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Aug 22


Busy weekend in Quito. On Sunday we started a community wall in our barrio. With the help of local community organiser, Kuntur we gathered a few artists and kids to give us a helping hand. Our neighborhood mercado is in a battle with the city of being pushed out. There’s 25 women who run the market “Las Mamitas” also known as “The Mothers” are being asked to move to a different location. They are against relocating because it is further away from the main road, making it hard for the community to get their local farm produce. In resistance they have set camp in the mercado from fear of being pushed out and locked out of a place they have helped build for over 30 years. It’s heartbreaking to witness the battle because these are native people who live off their farms which produce fruits, vegetables, poultry, etc that is a lot healthier and better for all of us. I would much rather support their cause than organized corporations who have unnatural systems of providing our food. Even though the SUPERMAXI and the TIA are modern, organized markets in Quito that resemble Wamart their direction is not far from becoming similar in how the US provides our food. With all the GMO issues going on back home, my support is for more mercados that offer farm raised, and organic produce. In solidarity with Las Mamitas we got together to rock a mural for them and help voice out the struggle. Final wall flicks coming soon, check out the process…

More flicks sooon…

EL COMECIO – news story

Meet and greet with local artists and musicians…

Changing my style a bit for this wall so we can get the point across…

((( Happy Kids )))

Shout out to each person that helped out on the wall, their effort was appreciated;)

Las Mamitas, enjoying the process. Gracias por las frutitas y el jugo de mora!

It takes a TEAM…

Stencil works by Kuntun…

Going to need some legit equipment for future community walls. It makes a difference! plus safety first. Need to fundraise for a scaffold, ladders, paint, brushes, etc; get at me: if you would like to support our Ecuador community mural projects.

LUNCH! Communal grub; Mote con Chicharon. (((YUM)))

( Sessions inside the Mercado continue)

Day 1 complete. Still need a lot of work, and cleaning up. Meet us back next Sunday at 11am as the sessions continue…

MONDAY AUGUST 27, 2012 – Destruction of Mercado

On Monday we found out that Las Mamitas were forced out of their businesses by the police. They destroyed their stations and boarded up the entire mercado with wood panels. The mural has been completely covered. It was a sad sight to see, especially with how disempowered the women felt. I was disgusted, upset, and sad. This kind of thing happens everywhere around the world, only this time people like myself are growing tired of it. There’s laws that protect human rights, and everyone has a right to make their voices heard to try and find a common ground that is fair to all.

TUESDAY AUGUST 27, 2012 – Getting Organized

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 27, 2012 – March for Solidarity


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