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I’ve been on a roll this past few weeks creating new designs for my spring product line. I recently created my latest die-cut bubble sticker at 4″X3″. It’s been a minute since I made one. I believe the first bubble sticker I made was back in 2005! Almost 10 years ago. Everyone’s jumped the boat since then. It’s all good cause while everyone’s biting your style and your ideas your originating them. True skill over hype anyday baby!


Toofly Die-Cut Bubble Sticker $3.00


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March 29th, 2014 | Category: Art & Design,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

My first ever tote is hot off the press! This past year I created a few new ink drawings. Recently I started messing with them as new designs for t-shirts and totes. The “Native Soul” ¬†image was one of the very first drawings I started this whole series with. I love the hair flow, and native patterns. She’s my favorite so far. $25.00 now exclusively available on my online¬†shop

Toofly Tote Native Soul

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February 12th, 2014 | Category: Art & Design,Community,Graffiti / Street Art

Love Warrior by Toofly from TOOFLY NYC on Vimeo.
I recently completed a commissioned piece for a lovely young collector in New York. Her favorite piece was the Love Warrior wall at 5Pointz in Queens NY. The wall had been destroyed because of the whitewash “buff” back in November¬†It was days away from becoming a NYC landmark.¬†Many beautiful street works were lost that day, and the last official piece of New York Graffiti history died. My first wall at 5Pointz was in 1993, and my last; “Love Warrior” in 2013. It took 20 years for graffiti to resurface from the train buff in the 80’s and rise up as street art – the biggest arts movement in the world. Brewed in this very city by youth of various cultures, and colors. It¬†was a sad day for many of us who painted at 5Pointz as well as the community and fans who visited from all over. As the battle continues for street art to be respected in NY one thing holds true. The heart and voice of the artist can never be silenced. The greed, the bully, and the envy of those who hate on what we create just grows even more in the face of opposition. Our street works continue to inspire hundreds of artists across the globe with even more passion and meaning than ever before.

A Kiss Goodbye

“A KISS GOODBYE” by Instagram @amanon
5Pointz Toofly Whitewash

I LOVE NY - Whitewash 5pointz

Love Warrior Toofly Painting-1

Love Warrior Toofly Painting 6
Thank you Daniella and Family <3

Love Warrior Toofly Painting 7

Love Warrior Toofly Painting 8

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. –¬†Mahatma Gandhi


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February 01st, 2014 | Category: Art & Design

Toofly Prints 8X10

Now that the “Love Warrior” showcase has come to a close it’s time to make some of those 8X10 prints available online! Sky, Mas Amor, Native Soul, Into the Deep Blue, and Moon Flower. $20 Limited Qty’s. Sold exclusively at: —->¬†

Into The Deep Blue_Toofly Ink
If your interested in the original ink send us an email at: Original Toofly Inks are $350.00


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LOVE WARRIOR – Inks + Sketches

January 10th, 2014 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...

It’s that time again! Me time, studio time:) Spring will be here in no time gotta enjoy these cold winter months and cozy up with my favorite tunes and pens.

Toofly Sketches 2014-2Toofly Sketches 2014-1

Toofly Sketches 2014-3


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November 26th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Day in the Life,Travel

On a serious grind this month! I finally have a chance to update ya’ll a bit on some super cool projects that are in the works, and coming up…but first LONDON 2013! It was a super quick trip. I almost didn’t make it. I had to pack my bags and speed mode it to the airport in Quito , Ecuador after the GRAFFF festival ¬†in order to take on an awesome awesome gig. SOOooooo glad I made it! I’m proud of how far I have come with my work, and my independent business. Unfortunately I can not share the project details at this time, but will share a few flicks from trip below. I want to send a big thank you to the folks that were involved in making this trip, and project possible. “Dare to be Different!”

Malmaison Hotel-1

Malmaison Hotel

Toofly London

Toofly Mural

London Signs

London Tour




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September 24th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Exhibitions

VIP time! fashionably late that is. All good we made it, and just about everyone arrived to check out the exhibit. Very happy with the whole set-up, and display of our works. The cranberry drinks were great, and the complimentary pizza hit the spot. It was super nice to see everyone, especially those faces I haven’t seen in a while. Shout out to the Redbull team in NYC. Great show!


