:)

BK Artist redbull

There’s a lot of artists these days rock’n it out. It’s hard to keep track but meeting everyone was cool so I can finally put a face ot the art. Whew! Great meeting you all!

redbull canvas cooler new york

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-14

If you have felt this you know what I am talking about. Redbull Canvas Curates Event photos coming soon!


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July 08th, 2013 | Category: Events,Exhibitions,Graffiti / Street Art

 F&F_WebFlyer “Tough as Nails: Artwork from the Women of Few & Far Crew”
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 3 rd 2013, 6-10pm
Exhibit: Aug 3 rd – Sept 29 th , 2013
Press Contact: Kelsey Lannin-

Few & Far is a collective of highly creative female graffiti artists from around the  world, working together to promote participation of women in typically male  dominated sub-cultures. They travel the globe connecting women through artistic  and social exchange, showcasing their art on walls and in the streets. “Tough as  Nails” is a representation of their collective belief that all women should feel encouraged to do what they love, despite gender imbalances found throughout society.

Art Primo Gallery
Art Primo SF Gallery works to showcase graffiti art in the gritty and subversive spirit out of which the subculture has grown. We strive to make artwork available  both to serious collectors and the general public, with affordable pricing and  public, all-age events. Our top priority is the preservation of anonymity for those  artists working with us who wish to keep their identity private. Art Primo SF Gallery is attached to the Art Primo SF graffiti art supply store, offering the best  selection of high quality street art supplies in the Bay Area. 



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May 23rd, 2013 | Category: Events,Exhibitions
Screaming Sky Gallery
2025 NE Alberta st. Portland,OR. 97211
May 30th, 2013  (6-9PM) – Opening Reception

Street/Gallery artist and curator “Mad One” will present and team up with The Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland,OR to host this one of a kind exhibit “Printed Matters”, a showcase of local and international artists, graphic designers, graffiti artists and of course avid print makers. The show will feature unique prints available in limited editions as well as in an array of print making mediums. During the opening reception we will have a handful of surprises like  plenty of sticker giveaways, free handouts throughout the night provided by our sponsors like energy drinks, clothes, magazines, dvds and limited edition items produced by showcasing artists and much more….

So both you and I know these types of shows are on the rise and there have been several Graffiti/Urban art themed shows throughout the city the last few years and this is one of a kind for sure “Mad One”, a Portland based street/gallery artist and curator, had the opportunity to lock down a variety of talented artists here locally,throughout the states as well as internationally for this group show.We have artists ranging from New York to California, Canada, the U.K. and beyond.

“Printed Matters” is primarily designed around supporting the urban art movement and bringing awareness to the artists involved and how they have gone from the streets to modern figures being displayed in today’s galleries and museums. Also the curator really wanted to shed light on the different mediums/methods used in printmaking and at the same time expose these rare pieces for all to see and or possibly take home. “Mad One”, a street art advocate, has taken on the duty of curating this one of a kind show as well as putting together some great line-ups in years past throughout different galleries in the U.S.

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January 10th, 2013 | Category: Exhibitions

First exhibit of the year opens this Friday Jan 11th at Mighty Tanaka Gallery. Featuring artwork by TOOFLY, TonyDePew, and QuelBeast.

Mighty Tanaka presents:
Featuring the artwork of Tony DePew, Toofly & Quelbeast

Everyone is unique.  From the moment we take our first breath to the moment we take our last, there resides a remarkable spark of individuality that exists in each and every one of us.  The ways in which we each choose to outwardly express ourselves may vary greatly, yet we all must embrace the differences that separate us all.  It’s been said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, however, it is the expressions of the face that communicate another’s thoughts and desires.  Therein lies the magic of portraits, a method that provides a visual communication with the subject, who has been captured within a moment in time.  The viewer has the unique opportunity to study those feelings and emotions which have been forever captured on the face of the subject.  Mighty Tanaka is pleased to bring you our next show, Vis-á-Vis, featuring the artwork of Tony DePew, Toofly & Quelbeast.  Each artist represents a different interpretation of the way they choose to create portrait work.

