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May 24


Toofly Wellingcourt-6

Finally all settled in from my travels, and back in studio catching up. I was super happy to get an opportunity to fly back to New York for 2 weeks because I was able to rock my 4th wall at the ADHOC WellingCourt Mural Project. I’ve been invited to take part in this wonderful event since the beginning. I had to find a way to make it happen and show my support. Got a lot of love for the ADHOC team, and the community who pulls together events like this on grassroots levels. Because of them we have great spaces to paint and share our passions for street art. This time around was a little crazy for me though, can’t front! Tiempo was short, and I had to take on a smaller wall in order to complete on time for block party and finalize an installation gig in midtown. Whew! Glad it all worked out. Crazy painting schedules and crazy weather patterns become a juggling act sometimes. A special shout out to my cousin Clef, and friend Alexandra Henry for pulling through to help with ladders, rides, material runs, and to document the process. Happy the sunshine and peeps pulled through for the TooFlowers <3

Toofly Wellingcourt-7

Toofly WellingCourt-8

Photos by @MistaDrumin

Toofly Wellingcourt-3

Shout out to Alexandra for stopping by to take some of the final flicks of the wall and for the blog post :) Photos by Alexandra Henry ©2013

Toofly Wellingcourt-4

“CENTER THYSELF” WellingCourt Mural Project. Astoria, Queens NY 2013 “Truth lies within ourselves: it takes no rise from outward things, whatever you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness and to Know rather consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape than in effecting entry for light supposed to be without.” – Robert Browning

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70+ artists from around the world painting 100+ spots!

Now it is 4th year, the Welling Court Mural Project began when the community of Welling Court in Queens, New York asked Ad Hoc Art to help them spruce up their neighborhood in 2009. Ad Hoc Art enthusiastically rose to the occasion in May 2010 organizing a project fitting for the diverse and energetic inhabitants. Each year after, Ad Hoc assembled a spectacular crew of legendary and groundbreaking artists spanning more than 50 years of activity to transform the neighborhood into a 24/7 street-level gallery and public art experience.

Renowned artists with deep roots in the movements have created site-specific works for this project. This new array of visual experiences provides fresh contexts for how people working, visiting, and living in this diverse cultural gem of Queens think about and interact with their environment. Bringing art from around the world directly to the heart of this community and NYC, the project has received remarkable support and interest as it grows more vibrant with each wall, artist, and enthusiast that comes on board.

This fourth round is not to be missed as ever-more art and eyes grace this Queens gem. To enrich the celebration, the community’s annual block party coincides with the project’s opening, featuring cuisine and music from the ethnically diverse and multi-talented hosts. Whereas this tiny neighborhood is providing some major hospitality, it cannot provide for the attendees en masse, so think of this as a big social-picnic-potluck-art-fun-action and bring some of your favorite tasty foods, beverages, or other contribution to share with your fellow revelers. If you would like to offer help or assistance to the artists, items always useful are: exterior bucket paint, paint rollers/brushes, spray paint, acrylic paint, exterior primer, etc. If none of those options suite your fancy and you would like to contribute fiscal support, please contact us.

Volunteers Needed: If you would like to help out in another fashion, there are many ways to get involved, as The Welling Court Mural Project is an all-volunteer event, from the project organizers to the people who help spread the word and take care of the attendees, to the artists creating the work, we need your help to make it as amazing as possible. For volunteer questions and inquiries, please contact us at

Artists:  TOOFLY, Cekis, Aiko, Col Wallnuts, Cern, Cycle, Ellis Gallagher, Free5, Gaia, Garrison Buxton, Allison Buxton, Lady Pink, ROA, Ron English, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Wane COD, Sofia Maldonado, Veng RWK, & more!

* In addition to the murals and festivities, there are special events and projects happening throughout the day with…

– Music to boot{y}!!!
Some of Ad Hoc’s favorite DJ’s blend sublime block party beats to tickle your eardrums and keep you moving all day long. Bring food, water, dancing shoes and prepare for seeing some great art & shaking some body parts.

– Kids art programs taught by some of the participating artists.

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