Toofly redbull Canvas Cooler Project-event

wrapping up the virgo season, and enjoying the last days of summer with my closest friends. Happy and at peace with the flow of the evening. Gathering the troops is a mission and a half sometimes but all worth it. Love all you guys!

redbull canvas cooler curates

toofly redbull canvas cooler night

OOooh la la…the lighting makes these cooler look so FRESHHHHHHHH!

fresthetic toofly

Lovely photo opp by Alexandra Henry with Mike from Fresthetic. We’re building and preparing for a fall showcase this November. Stay tuned!

Toofly Cooler Redbull
toofly canvas cooler photo

chicas redbull

NYC Redbull Canvas COolers
Damn who would’nt want to own one of these coolers they’re so dope! – Photos by Alexandra Henry

toofly_Ken Swift

Been sooooooo long! I was happy to see Kenny at the event. Thank you KEN SWIFT:)

Sofia Maldonado Redbull Cooler
Cooler by our homegirl Sofia Maldonado. – Photo by Alexandra Henry

Toofly redbull event

redbull canvas cooler party

Getting the Redbull cranberry vodka drink on!

freinds redbull


URNY and 2FLY reppn’ for the night…

TF peeps

group shot redbull

Thank you everyone!!! Had a blast that night glad we got a chance to jam it out on the dancefloor at Bembe. Good times!!! See ya in November.

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September 23rd, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Exhibitions

The Redbull Canvas Cooler Project was a great opportunity to head back to New York and enjoy the last days of summer. I got a chance to paint, hangout with friends, and celebrate my Birthday:) It was a lovely September NYC trip. Glad I accepted the invitation. The Redbull Curates team set it off this year in Bushwick Brooklyn. Yeah…that once overlooked neighborhood where nobody wanted to live. AH! the inner city boroughs are changing a whole lot. Brooklyn is the hot new gentrified spots to live in these days. It is not surprising that many hi-profile companies are tapping in. There’s almost no reason to head into the city anymore. Crazy right?! It feels like our artist energy is at fault sometimes. We try to live in cheaper rent zones but then our creative wheels turn to improve the neighborhood and then sooner than you can blink lofts and condos take over and push you, and your friends out. So unfair! What are you gonna do. Gotta vent, speak the truth and use our work to educate folks. As much as I agreed to be part of this project I will make sure to take the chance to express my feelings of it all at the end of the day. To learn more about why I chose to paint this image and the story behind it check out the blog post —> DEATH & REBIRTH

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-7

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-8

“LET LOVE RAISE YOUR ENERGY” Death and Rebirth, Brooklyn NYC
I wasn’t fully prepared to rock my cooler, but I knew if I carved out a good 30min the night before to brainstorm some ideas it was gonna be all good. 4 panels. 8 hrs. I was happy with the result. I decided to illustrate an important image that is dear to me, along with a positive powerful message. The set-up was cool, and it was nice to meet and paint alongside artists I known for years and artists new to the scene. Some of them are really amazing illustrators which I love! Big ups to the ones who hold it down on the natural skills to draw, paint, and conceptualize something original. There’s no room in our book for anything else. My friend said it best: TRUE ARTISTRY over HYPE baby!!!

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-5 copy

Toofly Zimad Redbull copy

Zimad! Always sweet:) ¬†loving the new work!!! Must plan a group showcase soon…

Sofia Maldonado Redbull
Sofia Maldonado!!! Lovely and sweet. Our conversation about what is happening in the art world these days was on point! We are on the same page hommie. I am happy we are both traveling and painting in our countries and exploring new avenues for our art:) Big hugz!

redbull canvas cooler

I personally loooove this cooler! So smart to work in the Redbull cans. If I had to vote I would have done so for this guy. Shout out to our friend Royce who came thru to check out the artists at work:)

BK Artist redbull

There’s a lot of artists these days rock’n it out. It’s hard to keep track but meeting everyone was cool so I can finally put a face ot the art. Whew! Great meeting you all!

redbull canvas cooler new york

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-14

If you have felt this you know what I am talking about. Redbull Canvas Curates Event photos coming soon!


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IN TOO DEEP by Toofly

August 18th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...


July 31st, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...

Finally got around to finish one of my latest canvas works entitled “FREEDOM DREAMER” The process started a couple of months ago, but with all the traveling I had to do in NY ¬†for spring and summer it had to put it on hold. There is nothing more I hate then to start a painting, and not finish it in a few days. It takes a long time to get back into the work. I have to slowly find my way back in, and grab hold of the flow I originally had when I started. It’s painstaking, but I did it. ((( Relieved ))) ¬†LOVE: the one true source of inspiration, and motivation…

Freedom Dreamer_toofly painting
FREEDOM DREAMER, 2013. Acrylic and Spraypaint on Canvas 19.75″ X 27.5″ – For inquiries contact:

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LOVE WARRIOR Inks + Sketches 1

July 05th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...

