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Oct 19


Hellllllllla photos to post from Oakland trip. I had a really nice time. It was mellow with lot’s of action in between. I want to send a warm thank you to Favianna for hosting me, feeding me, and locking in me on all this wonderful projects along with Erin Yoshi and Julio. I got to meet some wonderful souls like Chris R who’s work is super amazing and who’s healthy organic breakfast with a side of yogi chats put me in a total different mindset. I am inspired by all the wonderful minds in this town and the weather is a super +! I shall be back…

TF Photo Steez

Oakland Bike Rides
The fun continued with an invitation to Estria Graffiti Jam at the Castlemont High School on Sunday. Many of the Few & Far gals were in town so we we locked down a corner at the school and painted for a few hours. The wall was a sandy orange color which worked lovely with our left over can scraps.

Toofly Dime Oakland-1

Estria Graffiti Jam Toofly

Mike Bam and the little artist cruising crew!

Graffiti Jam Oakland-2


Few and Far Oakland

Toofly Dime Agana 2013

Toofly. Dime, and Agana got to wall early so we decided to rock a 3X collabo. Went a graphic route because we only had 5 hours to complete. Came out pretty dope!

Oakland ARtists

#LATINSOULSISTERS Photo by Miguel “Bounce”

Toofly Oakalnd-2

Toofly_Oakland 2013


Toofly Dime 2013-1
Round 2 for Toofly and Dime! ├é┬áFirst time we rocked together was in Oakland back in….2011? time flies…

Erin YOshi

Erin Yoshi having some fun under the sun:)

Shoolyard action

Erin Yoshio Glow Chris R

Chri R got a chance to paint and add his mandala native feathers piece on Erin and Glows character. So beautiful! Miiiiiiisssssssss you my brother from anotha!

schoolyard pics

Toofly Oakland night

Blackbook sessions…

Blackbook few and Far

Few and Far Oakland 2013

Few & Far gals re-united for a day in East Oakland, California. Agana, Meme, Glow, Dime, Erin Yoshi, and TF

Toofly Sketchbook
I got a lot done in one week! Fall season is definitely one of the busiest times of the year. Enjoying moments to sketch and reflect are just as important as the work if not more. This is where all the ideas develop, and where all understanding reflects back to show you if you are following your purpose and doing the “good” work. My soul has known which way to sail and who to sail with for a while now. Intuition the almighty compass! IT KNOWS. It will guide you, and it will warn you. I am thankful to work with some amazing friends these days who are vibrating in the right direction. Little by little I am meeting more and more of you “warriors of love” and it feels great! Thank you my friends <3├é┬á


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