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October 19th, 2014 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Events,Graffiti / Street Art

The 5th annual Detonarte Urban Arts Festival is finally all wrapped up! I’m beat. Over 150 artists have been painting for a few days at the Mercado San Roque in the center of Quito, Ecuador. It’s one of the oldest, and craziest places I’ve ever been to. I’ve seen so much in the last few days of “Mercado Life” that has taken me away a bit. The realness is ill. Happy we can put smiles on the folks who spend most of their lives here, especially the kids that arrive from school and see a whole new playground. Here are some of my favorite pics, and some from our dear photographer friend; Mavizu.


El Mercado de San Roque: se encuentra en el barrio de San Roque desde 1981 en que fue construido. Alberga a 3000 comerciantes, 90 transportistas asociados, 200 desgranadoras, 2000 estibadores, 200 rodeadoras, un total 5490 trabajadores (20.862 personas que viven directamente del mercado). Se abastece de productos de todo el país y alimenta al 35% de la ciudad de Quito. Es un espacio autogestionado por las organizaciones del mercado: existen 26 asociaciones de comerciantes, transportistas, y cargadores que conviven diariamente en el mercados SR.

Quito San Roque



Got our walls locked in and we’re ready to rock for the week!

Detonarte San Roque Flyer

El Detonarte:¬†es el festival de arte urbano m√°s grande del pa√≠s. Est√° en su 5ta edici√≥n. La selecci√≥n de 10 artistas nacionales por concurso y de 10 artistas internacionales.¬†200 muros del mercado de SR vana ser pintados por los mejores artistas urbanos del pa√≠s y por artistas internacionales.¬†Los 10 artistas nacionales seleccionados por concurso son: Apitat√°n, Artkasmo, Coxmorama, Doz, Enaone, Ralex, Splash, Steep, Tenaz, Toofly.¬†Y de 10 artistas internacionales invitados para esta edici√≥n: Parole, Delio, Auka Arte, Guache, Brigada Negrotr√≥pica, Calidoso, Visual AGP, Monowild, Hadok, Irem.¬†Este a√Īo el Detonarte tiene programadas adem√°s de los murales en San Roque, ferias y charlas sigue la programaci√≥n en¬†

detonarte Evans




Detonarte San Roque

Apitatan Sketch

San Roque Detonarte murales copy

Detonarte Toofly Wall

Toofly Detonarte 5

Mercado Fam_web

Toofly detonarte quito

Toofly Detonarte San Roque

San Roque MErcado

Detonarte Nails

Alm Crew2

Steep Detonarte

STEEP – Ecuador

Apitatan Detonarte

APITATAN – Ecuador

Auka Detonarte

AUKA- Argentina


Tenaz Detonarte

Tenaz – Otavalo

Tenaz Detonarte

Congratulations Tenaz!!!

Detonarte 2014 Quito Ecuador

#DETONARTE 2014!!! Gracias y felicitaciones a todos! You are all amazing, and wonderful creative souls, happy I got a chance to kick it with some of ya. Buen viaje, buenas vibras, y nos vemos en una próxima pinta en el lindo mundo de Sur America!

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October 03rd, 2014 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Events,Graffiti / Street Art

Detonarte Quito Ecuador

Happy to announce that I will be one of the national artists participating at the 5th annual DETONARTE urban arts festival in Quito, Ecuador October 13th РOctober 19th 2014. This is one of the most well organized graffiti/street art events in the city, looking forward to it and to all the international artists attending from Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Belgica, and Spain!  For more information visit their website: or facebook page.

