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Oct 29

“LOVE WARRIOR” New Works by TOOFLY 11.21.13

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Renowned Street Artist TOOFLY Debuts the “LOVE WARRIOR” Showcase at Brooklyn’s Fresthetic Gallery

BROOKLYN, New York—October 21st, 2013—A month from now, world renowned female graffiti artist, designer, and activist, Maria “TOOFLY” Castillo will unveil her LOVE WARRIOR series at Bushwick’s own Fresthetic Gallery on Thursday, November 21, 2013. The community is abuzz about TOOFLY; thus making her opening an anticipated yet intimate art celebration in Brooklyn. Held from 6PM to 10PM, arts enthusiasts, tastemakers, press and friends will get to view five years of existing and new works by TOOFLY, admiring a palpable presence of feminine power immersed in the spiritual. The mixed media artist livens up recycled materials with handstyles, fierce women, and native patterns to tap back into her “roots”.

LOVE WARRIOR is a new direction of work for TOOFLY. The series, started a few years ago, boasts images of sensual, strong, indigenous women painted in gray tones, decorated with warrior markings to describe the deep reserves of strength women inherit from their ancestors and experiences.

Thus, it appears that the artist’s infamous “New York City graffiti-girl” character illustration, a staple for galleries, walls and some notable global brands, has matured. This is in part due to living in both North and South America, where TOOFLY explores art, feminism and spirituality from a different perspective—one deeply rooted in her Ecuadorian heritage that marries her upbringing on the streets of New York City.

With that, the “back to your roots” message emerges in the LOVE WARRIOR series, with the use of recycled materials as an added element. It’s an ode to a simpler time when powerful art in New York was created on typically discarded items and urban surfaces. Yet, LOVE WARRIOR isn’t about wildstyle; it’s paying homage to forgotten indigenous cultures in a technologically obsessed world. Still, technology’s loss is TOOFLY’s gain as she captures the depth of women on paper, canvas, wood, and cardboard materials discovered on New York City streets. The show’s attendees will experience a cultural mixed media experience through native designs, religious iconography, and graffiti marks as each woman depicts a story. Classic handstyles lay a finishing touch on these amazing works, emitting cryptic wisdom such as  “Grow in Silence,” “Respect,” and her most admired piece, “WHAT WE LOVE WE GROW TO RESEMBLE.”

“This new series taps into the soul’s purpose to love, create, and become free,” says TOOFLY while sketching new works. Just before finishing she adds–“artists can’t afford to lose our legacy at the expense of commodification”. Those of us in touch with our hearts know it’s time to go back to our roots. For me, that foundation is love.”

Images of a few works to be displayed can be seen here and here.

Maria Castillo a.k.a. TOOFLY is an NYC artist, community builder, and entrepreneur. Recognized in the early 90’s for her hard and fluid character style, she gained popularity as one of the few females in a male-dominated graffiti scene who created work to empower women. In 2007 she co-founded a 100+ international female arts collective she entitled YOUNITY. Toofly now runs a successful independent design company called STAY TRU where she consults, designs, and develops urban art youth workshops. Toofly’s constant and active role in her community allows her to stay true to her roots, as she continues to draw raw feelings from the ever-changing world around her. Her work has exhibited at the Bronx Museum of Art, and can be found in various galleries, public walls, and print publications like Graffiti Women, Juxtapoz, and television programs like Latination TV.

About Fresthetic:
There’s a movement in Gotham city. These days, NYers have grown more into their community oriented selves. Indie boutiques are popping up everywhere, especially in the “up & coming” areas. Little do they know we’ve been up and we’re still coming. On it’s opening day on July 28th, 2007, Fresthetic made no exception to the rules. Located at 552 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, Fresthetic is a space that plays home to what many artists, designers and writers have been doing for years. A collaboration of 3 personalities, it shares one goal- to bring art, clothing and products to a community that is closely holding on to its roots, and rightly so. The music is simple, the music is ours, the space is vibrantly urban-loft-comfort and cleverly stocked. The store features silk screened T-shirts and accessories for men and women along with art from artists that you may not have heard of, but need to know. You’ll always stumble upon unique things-each with a great story. Who knows, maybe you’ll walk in and be apart of the story. Join Fresthetic for a confident shopping experience that truly supports a community and a

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