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May 23


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Screaming Sky Gallery
2025 NE Alberta st. Portland,OR. 97211
May 30th, 2013  (6-9PM) – Opening Reception

Street/Gallery artist and curator “Mad One” will present and team up with The Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland,OR to host this one of a kind exhibit “Printed Matters”, a showcase of local and international artists, graphic designers, graffiti artists and of course avid print makers. The show will feature unique prints available in limited editions as well as in an array of print making mediums. During the opening reception we will have a handful of surprises like  plenty of sticker giveaways, free handouts throughout the night provided by our sponsors like energy drinks, clothes, magazines, dvds and limited edition items produced by showcasing artists and much more….

So both you and I know these types of shows are on the rise and there have been several Graffiti/Urban art themed shows throughout the city the last few years and this is one of a kind for sure “Mad One”, a Portland based street/gallery artist and curator, had the opportunity to lock down a variety of talented artists here locally,throughout the states as well as internationally for this group show.We have artists ranging from New York to California, Canada, the U.K. and beyond.

“Printed Matters” is primarily designed around supporting the urban art movement and bringing awareness to the artists involved and how they have gone from the streets to modern figures being displayed in today’s galleries and museums. Also the curator really wanted to shed light on the different mediums/methods used in printmaking and at the same time expose these rare pieces for all to see and or possibly take home. “Mad One”, a street art advocate, has taken on the duty of curating this one of a kind show as well as putting together some great line-ups in years past throughout different galleries in the U.S.

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