Toofly Detonaret Artists

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Construction on my first home has officially started! I have to be focused on that project for the next 2-3 months but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support our friend’s mural project in Quito this past weekend. Over 150 artist from Ecuador signed up to paint a very large wall at the parque Bicentenario. A huge park that was once Quito’s main airport. The city has grown so much that the airport had to move elsewhere and now there’s a large space in the middle of the city open for a new park design. In the meantime artists, food vendors, and locals are enjoying the open space to ride bikes, skateboard, run, play, and rock out events. The 1st ever Metallica concert was held there a few months ago and it was massssssive! It’s a great space for almost anything, and our organizer friend Luis, from NEURAL INDUSTRIAS CREATIVAS ¬†hooked up with the city parks dept in Quito to rock a large mural in support of the growing demand for urban artists to have legal spaces to paint. When I first arrived to the motherland everything was chill here. You can paint walls in peace and rock a wall almost anywhere with the owners permission. In the last year however the last mayor put that shit on lock and now many street artists are getting fined over $300 and getting thrown in jail for a day for not having their permission given directly from the city. It’s has become more and more difficult to paint walls here. Making it harder for street artists to paint is bad move, because the urban arts culture in Ecuador will suffer, and the craft will not evolve properly. Without an urban arts culture to represent the country many young people will turn their energy elsewhere, most likely negative. It is very important for all artists in Ecuador at this time to come together now and attend these events, as well as city meetings. “LA PREVIA” held on Saturday August 30th is part of DETONARTE’S message to the new city officials of Quito to help support a large arts and culture movement happening all over the world. The new mayor (forget his name) came through to give a speech at the event, which showed us he’s in support. City meetings will be held in the next few weeks let’s see what happens. Till then we will make our voices heard! Gracias LUIS!!! <3

Detonarte La Previa

parque bicentenario quito 4

Toofly la Previa Detonarte1

Free Spirit Sketch

“FREE SPIRIT” Not enough equipment or paint or time to make this happen but one day I’ll rock it out in full detail..

Toofly collabo with Splash

teamed up with Splash from ALM crew…

Toofly Detonarte

Toofly Alm Paint Detonarte

Toofly X ALM Detonarte

Collaboration among artists helps us grow…

Paint Quito Ecuador Detonarte

Young people have open places to enjoy live urban art they can relate to, music, and sunshine. The opportunity to “hang out” creates a space where they can build and be inspired to create.

Cotopaxi Detonarte HTM

hommie HTM with the graphic skillz + he’s an awesome “good vibes” soul.

Detonarte Wall 2014
Detonarte Quito Ecuador 2014

“building” with folks from CUENCA – fun projects ahead…

Parque Bicentenario Quito3

EME ESE Ecuador

EME ESE, finally met the artist that paints these graphic cows everywhere in Ecuador:)

Quito Peeps

Quito peeps! The best part about painting with all these guys is that they are all so nice and chill. Love that!

Apitatan Toofly Detonarte

Finally met Apitatan, he paints everywhere! His stuff is pretty prominent, and he looks like his characters! We all do:)

Parque Bicentenario Quito

Parque Bicentenario Quito2

It was a beautiful day to paint, ride bikes, stroll, and eat ceviche de chochos!

Toofly Detonarte 2014

Toofly X Splash Collabo Detonarte

TOOFLY X SPLASH Collabo 2014 – gracias amigo! Letras y Characters always look good together:)

Toofly Detonarte Quito Ecuador

I¬†forgot to smile…*smirk

Toofly.Splash.Paint.Apitatan 2014


Canal Uno Ecuador Toofly

OK Ecuador…get your shit together so we can take it to the next level. We need paint, we need ladders, scaffolds, and most of all spaces to create beautiful murals to bring our people and barrios together to enjoy life. We work hard for it, and YES we are part of the solution for your “EL BUEN VIVIR” campaign.

Quito Municipio Letter

Nos vemos el Jueves! Septiembre 4, 2014 Apuntesen! Si quieren ver cambios…

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June 30th, 2014 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art

Now that I am back in Ecuador I can get started on a few other projects + take a nice break from the busy bee mode of the NY grind. I was invited last weekend for the magazine launch of Ecuador’s first official graffiti/street art magazine VISCERARTE¬†“revista de arte urbano” –¬†¬†The folks who run the magazine have been clicking away at many of the graffiti events in Quito I’ve attended. I met them earlier this year when Abusa Crew was in town. They are a lovely couple Alex, and Eli who’s love for the urban artform in their city has turned into a print project all their own. I want to give a special thanks to them for taking on the publishing world here in Quito to help document the movement through words, and photography. There’s some nice things going down in this city it’s nice to see it unfold in person. Here’s some flicks of the magazine launch at El Centro Contemporaneo in Quito. Participating artists like La Ratona, Jason, Bonice, Enaone and more…


Viscerarte Afiche

Toofly Spraycans

Toofly Viscerarte

Museo Contemporaneo Quito

Viscerarte Mag

Toofly Live Art

Toofly Viscerarte-4

Bonice Quito

Viscerarte en Vivo

Toofly Viscerarte-2

La Ratona

Toofly Viscerarte-8

Toofly La Ratona

Toofly Viscerarte-3

Toofly Viscerarte


Photo by David Parra ©2014

Viscerarte Logo

Quito Crew

Gracias a todos! Seguimos adelante con el amor por el arte urbano para pintar lindas paredes en nuestros barrios y reunir a nuestros pueblos.