Vis-á-Vis is an in depth look into three different examples of portrait work in Street Art.  Tony DePew, Toofly & Quelbeast each bring forth a variety of ideas in their approach to portrait work in the street.  They are constantly contributing to the overall conversation in art with their unorthodox styles, which provides a vibrancy on the street for all to enjoy.

Tony DePew, Toofly and Quelbeast each possess a vibrant pallet and a deliberate touch, which exemplifies their overall attention to detail.  Vis-á-Visprovides the viewer with an intriguing insight into the technical workings of three exciting artists.

Friday, January 11th, 2012 // 6:00PM – 9:00PM (Show closes February 8th)

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December 13th, 2012 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Exhibitions,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

I had given up doing toy customs but figured what the heck. I’ll rock one more! Kidrobot invited a few of the graff girls to rock a Munny during their Pop up Shop at Miami Art Basel. My schedule was so hectic during trip I didn’t get chance to stop by the showcase:( I’ll try and dig up flicks from the show. Until then here’s a sneek peek at my completed Munny Warrior. She came out DOPE! Thank you Phi for making it all happen on such a short notice. Luckily I had a chance to paint her while I visited my sister in Ft Lauderdale and everything worked out smoooooothly. Whew!


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November 26th, 2012 | Category: Events,Exhibitions,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

Juxtapoz Magazine and Mixed Media Collective present “The Factory”
at Wynwood Cigar Factory
101 NW 24th Street, Miami, Florida 33127

Juxtapoz Magazine and Mixed Media Collective present “The Factory” at Wynwood Cigar Factory. The multifaceted, indoor/outdoor art compound will house a vast collection of artwork featuring prominent local and nationally recognized artists. Street Art favorites including 131, Abstrkt, Alex Yanes, Myla (of Dabs & Myla), DALeast, Evoca1, Faith47, Jose Mertz, Lebo, Tatiana Suarez, Toofly and others, will adorn the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Wynwood Cigar Factory’s 15,000 square foot combined area. Guests are invited to enjoy open format gallery viewings, live mural painting, complimentary Perrier sparkling mineral water provided by Societe Perrier, complimentary Chambord Vodka & Societe Perrier signature cocktails, complimentary Becks Beer, complimentary Steep City Tea tastings and suggested Wynwood Cigar pairings, The Paint Yard Miami Pop-Up Shop featuring Montana aerosol paints, Wynwood Cigar Factory Pop-Up Shop, the only official KidRobot Pop-Up Shop during Basel week and the 1st annual Basel Biergarten launching in the mural garden.

This unique space is primarily a fully functioning cigar factory. The indoor 5,000 square foot space will serve as the exhibition area for The Factory Art show and house pop-up shops for partners and sponsors. Among these, KidRobot will be carrying fan favorites such as MUNNYWORLD vinyl toys and other KidRobot branded products. Custom painted MUNNYWORLD characters created by several of the featured artists will be on display throughout the event. For those wanting to create their own MUNNY characters, KRINK markers will be available at pop-up shop. shop will not only carry paint markers but also will offer the only aerosol paint pop-up shop in Wynwood carrying Montana aerosol paint.

The property’s 10,000 square foot outdoor area, partially enclosed by over 300 feet of mural walls, will be buzzing with the sound of aerosol as some of the top names in the street art world bring the murals to life. Thursday-Sunday from 2pm-6pm guests can view murals being painted by local favorites 131, Abstrkt, Alex Yanes, Danny Cordero, Evoca1, Lebo and Remote will be creating custom pieces on the walls located on the west side of the outdoor space. Famed artists Faith 47 and DALeast also will be collaborating on the mural. On the east wall of the mural garden, the all-female street art collaborative known very well as “Few & Far” will be crafting up a new 120’x17’ piece which is sure to become a Wynwood favorite long after the events have passed. The nationally recognized group includes artists, Agana, Beth Emmerich, Erin Yoshi, Glow, Hops, Ksra, Meme, Myla (of Dabs & Myla), OneSevenNine, Reds, Tatiana Suarez and Toofly.

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