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January 02nd, 2013 | Category: Day in the Life

Goodbye 2012! you were a great year. You gave me a reason to try something new, to make it a memorable experience, and most of all to get back the time I yearned so much for in rediscovering my hearts desire. I give thanks to the powers that be for the courage within to finally break free. With my love by my side, my querida familia, and loving friends I can continue to grow like the colorful blooming flowers I love so much. Here’s to 2013 the DAWN OF A NEW ERA Happy New Year everyone!!! May you continue to follow your dreams and listen to your heart. Health and prosperity to all. Blessings for nature, and the human race as we enter a new age in our amazing planet. Thank you for your love and continued support on the TF Steelo.


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December 12th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Hommies,Travel

Soundtrack of my life. FUN IN THE SUN!!! Miami during December rocks. Got a chance to paint, exhibit, and most of all spend time with my loving friends vacay style. We rented a gorgeous vacation home – which I recommend is the best way to do Miami during these trips because you get it all +  it’s cheaper. We stayed in Coconut Grove near Calle 8 and Little Habana where we can get our morning cuban coffee on. Cute area! After I finished painting with the girls our days were spent sipping cranberry drinks at the FlavorPill event, swimming in the pool to some dope music, ciphering, grilling delicious marinated skirt steaks, partying like the crazies that we are, and making home cooked meals to cure our hangovers. It was so much fun!!! We made our rounds during Basel to support our fellow artists and enjoy the creative energy at Wynwood. If your an artist, or lover of the sunshine your ass needs to be here!


Showing the fellas some luv at POP gallery. Shout out to 2Esae, Ski, and Col. Good seeing you guys!

Finally got a chance to meet Travis!:) Giving a shout out to the FCNY crew!

ABSOLUTELY a must. The FlavorPill FREE LUNCH 3 day event sponsored by Absolute kicked off the afternoon like no other!

Drinks, hot pool, and a beautiful sunny day!

It’s not a party till you dance to some Biggie, even if it’s in the pool!

Shout out to my beautiful sister and her friends who strolled thru to say whadddup! LOVE YOU.

Our last day in Miami and we got it all in! Last chance for pool dips at our vacation home, cipher sessions, southbeach, and Little Habana for some cuban breakfast.

Shout out to our hommie Percy who made the quick troop from Boston for some FUN IN THE SUN!

Sometimes you just gotta jump in…

enjoy the sunshine…

and have fun…

I hate goodbyes. See ya later sounds better no?

Our last dining session at PANORAMA terrace in Coconut Grove. 5 min away from our vacay home. Peruvian cuisine. DELICIOUS. We recommend it highly.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Till next time:) Don’t forget the berry wine hahhahahahha


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October 20th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Travel

Gathered a few more flicks from Austin trip this morning. Wanted to share the feel of this city a bit and the lovely time I spent at our hommies new casita.

More flicks below…

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July 30th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Travel

Took a minute to finish this post. I had so many photos from NY trip needed to edit. Whew! Ok…ready to hit publish and share these lovely NY moments with ya’ll. SOOoooo My second trip to New York this year was jam packed with summer fun and yummy food. Luckily I had enough time for almost everything I needed to do. Paint, work, dine, get babe’s visa worked out, and hangout with beloved friends. I really enjoyed myself on this trip, especially since it was longer than the last one. Thank you everyone for coming through to the LLP pop-up, and live art events, and most of all for taking the time to chillax with your homegirl! LOVE YOU, MISS YOU, and I’ll see you when it’s time to rock funky scarves and cozy up;)

More flicks below…

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NYC TRIP June 14th-July 9th

June 22nd, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life

Wasup New York!!!

I’m in town for a few weeks. Holla at your girl:

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Quito, Ecuador 2012 – A New Perspective

June 01st, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Green Living,Travel

Hello summer! Today is a special day, because it marks our 6 month plan of action into the motherland. We’ve learned so much about living life at a slower pace, eating healthier produce, and enjoying our time together. My homeland, Ecuador has a lot to offer. The cost of living here allows a peace of mind unlike any other. Time was a big issue for us back in the states. There was never enough of it to truly do what we wanted to do. Much of our time was spent working to pay ridiculous amount of bills. The cost of food, transport, and living expenses has gone up so much in the last 10 years that one just keeps taking it, and taking it like it’s ok. IT’S NOT! It’s wrong, and it exhausts the mind, body, and spirit. I was growing impatient with the illusion of being free at such a high cost on our lives. Carlos and I questioned our futures after watching documentaries like Garbage Warrior, and Food Inc. It inspired us to think hard, and reflect on how much time we were giving to an idea that is no longer in our best interest. No longer in line with our beliefs. I guess when you get to this age you start thinking about all this stuff, and then you begin to re-think your ideal “dream life”. Everyone has one. You know the one that (((YOU))) truly want. It took a good 2 years to plan this all out, but the idea to “GET FREE” totally worked! One of the dopest decisions we ever made together. We quit the city lifestyle, packed our bags, and bid our dearest and loving friends “see ya later” – No goodbyes. Lord knows I can’t live without them! They are a big part of my life. Our first dip away would be – A NYC BREAK. A chance to check out the greener side of the world, and get some perspective on the conversations we were having. All I gotta say now is…FREEDOM IS BLISS!!! These past few months have given us a lot of room to do what we enjoy the most. Especially travel and create. We finally got time to dream our “NEW DREAM” and without any distractions. We now have a whole new idea in our heads about how this is going down. It’s going to take some more work but at least we know exactly what we want to build towards from this point on. Here’s to a whole new chapter in the lives of TF and Los!