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Abusa (Chile) X Toofly (USA) Quito, Ecuador 2014

April 22nd, 2014 | Category: Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art

Had to take a quick trip to Panama and didn’t get a chance to post the last wall the Abusa Crew and I completed in Quito. I’m finally back in the studio and ready to share! We got some really great photos of our wall process thanks to Vicerarte Magazine and my mom dukes! Finding this wall took a while because we needed something big enough for all three of us + something that would be visible by many many people. We finally found a mechanic shop that was down for us. They desperately wanted to cover up all the graffiti tags on the side of their walls because the Municipio of Quito kept telling the owner to buff the wall or get fined. They buffed the wall numerous times but it kept getting tagged and vandalized. When I showed up for permission they didn’t think twice. “pintalo!” they told me, without a second thought. Half way through the process we ran into trouble with the cops, and the municipal officials. Someone in the neighborhood ran a hate move on us and called them to take us in. We were harassed for permission papers, and threatened to be fined $300 each and taken to jail for a day. Luckily a nice gentleman from the city council in the area helped me get the papers in order in just a few hours so we can continue to paint wall. They say they want to help because they recognize the problem of vandalism on the streets but it’s always a little twisted here. You don’t know who to trust! It’s frustrating to deal with Quito’s city officials putting up these ridiculous laws especially when there are numerous reports already made on how street art benefits major cities who have had to deal with the vandalism problem. The idea of buffing walls time and time again does not work in these parts. Especially a country free of big brother surveillance on every street corner. If you put up a mural the taggers know the street code and 90% of the time they will not disrespect. This is a fact across all murals and street art created in cities. It’s a no brainer folks! Recognize and step aside if you truly want to support the arts & culture you want so bad. Vamos Ecuador!


Abusa Sketch

Quick sketches to figure out which face angles would work best…


In process Anis

Abusa Crew and Toofly Painting

Abusa Vicearte

Toofly Bracelets

Photo by Ali/Vicerarte


Moms photos looking good too! Gracias mami linda ūüôā

Anis ABusa Crew Chile

Toofly Quito Ecuador 14

Babe and Mom

Mom and Babe on site <3 Photo by Vicerarte

Viscerarte Ali Toofly

Gracias Viscerarte/Ali por las fotos! XOXO


Almuerzo time! We got hooked up with free yummy almuerzos and drinks by the locals. #communitysupport


Wendy Process

La Prensa

Wedny Toofly Blackbooks

La Prensa Ave Quito

Abusa Toofly Painting

Abusa X Toofly 2014 Quito Ecu



Shout out to my mom for always being there, and showing me by example to just take off and fly away like a bird whenever you feel like it. Fearless rebel viajera 4 life!

Viajar en la Vida

“Viajar en la Vida” ” Travel in Life”

Toofly La Prensa Quito

“Vivir en el Viaje” ” Live during your Travels”

Toofly Detail Ecuador

Abusa X Toofly Quito Ecuador 2014_crop

Abusa Crew ( Chile ) X Toofly ( Ecuador/NY ) 2014 Avenida La Prensa y Chiriboga
We decided on a theme we are all in tune with at the moment and that is to share our art and our love warrior spirit everywhere we go. We love to travel, paint, and spread street art love across various countries. We feel that your life is enriched with every trip, every new person you meet, and every experience you create for yourself and for others. It’s a beautiful time to be an artist who is free to live and create the life you truly want. Just do it!

Abusa X Toofly Quito Ecuador 2014_web

“Viajar en la Vida, Vivir en el Viaje” ¬†– Travel in your life, and live during your travels.

