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Oct 16


Whew! Back from Austin and with a load of flicks to go through. Working on my blog takes hours, and days at times. Something I actually enjoy doing! Yes I’m a blog geek. Ya’ll are lucky cuz I’m one of a few artists who likes to go all out and hook it up so it looks good. SOooo here we go with the first post—–>TOOFLY X NIX Wall Collaboration. Austin, TX 2012. Happy Niz saw my FB post about my trip to her city because she was able to lock down a wall for us just in time! Last time we painted together was in 2008 at the Younity Heart & Soul event in Brooklyn. It’s been years! Glad we got to link up, paint, and chat it up:) Love ya Niz! thank you for making it happen hommie:)

Worked a little backwards this time, threw me off a bit when I had to get to the face…uff…live and learn.

MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT! That’s right a little LL COOL J love for the event going down…

((( Boombox Lover )))

Funky Fresh NIZ! #stencilartist for RUN DMC, and LL COOL J

Shout out to Mamas Cupcakes for letting us rock their wall:)

TOOFLY X NIZ, Austin TX 2012

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