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Oct 18


Before my trip back to the motherland, I volunteered my time to rock the The Mamas of Color Rising community mural on 12Street and Chicon. This would be the Mamas big day to get the word out to the entire community especially neighborhoods that need it the most. Shout out to UNIVISION who came through to show the Mamas some nationwide love about the opening of their clinic, free pregnancy tests, and their mission to help spread love and care for women and children. Big ups to Urban Market who gave permission to rock the wall, and to everyone who volunteered their time to support this cause. Mamas of Color Rising wants birth justice!  Watch this wonderful VIDEO made by UT student, Andrea Zarate to learn more about this organization. If you would like to support these wonderful women and their free pre-natal clinic in Austin click HERE.  Mamas of Color Rising is staffed by volunteer midwives and birth companions (doulas)! Sending love to my hommie Paula X. Rojas who made it possible for me to get down with the project. You are an inspiration to us all, we love you, and miss you back in the rotten apple! big love to all you ladies it was wonderful to build with each one of you:) XOXO

Great wall colors to start with…

Start time: 12PM…

Revised sketch, and free pregnancy tests!

Fun in the Sun…

Great day for the kiddies…

Mamas of Color Rising 2012!
Vibrant Woman Pregnancy Clinic/ Mama Sana Clinica Prenatal was developed to address some longstanding health disparities within the Latino and Black low income communities of Austin. Paula Rojas, program coordinator for the clinic says that “the abundance of pregnancy  and birth support services available in Austin is not accessible to all mothers and babies”.  Over 25.9% of Latina women in Austin receive no prenatal care vs. 7.8% of white women. Travis County’s infant mortality rate was recorded as 5.8 per 1,000 live births for white women and 20.5 – or more than 150% higher – for Black women. Rojas continues “the United States ranks 50th in the world when it comes to safety in birth, and Travis County rates are worse than the national averages, particularly for African American and Latina women”. Kellee Coleman, outreach coordinator for the clinic says that “the goal of project is to connect with low-income Black and Latina mothers in Austin, to foster personal and collective empowerment while providing free prenatal care and education”. There are economic, cultural and language barriers for many women. Vibrant Woman/Mama Sana women’s clinic will address these barriers.  This project will provide free group prenantal care appointments with individual physical exams by doctors from Blackstock Family Health Center and community midwives. This innovative approach will include on-site Mama Baila prenatal dance classes, individualized nutrition support, and an emotional support group, one for African American mothers and one for Latina mothers run in Spanish.

Finito! 5PM Not bad for 5 hours right?!

Shout out to NiZ, and Kristen who stopped by to show some love. Great hanging with ya’ll:)

MAMA SANA, VIBRANT WOMAN Austin Texas 2012. Corner of 12 St and Chicon.


Mamas of Color Rising (MCR) is a grassroots organization of women of color working collectively to address social justice issues affecting mothers and children in Austin. Urban Market, run by Mr. Asma Zakzok is an eastside community business donating a wall in support of the clinic. This event is also sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Women’s and Gender Studies and the Multicultural Engagement Center.


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