Abusa Chile Toofly Usa Ecuador

Owner Lady

The owner is happy ūüôā

Abusa Girls Chile

Wendy y Anis aka Pepa. Lindas amigas! Safe travelz, hasta la proxima en Chile! <3 XOXO


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ABUSA (Chile) X TOOFLY (Nyc) 2014

March 24th, 2014 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art,Green Living

Hellllllllllo spring! The day everyone waits for has arrived. Back in the states winter is finally over, and the rainy season in Ecuador is coming to a close. I prefer rain so much more than snow these days, even though the cloudy rainy season here is a bummer too. You stay indoors most of the time and wait for the sun to peek out every other day. Luckily it’s completely bearable, and we can paint all year round. This month has been especially fun. The Abusa Crew from Chile has arrived in Ecuador!!! My first official guests ūüôā Hosting them has been a pleasure. Anis, and Wend are lovely women, super talented, and vegetarians. I’m energized by all the delicious, healthy meals we have been making together. The girls and I ¬†met back in Peru in 2013. We instantly connected because they were on a whole other frequency + I fell in love love love with their mandala work.¬†It was just a matter of time until we got together again to collaborate and do pieces that mean a lot to us. This past weekend we got invited to a paint jam entitled; ” Pardedes de Escritores Salvajes #2″ organized by our friend Enaone. The wall was ready to paint on March 21st, which marked the first day of spring! An important date in this part of the world known as “Inti Raymi”¬†in quechua language. ¬†It is a ceremony that was celebrated the Incas to honor the resurrection of the sun across in the andean valleys of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. When the girls and I were coming up with a design we didn’t even realize that the image unfolded in celebration of ¬†this wonderful tradition. Whatever pulled me back to my birth land continues to inspire me. It feels super good, like super food, to learn that the people of our land celebrate “nature” as the highest power. This makes way much more sense to my heart. Let nature, sunshine, love, dope women, traveling, friendships, and good energy all around RULE!!!

Abusa Toofly 2014-3Laura Flicks

Photo © Laura Cardona

Toofly Mavisu

Abusa Toofly Mavisu

Anis Abusa Mavisu
Photos © Mavizu


Gracias por las fotos Eli de Viscerarte Revista de Arte Urbano.

Painting ABusa

Abusa Toofly 2014-2

Quito Peeps March

PAREDES DE ESCRITORES SALVAJE #2 ( Quito Norte ) Subiendo la Ave. Occidental. Por la Legarda – Gracias Enaone!

Ecuador Graffiti

Jason Sapito

Jason from Atuntaqui came thru to rock his “cool sapito”

Paint Jam Quito
Lola Tattoo from Peru also made an appearance. Gonna hang this week and have a beer and maybe get a tat!

Ecuador Dog
Photo © Luis C. Aguilar

Graffiti Quito Piece

Dogs CHilln
Photo © Laura Cardona

Photo bomb with Laura

Photo bomb with Laura ūüôā Gracias por la fotitos!
Paredes De Escritores Salvajes
Photo © Luis C. Aguilar

Abusa Crew Chile

Abusa Chile Toofly Ecuador

FINITO! – Abusa (Chile) X Toofly (USA) Quito, Ecuador 2014

Toofly Ecuador 2014
Photo © Luis C. Aguilar
Abusa Toofly 2014 Wall
It’s officially 2 years of living in the land of the sun and I love it!!!


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March 05th, 2014 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

Back from the lovely town of Atuntaqui. Minutes away from Otavalo and “la ciudad blanca” Ibarra, my birth town. I love this whole area it’s full of beautiful landscapes and many many artisans. Happy I got a chance to participate in this well curated, and highly organized event. Shout out to Bolivar Vega for the invitation. Lead organizer for this second year in a row. The level of artistry is on point, and everything the artist needed to make wonderful works was provided. This was a really dope event that sets high standards for organizations in Ecuador to produce great public art/culture events. Atuntaqui is an example for all other towns in Ecuador to take notice and see what wonderful artists and organizers this country has. Hoping Quito takes notice, and stops messing with the artists right to create and beautify their neighborhoods! Word to the motherland….

TF Atuntaqui

Toofly Atuntaqui

Photo by Mavisu. More flicks coming soon!

