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October 16th, 2012 | Category: Community,Events,Hip Hop Culture

Our first call of duty once in Austin, TX was to come together for the ALL WOMEN IN HIP HOP ROUND TABLE. A panel discussion at the Mexican American Cultural Arts Center on October 5th 2012. We opened up and created a space to share our stories, thoughts, and ideas about what ┬á“Rethinking Power & Resistance Gender & Human Rights” is all about. It was a big topic to cover but we rocked it! It got pretty emotional at times because we shared a personal part of how we came to be who we are. From our ancestry, our mothers, our womanhood, and the relationship we each have with the world. In order to connect with folks we had to get raw,┬áregardless┬áof the academic setting we were in. If we were going to reach people with our powerful voices we had to speak from the heart about the ills of our journey here. It was DOPE panel discussion. (((Inspired))) ┬áand honored to have shared the space with such wonderful human beings. I feel empowered to continue my journey, and down with all of you to do “the work” that is necessary in our communities. THANK YOU #DOPE WOMEN.

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October 16th, 2012 | Category: Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

Whew! Back from Austin and with a load of flicks to go through. Working on my blog takes hours, and days at times. Something I actually enjoy doing! Yes I’m a blog geek. Ya’ll are lucky cuz I’m one of a few artists who likes to go all out and hook it up so it looks good. SOooo here we go with the first post—–>TOOFLY X NIX Wall Collaboration. Austin, TX 2012. Happy Niz saw my FB post about my trip to her city because she was able to lock down a wall for us just in time! Last time we painted together was in 2008 at the Younity Heart & Soul event in Brooklyn. It’s been years! Glad we got to link up, paint, and chat it up:) Love ya Niz! thank you for making it happen hommie:)

Worked a little backwards this time, threw me off a bit when I had to get to the face…uff…live and learn.

MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT! That’s right a little LL COOL J love for the event going down…

((( Boombox Lover )))

Funky Fresh NIZ! #stencilartist for RUN DMC, and LL COOL J

Shout out to Mamas Cupcakes for letting us rock their wall:)

TOOFLY X NIZ, Austin TX 2012

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