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Jul 30


Took a minute to finish this post. I had so many photos from NY trip needed to edit. Whew! Ok…ready to hit publish and share these lovely NY moments with ya’ll. SOOoooo My second trip to New York this year was jam packed with summer fun and yummy food. Luckily I had enough time for almost everything I needed to do. Paint, work, dine, get babe’s visa worked out, and hangout with beloved friends. I really enjoyed myself on this trip, especially since it was longer than the last one. Thank you everyone for coming through to the LLP pop-up, and live art events, and most of all for taking the time to chillax with your homegirl! LOVE YOU, MISS YOU, and I’ll see you when it’s time to rock funky scarves and cozy up;)

More flicks below…


First thing first, catch up with my hommies! Linked up with my BFF and virgo twin at Havana Outpost in downtown Brooklyn. The food here is delicious, and the drinks are on point. Great thing about this spot is that they are a green business! #1 place to support and get your summer chillax on. Jose aka Mister latino Life had just returned from his Asia trip to various countries in Asia and we couldn’t wait to hear all about it. By the end of our drink sessions we swore to do a friends trip to Thailand for 2013. It’s on!!!

My BFF for life. Little Alex, aka YOKIDITSME. She’s got a dope and has a brand new cut & sew shop in BK! hit her up>>>

Havana Outpost

If your in town make a visit and take a stroll of the beautiful brownstone neighborhood and walk towards the Dekalb Market before strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a beautiful walk, full of wonder and NYC awesomeness…

Gotta love Brooklyn!


I was happy that on this NY trip babe was able to be in town at the same time, especially to make it to his friend Jay’s wedding. Babe’s peeps go back as kids growing up downtown. It was great to see them all again. I haven’t seen them in years. Big ups to you all! You all were looking mighty handsome in your suits!

Congratulations!!! I remember when Jay when was just a young teen…time flies! We are all grown up now:)


Alex loves the beach! Especially since it’s like 30 minutes away from her spot in BK. It was a great day for a tan so we packed up for a sunny afternoon. I’ve never a fan of the NY beaches. Hate the murky water and mess, BUT├é┬ásurprisingly├é┬áit was clean. NY beaches are shaping up. It’s all good in the hood!

Happy Alex’s cuz Erika came to town to hang with the fam and have some├é┬ádelicious├é┬áHondurian├é┬ágrub. We hit up Coney Island at night and sipped on some oysters and beer. YUM!


I was in Staten Island a whole lot this time. Especially since 2 of my besties are living there now. They got super nice hoods up in there…I like to visit;)

Von voyage NYC, and you can drink on Ferry! SCORE.

15minute ride and your there! not far at all…a whole different world across the river…

Good times. Lot’s of yummy BBQ food and pool time sessionz. I enjoyed it a whole lot!!! Thank you guys!!! xoxo


From Williamsburg to the lower East side. This day was super nice. Weather was sweet, for my street strolls and river views. Stopped to have some yummy empanadas at LA SUPERIOR before taking a walk across the Williamsburg bridge to the Lower East Side for Anarkia’s exhibiton “The Myth”. Big ups to my virgo twin local who put me on to this spot, happy it was close to the bridge. Walking across the bridge to the LES was excellent! Why I never did it when I lived in NY? Dunno…hence the purpose of these NY trips I guess.

Anarkia’s first solo exhibition in New York “The Myth” at Bob’s Lounge. Lovely! Happy I got to see Martha Diaz too:) She gives the best kisses. Mua Mua Mua Mua!

Little Alex loved this piece. Wish I could buy it for her! Cha-ching$$$$

This night turned out super fresh because homegirl Annabel Quintero, aka original fly NY bgirl, aka Toofly model from back in the days! was visiting from Seattle:) We had a chance to finally catch up at LA LINEA our last stop of the night and have some great laughs with Jessica and Kel1st. Classic NY moment:)


For the last week in NY I headed back to my hood. Corona Queens! I’m happy I had a chance to hang out with my cousins and peeps from around the way. We go back since we were 10 years old. It feels good to be back in the hood. A lot has changed some good some bad. It felt nice to take a stroll around the neighborhood, and├é┬áreminisce├é┬áthe good ol’ days. I was happy to see some new restaurant spots arrive just blocks away. No need to go to Brooklyn or the city for a yummy mexican chill spot anymore. Ixatamal is great! They make their own tortillas and I love their tamales. Gotta love mexican grub…it’s everywhere!!!

I was hungry. Carne apanada con tamal de pollo…mmmmm….

After the meal we linked up with my corona peeps for homemade drinks. Malibu and cranberry splashes! The perfect summer drinks…

Shout out to homegril Samantha Morales who came thru to chillax on this beautiful summer evening in the patio.

Peeps! Thank you for the the impromptu patio sessionz! Good times:)


Good morning! Loving Clef’s patio garden. He’s so good at it, I need to kidnap him and take him back to the motherland to help me grow some tomatoes.

Brunch with my uncle and his wife Xime at DE MOLE in Woodside Queens. One of my favorite mexican brunch spots around the way. Their Huevos rancheros are off the hook! a must have…

Got a chance to swing thru Oli’s family BBQ on the same day and catch up on all I’ve missed! Love you guys (((Congratulations)))


As my trip came to a close there was a chance to dip out of NY while in NY:) I was starting to miss my nature moments. MY BFF’s fam took us to an amazing lake. I forget the name…it was just what we needed on a hot summer day. Alex’s fam cooks so damn good!!! I had refried frijoles, chuletas, arroz mixto, and my ultimate favorite homeade HORCHATA. OMG!!! the best drink I have ever had in my whole life. I love it. It really is good. My Brooklyn fam knows how to eat and hoola hoop;)

Lakes are pretty cool. Especially when your the only ones there:) ((( refreshing ))))


Last week in NY was jam packed with gigs, and to do’s but luckily I made it for one more brunch with my loving friends at El Almacen in Williamsburg. Cute little spot Evelyn found, I shall return! They have a nice patio in the back…and my favorite Michiladas!

After brunch I took my favorite├é┬átransportation├é┬ároute back downtown to meet up with my love and his familia for one last dinner in Chinatown. The East River Ferry rocks! You can be in LIC Queens, Greenpoint, Williamsburgfor, Dumbo, and the Seaport all in one day without taking the train. $4 trips are dope because you get to relax on a boat, feel the breeze in your hair, and admire the NYC landscape from the river. Great for photos. If you haven’t tried it it’s a must! Especially on a super nice sunny day. I LOVE YOU NY!!! You are always so good too me. See you in the fall!




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