Toofly Atuntaqui Wall
#12 on the map. Big solo wall! 1 1/2 day to complete…


DAY 1 – “SKY” Warrior…

Atantuqui Graffiti-14


My day was made when a little old indigenous man passed by and looked at my piece, pointed at it and smiled. Then he said something in quichua. Our indigenous native language. I asked what that meant and my friends said a “Shaman Woman”. The little old man totally got it!:)


Day 1 process complete. Ready to rolllllll on out! Shout out to the compas who came thru to support and hang out with us. Ready for a rainy day sopita and a crew of wonderful artists making jokes on the ride back to our lodging spot.

Atantuqui Graffiti-10

DAY 2 Sunshine!

Santa Rosa

Good morning! Lovely place for all the artists to stay. Hosteria Santa Rosa with a hot pool! We were all so tired we did not take full advantage of this pretty place. Next time…


Handstyles, and finishing touches…


“Dentro de ti Existe la Luz y la Paz” – dedicated to folks around the world who spread love and positivity.

Toofly Atuntaqui Wall 2014


Toofly Atuntaqui Festival


Dope artists, fresh walls, and a wonderfully organized event. Sending a special shout out to Bolivar Vega for putting it all together. Loved it all!

Atantuqui Graffiti-11

I had to break out early unfortunately so I did not get a chance to see all the finished walls. Here’s a peek at the process. Final shots by photographers on the scene like Mavizu are trickling in so I will update as they pop up online.

Atantuqui Graffiti-4
catching up with folks a little bit in between breaks and checking out their works…

Atantuqui Graffiti-2


Contenedor Fanzine-3

This huge stencil rocked!!!
Skipy mfc


Contenedor Fanzine-4

Grabbed a few photos to share from Contenedor Fanzine Ecu and from Bolivar Vega

Mavizu - 1

Photo by Mavizu of K-No-Delix – Colombia

Atantuqui Graffiti-8

Guayaquil represent!

Atuntaqui Walls


Atantuqui Graffiti-18

Cool peeps right here. Lot’s of building with these fellas, and silkscreening projects coming up. Stay tuned…HTM



Contenedor Fanzine-5 

Atantuqui Graffiti-3

I was happy to see a good number of ladies painting like Ledalia, Gleo, and hommie Vera. Love their colorful, graphic, and detailed work!
Contenedor Fanzine-2
They even hit up this house down the block that was destroyed and turned it into a skull! Fun.

Atantuqui Graffiti-7

Vera’s Character came out super sweet, just like her. Love it!:)


Gleo, Colombia

Hasta la proxima. Good times in Atuntaqui thank you all!


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::ATUNTAQUI:: March 1st/2nd

February 24th, 2014 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

Painting season officially begins for me this weekend at the ATUNTAQUI International Graffiti/Street Art Festival in Atuntaqui Ecuador. A small town near Otavalo which I love very much. It’s also a great time to celebrate women’s international month, so Vera, Myself, and a few others will be reppin’ for the ladies. Shout out to Bolivar, lead organizer of the event. Thank you for the invitation!

Atuntaqui Ecuador Graffiti



Read more

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August 07th, 2013 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

This past weekend I took a trip to the post office in the city, and found out that the MTN Ecuador Spray Paint launch was only 3 blocks away! It turns out that MTN will now be sold officially in Ecuador in various paint shops. I made that u-turn to check out what the event was all about, and ended up painting for 5hrs! I had no sketch, no camera, just 12 cans of the last colors that remained provided by MTN. I went for it with the classic TF warrior character steez. Shout out to my ecua hommies who helped lock down a wall for me; Sapin, Belu Loops, Dennis from Mugre Sur, Sudamerica peeps, and Blooky. I’m finally putting all the faces and names together to navigate the scene down here. ¬†It’s taken me a while but little by little I’ll be able to build with everyone to try and organize something DOPE. Till then the “Guerillera de Amor” is on the scene, painting and making friends <3

Toofly MTN Ecuador-1
Foto: Daniel Kuntur – Shout out to Vera for letting me use her bike to reach up! Shorty rocks gotta find a way…

MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento 2013

Toofly Maria Ecuador
Foto: Maria – When we figure out how to rock this women’s production, paint sponsorship, and location we will gather the gfraffiteras so look out!
Toofly MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento 2013
Foto: Andr√©s “Sap√≠n” Ram√≠rez – Amigo querido on the scene since we met in 2005!:)

Toofly MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento
Foto: Rmnoby – Hommie from Guayaquil in chats about a wall in the near future. Cool pic:)

Steep Ecuador MTN

Steep! – I’m a big ¬†fan of his work! When I waited for a wall to come thru I watched him paint with latex and spray . Amazeballs!
TNAZ Mtn ecuador

T-NAZ – Otavalo – Sweet guy! + very talented with the indigenous portraits of his people. We’re in chats about a possible wall in Otavalo in the next few months. One of my favorite artisan towns!
MTN Ecuador Carlos Pereida
Blooky – Hommie who lived in Italy for a while, and now is back in the country. Helped lock down wall. Gracias amigo!
MTN Ecuador Quito
Quito ladies by “El Rojo” piece. An artist in town from spain, Dope detail!¬†

Lanzamiento MTN Ecuador
Thanks for the paint! thanks for the interviews!:)

MTN Ecuador Quito 2013

Gracias a Carlos Pereira y el crew de MTN Ecuador! Big ups to the graffiti and street artists who participated in the event. Lot’s of talent here, and now that the paint is officially here and in almost all paint shops we can take our work to the next level!!! It’s a perfect time to be in Ecuador:)

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July 20th, 2013 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Graffiti / Street Art

“Paredes del Barrio” is a series of neighborhood walls I am working on during my stay in Ecuador and travels throughout Latin America. There are hundreds of walls to paint in this city, but I feel there is a need to share the stories behind them. Many of these places are special because of their cultural contribution to the community, but are being overlooked and targeted as sites to re-develop for “El Buen Vivir” campaign.¬†Last year we saw how awful the city officials treated LAS MAMITAS DEL MERCADO. A farmers collective market that brought fresh, and organic produce to the neighborhood. They were forced to move from the location they held down for many years in order to make way for a small park with benches. There have been no gatherings at this park or community events. It is a beautifully designed, but deserted area with no access for locals to use creatively. The mercado on the other hand brought the neighborhood together because families shopped for their groceries and gathered to eat authentic Ecuadorian dishes. Why didn’t the city just give the mercado an upgrade and keep the tradition of shopping local? This is why money without care for community building doesn’t work. So with the help of our friend Kuntur; a local community organizer who loves his neighborhood – friends, and youth, will be continue its efforts in creating a visual voice for what is going on to keep these spaces alive.

Quito Ecuador Arte Urbana

Behind the walls of our latest project is a beautiful garden owned by a sweet old lady named Do√Īa Teresa. In her day she was a key figure in this barrio, and community organizer like us. I have more to learn of her amazing story, but when she opened the doors to her garden we were in awe of her gem. She has hundreds of plants, herbs, and trees that date back more than 50 years. Something this neighborhood would greatly enjoy as a space to be with nature, read, and learn about. There is a lot of history here. We hope she comes around one of these days, and opens her garden to the community along with a little small coffee shop for the love birds. It takes a bit of work to bridge the age gap, and share our new ideas with older folks on this side of the world. In time we believe they will trust this new generation to help bring life back to their foundations. Visionaries from different times takes time, until then we shall paint!

StreetArt Ecuador-3

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-3
Decided to keep Kuntur’s stencil “Seguimos En Resistencia” as part of the piece as we continue to resist against money and greed…

Arte Urbana Quito

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-6

Arte Urbana

Resistencia Toofly

Arte Urbana Quito Ecuador

Special thanks to our neighborhood locals, and youth that helped us rock this wall. Babe and Ely too! Meeting the neighbors and young people interested in mural work is one of my favorite parts of creating street art in el barrio. Gracias amigos!


urban art ecuador

El Jardin de Do√Īa Teresa…

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-7

Quito Ecuador Street Art

It’s amazing what you can do with left over paint scraps in 6 hours!