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April 24th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Green Living,Travel

This past weekend I took my love to Termas Papallacta to celebrate his birthday. In 2 hours, a $2.00 bus ride, and our backpacks we were in hot spring paradise. This place is amazing!!! I came here with my grandparents a few years ago, and loved it. It’s natural hot volcanic pools are 24hrs a day if you stay overnight at their cute and cozy lodges. Mornings are a bit nippy and foggy which makes getting in the hot pools all that more delicious. When the afternoon sun peeks through it’s great for a tan, and there’s tons of pools with cold water, warm water, and hot water. Mother nature’s natural spa. What better way to celebrate earth day!:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!

((( loves it ))) Mission accomplished:)

Cozy cabin style lodging feet away from the 24hr hot pools. Yummy…

Time to explore…and flick away…

we make great traveling buddies;)

Flowing through life like the great rivers of nature…

Fresh garlic & herb trout for lunch:)

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

Living in the motherland these days gives us the opportunity to get away on the weekends and explore our beautiful andean country. This is just the beginning of our adventure, there’s so much more we have yet to see. The best part of it all is that it’s super cheap to travel, lodge, and eat! We love farm raised and 100% organic produce everywhere we go. The fresh juice every morning, and the mountain walks are doing wonders on our health, and bodies:) It’s been 2 months so far, and we feel great! Looking forward to the day our hommies come and visit, we’re gonna have a blast!!!

See you soooooon…

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April 01st, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Family

Before heading to New York I got a chance to take a road trip to the Florida Keys with my mom and sisters. It would be a while before we saw my sister Pam, aka Pamis, aka Inks – it was a perfect opportunity to spend this last chance together and enjoy the beauty of these islands. I’m really happy for Pam, especially now that she is settled in this sunny state! Proud of all the hard work she put in to make her home here. We miss her dearly, but happy we’re just a 3 hour flight away:)

FLORIDA KEYS!!!! BEAUTIFUL ROAD TRIP everyone should go…
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April 01st, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Family

March 2012 was intense! On March 11th we gathered as a family in sunny Florida to remember our grandfather, Papito Raul. It has been a year since he left our world, and it’s still very tough to go through our family reunions without him. We miss him so so much! Our hearts are still heavy, and even though we have tried to come to terms with the reality of what life brings eventually it doesn’t really help ease the pain:( Every so often I pull through and check in with the sun, moon and stars. The trees, plants, and rivers. The animals, and conscious beings of light that share some insight of what lies beyond this point of view. I know you are in wonder of love and flow because you were such an amazing man. We miss you so so much Papito lindo! I hope to see you in my dreams…

((( I LOVE YOU ALL )))

Having a place to go – is a home.  Having someone to love – is a family.  Having both – is a blessing.  ~Donna Hedges

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NEW YORK BOUND! March 20-29th

March 20th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life

New York bound! Flying back home for a few days to rock out some videos, walls, and live painting gigs. 1 month and a 1/2 out of the country and already the master plan is at work. I LOVE IT!!! If I can dip in at least 3 times this year I will be one happy jet setter. Looking forward to seeing all my friends, and strolling through the streets now that it’s Spring. Looks like it’s gonna be sunny and cool, the perfect weather. It’s will be a long while before I return so I gotta make every minute count. See you you sooooooooon…

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February 19th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Uncategorized,Video


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January 16th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Travel

Better late than never! None the less it’s time to drop the ball on ya:) drumrolllllll…2012 marks a whole new chapter in our lives. My love and I have decided to switch things up this year and take a one way ticket to SOUTH AMERICA!!! yeah baby woohoo!!! We’re super excited that we can make this happen. Especially this year, when the energy of change is in the air everywhere you go. We feel extremely thankful to the mighty powers that be that we are able to set sail and create this adventure together. In the last few years we have been working towards living a much simpler life. Where we no longer have “things” weigh us down but instead focus a lot more on the value of our time, and how we spend it doing what we love, and with those we love. We’ve learned to travel light, and in light anywhere we go. Here’s to a Happy New Year in the the sunshine!!!


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November 20th, 2011 | Category: Day in the Life

Natural environments are hard to come by in this cold grey city, but if I can’t make a trip upstate, a 15 min subway ride to Central Park will do. All the leaves have changed colors, and are falling down by the second. It’s a very pretty sight. Especially when the leaves twinkle down from trees, swirl around with the breeze, and slowly fall to the ground…gently. As I strolled through tunnels, and trails my mind wondered about the immense possibilities ahead. Nature is the ultimate guide, in it’s presence everything makes sense…

rock break, rock tunes…

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. – Anatole France


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October 28th, 2011 | Category: Day in the Life

Hello fall…I’ve missed you!!! Ready to let go as the leaves go, slow down, and cuddle up in earthy tones with loving hearts:)

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September 22nd, 2011 | Category: Day in the Life,Events,Hip Hop Culture

SOooooo a few weeks ago I had the tremendous opportunity to rock a backdrop project for the infamous Swizz Beatz!!! He was celebrating his 33rd birthday, and his lovely wife, Alicia Keys wanted to make it extra special. Guess who they called to rock a backdrop!!!? Toofleezy Mgeezy!!! I almost passed out from the call. Let’s just say she is as beautiful as I imagined her to be, and super sweet like I knew she would be. OMG I LOVE ALICIA KEYS!!! Shout out to hommie Jen who put in the good word. Thanks girl! You and your team rocked a dope party. We had a blast roller skating, taking flicks, and enjoying a beautiful September night in the dopest city in the world….

So lovely to meet you Alicia!!! XOXO – Toofly

((( LOVE )))

Happy Birthday Swizz!!!

Shout out to Carmelo who took the time to chat with me. I was super stocked to hear he was familiar with my work!!!:) PS. I loved your sweater!


High Line Park Rink. 30th St and 10th ave

If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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