Back in the studio, and enjoying my morning ritual. I’m up at the crack of dawn to face my sketchbook and pour out my heart. I’ve been sketching quite a bit in the last year 1/2. The pencil drawings are my favorite because they allow me to use shades and tones to focus in on the emotions of the piece. I recently started using my ink pens again, which helps to “finalize” the work. The graphic lines are great for sharpening the illustration, and possibly adding color. Which means a possible new wall pieces? print series? canvas works? or T-designs? dunno yet…for now I am having fun on paper. I am inspired, and in love again which is all that matters right now…

Toofly Ink Drawings

Toofly Sketches 2013

Toofly Sketches Ink


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July 02nd, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Graffiti / Street Art,Video

Every now and then I get an opportunity to work with folks in corporate america and bring a little street energy into their 9-5 office life. It’s a nice break from working outdoors at times because it gives me a chance to sharpen my professional skills with a group of minds that take this stuff super serious. It brings the level of artistry and communication to a whole other stage. There are dozens of meetings that need to happen in order to get something like a “graffiti inspired” piece to break into these places. I’m proud it has been sOOoooo well received. It’s time our work can share space with collections and well known artists in these environments. The installation – inspired by New York City’s graffiti culture now lives in one of todays #1 financial management firms in the world. It’s headquarters located in the heart of Midtown New York City. A contrast from our¬†neighborhood¬†streets and ill urban environments. The dialogue among our worlds continues and that’s what it’s all about!:)¬†A special thank you to project leader Susan who locked down the gig and made the creative process breezy smooth. Shout out to my primo Richie for the artist assistance, and photography documentation. Thx kid! Looking forward to the time lapse video as well from our friends at the office. Can’t wait to see it!!!

Toofly Installation NYC-1

Toofly Painting NYC
Time lapse video coming soon!

TooflyNYC New York City

No need for projectors, no need for stencils. FREESTYLE BABY! #trueartistry

Toofly NYC Spraypaint

Toofly NYC Painting Midtown

Toofly NYC Graffiti Canvas

Toofly NYC World

Toofly Graffiti Handstyle
Original Krink handstyles…

Toofly NYC Graffiti Midtown Office

Midtown NYC Toofly_
Thank you Susan! aka graffiti name: Miss Super Woman:) #artbizlife

Toofly NYC Painting Midtown-1

Toofly, 2013 Midtown NYC

Midtown NYC Mistadrumin

THANK YOU NEW YORK! See ya in the fall:)




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Earlier this year during my trip to Peru I met Alejandro Carranza Vela. A local artisan who travels throughout South America ¬†“parchando” ( setting up shop on the street ) and living a carefree street life. From Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and heading north this year, Alejandro is an amazing soul. I was impressed with his handmade jewelry works on metal, and thread. It’s amazing what one can do with stones, rocks, and beads. There is a whole tribe of friends like Alejandro who travel and set up shop in plazas. They live on the basics, and spend afternoons under the sun making art, music, and friends. I’m enchanted with this whole bohemian hippie life! ((( Inspired ))) Stay tuned for our 2013 jewelry/art collaboration:)

Alejandro Carranza Vela

to check out Alejandro’s work visit his Tumblr page: ARTE.VIDA.CULTURA

Alejandro Carranza Vela




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May 08th, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,Events,Fashion,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

TOOFLY & KANO Toy Signing this Friday! 5.10.13 —-> @Myplasticheart in NYC will be hosting the official return of Bodega! produced by kaNO kid, the new updated design features a swivel head and a clearer body to display the featured artists graphic. MPH will be kicking off the return with a signing in NYC featuring Toofly and kaNO. Due to the limited edition of these pieces (100 of each), myplasticheart will only have a limited quantity for the signing, so get there early!!!!


Shout out to Kano, Sol, and Sarah for the flicks! <3 Check out Kano’s Blog Post Re-Cap here

Toofly Kano Bodega

Mary papers My plastic heart

Toofly Toy Signing




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March 31st, 2013 | Category: Art & Design,IN THE ZONE...,Uncategorized

Untitled Dreams_Toofly Sketch

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray – Rumi

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