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Mar 19


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MOTIONGRAFF EPISODE 22 “STAY FLY” is officially on full blast. Video looks awesome! I want to send a special shout out to Serge M, and Fubz for rocking this piece. We linked up last spring for the project in BK on my first trip back to NY. This would be MotionGraff’s first female artist video:) Honored! We had a lot of fun with the stop animation process, you can check out the sneak peek process here THANKS FELLAS!!!

MOTIONGRAFF Episode 22: Stay Fly from MOTIONGRAFF on Vimeo.


It started as an art project. It has snowballed into a show. MOTIONGRAFF™ seeks to unveil the creative process through transmedia storytelling. Rather than use video recordings, we have opted to shoot only still images, using a number of cameras and angles, in order to present a stop-motion animation-style collaboration between producers of audio and visual content. Our goal is to showcase talent and techniques, while conveying a message.

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