StreetArt Ecuador-6

Toofly Ecuador StreetArt-4
Now I can walk down el barrio to get my favorite coco ice cream, almuerzo, encebollado and enjoy our new colorful strip! Hoping one day the garden is open and I can add a cafesito to my afternoon barrio stroll…

Toofly Street Art Quito Ecuador

‚ÄúLife is all about timing… the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable… attainable. Have the patience, wait it out It’s all about timing.‚ÄĚ – Stacey Charter

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Earlier this year during my trip to Peru I met Alejandro Carranza Vela. A local artisan who travels throughout South America ¬†“parchando” ( setting up shop on the street ) and living a carefree street life. From Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and heading north this year, Alejandro is an amazing soul. I was impressed with his handmade jewelry works on metal, and thread. It’s amazing what one can do with stones, rocks, and beads. There is a whole tribe of friends like Alejandro who travel and set up shop in plazas. They live on the basics, and spend afternoons under the sun making art, music, and friends. I’m enchanted with this whole bohemian hippie life! ((( Inspired ))) Stay tuned for our 2013 jewelry/art collaboration:)

Alejandro Carranza Vela

to check out Alejandro’s work visit his Tumblr page: ARTE.VIDA.CULTURA

Alejandro Carranza Vela




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Meeting of Styles Ecuador 2012!

Opening Launch Party ( vendors, performances, and more )
FRIDAY Nov 23 // $5 cover 12pm-5pm //Party 5pm-till
– Neural Industrias Creativas –
Av 6. de Diciembre y Av. Colon // Quito Ecuador

LIVE ART SATURDAY NOV 24th and 25th from 12pm- till
Av. Occidental y Rumiorco

DAY 2 Meeting of Styles Ecuador, 2012




DAY 1 Meeting of Styles Ecuador, 2012

This wall stretches for a good 10+ blocks!

This was a hard wall for me mainly because of the shaky $5 scaffold. There’s lot’s to fix, but Im getting a tall ladder next time! F that…

Collabo partners:)

Lot’s of talent n South America…

Shout out to Enaone for organzing the 1st ever Meeting of Styles in Ecuador event along with his crew, and moms!

Tag tee’s…

Peru is off the chain!

Latex paint, and Aerosol looks really goooooood!

Guayaquil represent.

Folks will be painting wall for days, it’s so huge it will need weeks and even months to complete. Quito has the best walls!!! They stretch for miles and miles…there’s nothing like this back home…crazy.

Dope weekend in the motherland, thank you MEETING OF STYLES! ¬†Shout out to all the artists who pulled through, your work is amazing!!! Peru, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and more. I’ve been playing it low key for a while, mainly because I needed the rest but this was gooooood for the soul. Especially since I finally got a chance to meet a lot more women artists this time.¬†We are excited to chat in 2013 about an all female event down the road. I think there’s no plan of return just yet NY! Having a lot fo fun here, there’s lot’s to do still, and my spirt feels freeeeeeeeeee:) Dipping in and out will continue, next stop Miami Art Basel! See ya there…


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Oh snap. Lot’s popping off this coming November. Excited to be part of the Meeting of Styles Ecuador event on November 24th in the motherland!!! Super proud, gonna represent like never before. More details coming soon…

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August 22nd, 2012 | Category: Community,Ecuador,Urban Art Education

Busy weekend in Quito. On Sunday we started a community wall in our barrio. With the help of local community organiser, Kuntur we gathered a few artists and kids to give us a helping hand. Our neighborhood mercado is in a battle with the city of being pushed out. There’s 25 women who run the market “Las Mamitas” also known as “The Mothers” are being asked to move to a different location. They are against relocating because it is further away from the main road, making it hard for the community to get their local farm produce. In resistance they have set camp in the mercado from fear of being pushed out and locked out of a place they have helped build for over 30 years. It’s heartbreaking to witness the battle because these are native people who live off their farms which produce fruits, vegetables, poultry, etc that is a lot healthier and better for all of us. I¬†would¬†much rather support their cause than organized¬†corporations¬†who have¬†unnatural¬†systems of providing our food. Even though the SUPERMAXI and the TIA are modern, organized markets in Quito that resemble Wamart their direction is not far from becoming similar in how the US provides our food. With all the GMO issues going on back home, my support is for more mercados that offer farm raised, and organic produce. In solidarity with Las Mamitas we got together to rock a mural for them and help voice out the struggle. Final wall flicks coming soon, check out the process…

More flicks sooon…

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