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Aug 19


There’s one big thing about painting live at an event, you meet a lot of people! That’s a good thing especially if you want to network. Last weekend I got a chance to paint live at Quito Fest and that was pretty amazing because of the cause, the org, and the location. There was hundreds of people there. A lot of biz cards went around. Next thing you know my inbox was flooded with invites to paint, teach workshops, design, and rock some murals. I’ve been here 6 months and I think it’s finally time to get busy. I was getting used to being incognito for a while but I can’t chillax forever. There’s work to be done, and relationships to build. Let the Quito grind begin!

Verano 2012, Sponsored by Quito Cultura. More flicks below…

A muti-cultural arts events with Breakers, Beat Boxers, Skaters, Vendors, and Tattoo Artists. I didn’t have a chance to flick it all but my mom dukes caught a few shots.

While painting a got a chance to meet Maria a graffiti artist from here who’s gonna rock an event next weekend with a few more women. Looking forward to that, and meeting the rest of the women graff artists here. Nos vemos pronto MARIA!

Indigenous vendors at event selling beautiful handmade works. I love that she’s in her traditional style. So beautiful!

Finito! Not bad for 2 hrs…The wind was messing with the banner a bit but we made it work. Whew!

Interviews and flicks. Thanks Quito Cultura and Quito Turismo!

Shout out to Barrio 593 for the invitation to paint today. Magazine Interview soon:) Gracias amigos!

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